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Persephone, lord of the underworld.

[image: Illustration of Cerberes, a fiery-eyed, three-headed hell-hound, standing next to his mistress, Persephone. Persephone is wearing a large crown made of poppies, a wine-colored dress and is holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other.

The bottle is labeled with a skull and crossbones, and both glass and bottle have smoke billowing out from them. The smoke twists around Persephone’s head to form a skull, and her eyes glow. At her feet lies a pomegranate cut in half.]

Illustration for the theme “Wine and Spirits-”

This scene is really, really sad. Why? I mean, take a look at Branch: when he sees that everyone is losing hope and finally facing the cruel reality, as he always “wanted”, he just looks around, searching the hope and the happiness he always despised, but he can’t find it. And this makes me think that Branch loved his people so much. He wanted them to be happy. That grumpy, grey Troll that pushed everyone away, didn’t want them to become like him. He knew all along that he was the problem, that he was the strange one, and he unconsciously sacrificed his own happiness to keep everyone safe, day after day, hiding and coming out just to warn them about the Bergens.

And the kids, omg the kids’ scene is so touching. Branch looks at them like that because they make him remember the day when he lost his grandma, his colors, his happiness and his dreams forever. 

Nobody stood up for him that day, no one was there to tell him it wasn’t his fault.

Branch wasn’t the grumpiest Troll, I think he was the bravest. Because being brave isn’t just going on adventures, saving princesses or princes and fighting. Sometimes the bravest people are the ones who stand for the others, even if sometimes they don’t even have the strength to stand up for themself. 

Branch decided to stand up for them. 

Despite he was broken inside, even more than them, he stood up. That grey survivalist, pushed away and despised by a lot of Trolls, still had a little hope inside him (he was a little more colorful than them as you can see, he still had his light blue eyes and brighter skin) and shared it with everyone.

I like him very much, because he stood up for his people. 

Because he stood up for his friends. 

And because he stood up for the person he loved.

Somebody please stop me when I start to write those very long posts.