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what r the romantic relationships? and who has a crush on who?

No one is dating anyone yet..
Parker has a crush on Poppy
Sara has a crush on Poppy
Blake has a crush on Tyler
Phoebus has a miserable crush on Ari
Ben has a terrible crush on Dallas
Noah has a crush on Wendy
Malek is stupidly in love with Dallas

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ahhhh please tell me more about parker i adore him. sweet boy

Parker has a crush on Poppy, and he knows she likes witchy things, so one time he bought like. . Those test tube thingies.. but big enough so he could stuff pebbles and fake plants and mini succulents in them.. and then he put the cork on it and gave them to Poppy and she was very pleased with them.. displayed them in her room right next to Devendra’s stuffed birds.
Parker is also allergic to dust and birds, so Poppy’s room, which Has to be dusty for the #Aesthetic, is like, a deathzone for Jonas. Plus there are huge spiders in there.
One thing about Parker is that when he talks too fast.. its that accent. He Has it. You know how Cake Boss talks? Blake finds it endlessly amusing. “You talk like a mafia boss, dude.”
Parker also lives on a honey farm, so he’s a friend of the bees. His room in NY 2nd bare and boring, but his room with his Nonna? It used to be an attic but now it’s plastered all over with posters of Jurassic Park, Weezer, and Simple Plan. His desk is cluttered with plastic dinosaurs and books and fun things he wasn’t allowed to keep in NY.
There are marigolds growing outside his windows. The house he lives in is basically a magical place being swallowed alive by plants.

Ok but i am not wrong to say that exo has possibly the most varied, most diverse discography in kpop ever… like they have literally returned with a new sound with each of their albums and everytime they sound so good!! Like you want poppy flower boy band crush feels? Listen to xoxo. You want edgy dark classic kpop sound? Go to MAMA. You love urself some r n b vocals? Listen to the overdose mini bsides… If you a fan of ballads and raw acoustic voices…? Go pick any of the winter albums. You love the michael jackson vibes? EXODUS is all you need, along with some NSync as the title track. Like that groovy bass? Love me right. Electropop and EDM? EX'ACTs got it all.. And now they comin back with the tropical sound and gonna own it once again..
PS- They even have lotto for u T-Pain fans.

The women break the walnuts to extract their oil. They take the fragments to the press where they are crushed. The kernels are arranged on the grindstone. The long wooden screw that turns the grindstone is iron-tipped. Trickles of oil overflow. At the same time they crush sesame poppy seeds. The petals of macerated flowers, pinks herbs mallows are crushed by the grindstone. The white perfumed flowers of the myrtle also serve for the preparation of an oil which is the water of the angels. It is collected in a stone flask. Oily vapours move about in the overheated room. The walls are greasy, sweating. The women let down their hair, they soak it in the aromatic baths. Their hands and arms glisten, their breasts are bare.
—  Monique Wittig, Les Guérillères (22)
all-purpose Frozen Moonlight ritual water / spell jar

[ ] = not essential

* Sealable jar or bottle
* with a sprinkle of salt
* Snow - collected in a separate cup the morning after a full moon
* 1 clove
* 1 sesame seed
* 1 fennel seed
* 1 [star] anise seed
* [1 saffron strand]
* 3 peppercorns- 1 white, 1 red, 1 green
* 3 poppy seeds
* crushed bay leaf
* crushed basil
* ground (powdered) sage
* ground allspice
* ground thyme
1. Sprinkle in a bit of your preferred type of salt (ie: sea salt, table salt, black salt, Himalayan pink salt, infused salt)
2. For bottles with corks: cover the CLEAN cork in ground sage by rolling the cork in a tiny capful of it or dipping into the sage and spreading it from your fingertip. Do not try shaking it directly onto the cork, you’d be wasting sage ~ For jars with lids: coat the inside of the lid with ONE shake/sprinkle of sage
3. Cover the jar, sealing in the salt and sage. These will be your cleansing agents. Shake and swirl as you see fit, be sure to “coat” the inside entirely. Always swirl counterclockwise to dispel energy from the jar
4. Add charms
5. Cover the jar. Repeat Step 3. Always swirl clockwise to add energy to spells
6. Collect snow, carefully fill bottle a little more than halfway with snow ONLY. Do NOT purposely melt snow to easily pour melt-water. The reason for using this snow is because it has been charged overnight by the moon and “awakened” but the morning sun without losing its energy from the full moon. As the snow melts inside the jar it activates the charms to complete the spell. Previously melted snow will do nothing to the charms as it has lost all moonlit energy.
7. After filling the jar, the snow inside should be slushy and awkward to work with. This is normal
8. Now it’s time to powder the bottom on the cork with ground thyme
9. Cover the jar. Shake the jar to attempt combining all the ingredients. It probably won’t work. This is normal
10. Remove the cork and powder the bottom of it with allspice. Swirl the jar to spin the ingredients clockwise for as long as you see fit
11. Find a space to set the jar down and allow it to melt
12. Give it one last shimmy shimmy before walking away. No magical reason, it’s just fun

And there you go! The melted snow will provide you with a wonderful all-purpose ritual water! To be used in spells, quick cleanses, anointing and blessings, and other stagnant liquids to refresh them when stale. The fantastic thing about this fancy witch water is that when your supply runs low, you can keep all the same charms and essentially never run out! “But what about when the snow melts??” ICE! Obviously we know that tiny ice crystals are cooler than ice cubes but they serve the same purpose as long as they’re charged overnight by the full moon! The tricky part is keeping the ice frozen overnight so that it melts only in the bottle. There are two ways to handle this: 1) allow the ice to melt overnight and end up with chilly moon water (or just make moon water to begin with). This can be frozen in the morning to be crushed and added to your bottle of ready-to-go charms for proper spell-melting. Freezing does not affect an item’s energy like heat does, so this is in fact an effective method. Or 2) empty your charms into the bowl of ice you have for the full moon to charge and allow the energy transfer to happen overnight. Collect your new bowl of ritual water in the morning and enjoy :)

P.S. I can share the properties of any charm if anyone would like to know why they were used!

Blackest Nightmare Curse

Hey, it’s Umbra. You may know me from the Wrath of Sauron Curse, Soul Eater, or Deadpool curse….

Well here comes round four. It seems the only spells I like to formally write are curses. I’m delightfully okay with this.

What you need:
Poppy seed (mortar and pestle for crushing them)
Chilli powder
Graveyard dirt (COLLECT RESPECTFULLY, or use regular dirt…)
Black Cloth
Black string
Something of the persons that you’re cursing
Black Ink/paper
And cast this one after the sun has gone down.

The idea of this one is to trap the victim in an endless nightmare. Start by writing down all the things the person is afraid of on a piece of paper.
Crush the poppy seeds. Please don’t eat or drink them- you only need a small amount. Poppy seeds are how opium is made, and thats what we will be using to start the nightmare.
Mix the poppy seeds with the chilli powder and graveyard dirt…
Then pour the mix onto the black cloth. Add the mix of fear papers, and the persons item. Wrap it black cloth up and tie it with the black string.
Since all this is biodegradable, you can take it outside. Bury is somewhere, and with it bury all your negative wishes for that person.

Sweet nightmares, dears…

Rise of the Guardians: DIY Dream Sand

For the 31 Days of Pop Culture Spells Challenge, Day 1: Write a spell inspired by the first fandom or character that made you interested in pop culture magic.

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What you need:

  • a container of your choosing — my preference is an empty saltshaker!
  • yellow or gold glitter
  • a handful of poppy seeds
  • chamomile tea leaves
  • one eyelash
  • mortar & pestle, or else something of that function

How to:

First, you’re going to crush the poppy seeds and tea leaves using your mortar and pestle (or whatever tool). You don’t need a lot; think proportional to the container you’re using. It should only take up a little bit of space compared to the glitter, maybe one sixth (1/6) or less of the container.

It’s important that nothing enters the container before the eyelash does! It should rest comfortably at the bottom, if possible, before you put the other ingredients inside. Keep in mind the eyelash represents the person who will be using the Dream Sand — if that’s you, use your own, but if you’re making it for someone else make sure it’s theirs. Just… don’t be creepy about it.

The second thing you should add is the poppy/chamomile mix you’ve made. Remember, not much. And lastly fill the container to the brim with glitter! The glitter represents positivity and happiness, which is why we use so much — this is a spell for good dreams first and foremost, not for sleep. Then seal, and shake carefully to get the separate parts mixing.

And voilà! You have your own Dream Sand. Whenever you feel the need to encourage good dreams, just sprinkle a little bit on your pillow (this is why I prefer to use a saltshaker). You’re all ready to fight off Nightmares!

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Hi, I don't know if you've been asked this before but, ok; you've told us when Branch & Poppy met eachother but could you tell me when & how did Branch realised he had a crush on her, please??

In A Little Change? Yeah okay.

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Come Hither Powder

For attraction of love, romance, and sensual pleasures. (Does not guarantee longevity or fidelity. USE SPARINGLY.)


  • 2 pt Sugar
  • 1 pt Savoury
  • 1 pt Red Roses
  • 1 pt Honeysuckle Blossom
  • ½ pt Ginger Root
  • ½ pt Lovage Herb
  • ½ pt Poppy Seeds
  • 3 crushed Apple Seeds per ½ cup batch


  • Mortar & Pestle or Spice Grinder
  • Funnel
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Collection Dish
  • Container

Grind each ingredient separately for several minutes to produce fine powder. Sieve the material through the mesh strainer into the collection dish; this removes the larger ungrindable pieces and gives you cleaner powdered herb. (Pro-Tip: Putting a funnel under the strainer helps reduce lost material.)

Retain any leftover unground material or large pieces that don’t make it through the strainer. You can use this for loose incense or charm bags later. Remember, witchlings: waste not, want not!

Combine the component powders in the collection dish, mix well, and bottle immediately.

Dust yourself very lightly with the powder before going to mixers or singles parties, or to any event where you feel you might meet someone exciting and attractive. If this is not your style, you can put a pinch in your shoes or carry a small bottle around your neck.

Cast a palmful into wind or fire on a full moon night to attract a lover. Add to love incenses for a spicy-sweet kick to your liaisons. Double the sugar and add olive oil to make a hand scrub for attracting a romantic partner.

(May be used to add a brief, adventurous zing to established relationships. Just make sure that all parties involved are aware and consenting, and be sure that you don’t rely on it to keep things together once the high wears off.)

This powder can be countered by Get Thee Hence Powder, should the need arise.

Note: All love magic should be undertaken with great care. Do not use this powder to attempt to ensnare a specific person; circumventing free will for love magic is deplorable, and besides, it will not work. Be aware that the person you do attract may not be your ideal match. The love this powder attracts burns hot and fast, and it is not made to last forever. Always protect yourself and practice safe sex!

pll characters as terrible nyc street food
  • aria: watery banana strawberry smoothie with suspect black specks
  • hanna: mushy pizza lying on the floor of the times square subway station
  • emily: melty ice cream, making the entire cone a gross, soggy mess, rainbow sprinkles running all over the place
  • spencer: crushed cup of unidentifiable brown liquid (maybe coffee, who knows)
  • alison: burnt roasted honey nuts
  • mona: hard-ass bagel with vegetable (?) cream cheese, i really hope those are poppy seeds
  • ezra: crushed falafel, too greasy, too crumbly, too much oil not enough chickpea
  • toby: leathery potato knish, had so much potential
  • caleb: questionable beef (? possibly rubber, probably not kosher) hotdog
  • jason: soggy pretzel, entirely too much salt

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So...I kinda have a crush on you...but I'm like so scared to speak with you cause I'm pretty sure someone as beautiful as you is already taken.

[[ Oh gosh, a crush on me? *blushing* I am actually not in a relationship at the moment. And you don’t have to be scared to talk me, I promise I don’t bite :) ]]