poppy seed bagels

Alec and Magus meet at a mundane cafe, running into each other while on serious business (Alec is meeting a source who informs on local werewolves, Magnus has been told the mandarin and poppy seed bagels are simply magical). They instantly, slightly awkwardly, hit it off… except they both think the other is a mundane.

Cue lots of flirting and dates, while they both think they need to hide the Shadow World from the other and wondering how they can be falling for a mundane. Alec wears a lot of scarves to cover his runes and Magnus finds it nearly impossible not to show off with his magic.

It’s starting to get ridiculous when one day there is a demon attack, and Alec has just drawn his seraph blade when Magnus whips up a storm of magic to throw at the demon.

They look at each other.

“You’re a Shadowhunter?”

“You’re a Warlock?”

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1. What is your favourite bagel flavour and topping?

My favourite bagel shop does one called a smoked salmon deluxe which is cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado and rocket (arugula for you Americans) . I always have it on a poppy-seed bagel.

2. If you could change the ending to one book(or movie), what would it be?

I’m going to do both because why not?! The Hunger Games, because FINNICK DESERVED BETTER. And Moulin Rouge. Every time I watch that movie I secretly hope that maybe the ending will change, juuuust this once!!

3. Kiss, Marry or Kill the ACOTAR characters or if you haven’t read it, the TVD/TO characters?

Kiss Cassian, marry Rhys, kill the King of Hybern.

4. Who would you pay a ridiculous amount of money to see in concert?

I wouldn’t, I’m a ninja when it comes to booking concert tickets. But if I had to choose it would be Ed Sheeran or The Chainsmokers.

5. What is your go to comfort food?

Pasta Bolognese.

6. Last tv show you watched?

I’m currently watching Riverdale, and I just watched 13 Reasons Why which everyone should watch,

7. What book are you recommending right now?

Caraval by Stephanie Garber. It’s wonderful and magical and you just need to read it ok??

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My questions for you are:

1. What is your favourite book of all-time?

2. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

3. Besides ACOTAR, what are your favourite book series?

4. What one thing do you really want to see happen in ACOWAR?

5. You can invite any 3 people from the present/history/fiction to a dinner party, who would you choose?

6. What was the last song you listened to?

7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”


NOTES/WARNINGS: Thanks again to Love4chaos for her proofreading. And a shout out to those who have told me how much they like it so far and offered suggestions.


Cass woke to her phone buzzing beside her. “Sweet baby jesus” she muttered, reaching blindly for the phone, knocking her glasses onto the floor before her hand found the device. “Shaw” She answered sleepily, brushing hair out of her face with her other hand.

“Sorry if I woke you doctor, but I’m calling the let you know the team is in the air en route to a hostile situation. Please be advised we do not know when to expect them back but be on standby. We may need to fly you in if things go sideways, it could be a nasty one.”

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  • NYCer: [sees a few tiny black dots on the couch]
  • NYCer: Fuck. FUCK. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.
  • NYCer: We're going to have to burn the whole building down. That's it. What's what we're going to have to do.
  • NYCer: Fucking bedbugs.
  • NYCer: FUCK!
  • NYCer: Unclean! Unclean! Everyone stay away!
  • NYCer: Oh. Those are just poppy seeds from that bagel.
Breakfast and the Jungle Book - a Hiddleswift one shot

inspired by this post by @mrscaitlinhiddleston

warning: very fluffy.

Tom just got home from his morning run down Tribeca and got some bagels and coffee for him and orange juice for Taylor. He got their three and a half year old daughter Juliet a cinnamon roll and chocolate milk.

“Taylor! Juliet! I’m home with breakfast.”

“We’re in our bedroom baby!” he heard Taylor tell him.

He gets some paper plates and checks the bag to make sure that the bakery remembered to give him plastic knives this time. He then goes to the fridge to get the cream cheese because he and Taylor really loved covering their bagels with a lot of cream cheese. He also pours the chocolate milk in one of Juliet’s sippy cups. This one had Rapunzel on it. He walks up the stairs of their loft and into their master bedroom.

Trust in me, just in me” he heard his daughter’s voice sing softly.

He turned to see them watching the Jungle Book and back at his family. Taylor smiles at him.

“What’s for breakfast Hiddleston, your growing family is hungry.” She asks, her finger pointing at the small bump that was starting to show.

Yes they were expecting their second child and they were just as happy as they were when they found out that Juliet was on the way. Juliet was a pleasant surprise that happened while they were in Australia while he was filming Thor Ragnorak. They had announced their engagement two months before the pregnancy rumors started and they have been happy ever since.

When their daughter was born he had tears in his eyes as he took a look at a miniature Taylor. Even at three years old she was proving to be just like her mother. She had blond hair which was very curly like both her parents. She had her mom’s blue eyes but his cheek bones.

“Cinnamon Raison bagel for you and a poppy seed bagel for me,” he said as he joined his family in bed.

“What about me daddy?” Juliet asks, momentarily forgetting that she was petting Olivia.

“I got you a cinnamon roll and chocolate milk.”


“Juliet what do you tell daddy.” Taylor reminds their daughter gently.

“Thank you daddy.”

“Your welcome sweetheart.”

He puts the cinnamon roll on the plate and holds onto her chocolate milk. They didn’t need a repeat of the strawberry milk incident when Taylor was touring. It was quite the story he had to explain to Taylor when she got back from her show in Manhattan that evening.

He lightly kisses Taylor on the lips before putting his hand onto her stomach. “Any morning sickness this morning?”

“No. Now give me the cream cheese Hiddleston.”

“Oh Swift you are feistier than usual this morning.” He told her playfully.

“I’m pregnant, hungry and it’s New York bagels babe.”

He laughs and takes out his bagel and waits eagerly for his wife to share the cream cheese with him.

“Milk please daddy.” Juliet asks turning to look at him.

“Ok but remember be careful and drink slowly.” He told her as he handed her the sippy cup.


He turns his attention to the film playing on their TV, with his hand over Taylor’s shoulder.

“Do you think the new baby will like the Jungle Book too?”

“Oh yes Tom. I’m sure we don’t want Idris to get offended do we?”

He starts to chuckle before he took a bite of his bagel. This was his ideal scenario when he thought about his future as a family man after his best mates started having children but he never expected to meet the one while he was in New York but when his eyes caught sight of Taylor’s that night he knew he had found the one for him.

“I love you.” He told her.

“I love you too,” she told him, kissing his cheek.

“Love you mommy and daddy.”

Yeah life couldn’t get better for the Hiddleston-Swift family.

today i was walking down the street and i saw an entire, flawless poppy seed bagel just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk and i just knew every pigeon in new york was having the same feeling like, “why do i feel so out of sorts? what’s up with me today?” what’s up is your bird soul can feel the biggest opportunity of your bird life being missed out on. i crossed the street and saw a pigeon and i felt bad, like it was wrong to somehow not let it know.