poppy lips


Fresh Face: Soft colorful eyes with “POP” lips

Who says you have to wear neutrals with bright lips?

Just keep things soft and luminous, and you can get away with almost any color. 

Here, I’m demonstrating with a soft peachy beige and soft lavender on the lids. I kept the cheeks very luminous and soft (just a radiant pink tinge) and on the lips, I show 2 options that both work with the eye makeup.


Pairing a warmer shade (peach/beige) with a cooler one (soft violet) is a way you can make your eye makeup work with any warm or cool lip color you want.

To prove that, I’ve used 2 lip shades on opposite ends of the warm/cool spectrum!

Products used:

Base: MAC Face and Body Foundation N2

Concealer: Lancome Le Correcteur Pro concealer palette

Powder: RMK Kaleidoscope powder 02

Brows: VDL Festival Brow Pencil in Grey Brown + Canmake Coloring Brow Mascara 01

Peachy-beige shadow: Urban Decay Moonflower

Violet shadow: Urban Decay ACDC

Metallic brown pencil: Urban Decay Corrupt

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black

Soft luminous pink blush: Dior Diorsnow Fresh Cheeks 001 *Asia- and Nordstrom-exclusive

Salmon-coral lips: VDL Festival Lipstick 607 Jared

Matte bubblegum pink: L'oreal Colour Riche Matte in P501 Sakura Petal

not all of us are made of stardust
not all of us are gold-breathers, poet-girls, doe eyed boys with soft teeth

I was born with red poppy lips and horns that broke my mother’s poisonous bones. my throat is the wind on the rainy day and I cannot stop the cold or the spring buds. there is a trembling in my hot bones, shaking fingers pressed to parted lips and eyes open too wide

I collect poet’s tongues in a yellow paper envelope with nothing but “empty lungs” written on the back with thick black sharpie

my desk is the space under the sink in the bathroom, the door with the broken lock. it is a burned tile floor with droplets of dried rust blood but it is mine and I will keep both hands on the double-edged sword.

my own teeth are full of the fury of a summer storm, all the wicked power meant for more than this body, meat dripping off the bone. flesh and mind are at war and I am the sole witness to the damage of my vicious honey-bitter soul.

my hands are charcoal, vanilla ice cream in the mouth of an empty-eyed child, vile words on a crisp clean paper.

there are flies on my lips, they can taste my stagnant breath and know that my lungs have been breathing air that wasn’t mine. I can’t get away from the child that used to be me, my decaying name is a shard of glass plunged into my bandaged ribcage every time my mother opens her mouth.

my way out isn’t reading books any more, it is ripping them apart and writing poetry. it is walking in the rain until I can’t feel my arms, burning my tongue on fresh brownies, wearing flowers in the hair that is too long but is mine anyways. it is breathing with bandages and anxiety in every open stall, it is blood and stained glass and permanent markers on my skin. it is the smell of gasoline and the deer who stare at me just out of reach.

I am not a gold-breather, poet girl, I am a doe eyed boy but not with soft teeth. I am sickness, a fever in the brain, a numbness in the body. I am burnt lover letters, a lightning struck tree.
I am judas, kissing jesus not because I was born a traitor but because I want to taste him and neither of us wants to die alone.

Poppies and Roses - Bucky x Reader - One Shot Drabble.

Originally posted by buckysclique

@purplekitten30 - Can you do a Bucky x reader fluff. Reader is an assistant at the compound and her and Bucky are dating. It’s working out well for them but she hasn’t told him of her 2 yr old daughter. She’s afraid he will want to break up but she decides to have him meet her and Bucky just adores the little girl.

A/N - I love writing fluff so much. I made the daughter about five, just cause they make me laugh more at that age. Enjoy!

Warnings:  Just fluff, more of a drabble than a one shot.

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“Poppy, with parted lips and eyes like saucers, looked at the goddamn ducks.”

This line makes me laugh every time I read it xD

I recently started reading this wonderful Broppy fanfiction by bubb, and I felt inspired to draw some fan art of the 11th chapter. If you like these two nerds I highly recommend reading this. There are some really adorable moments, with a good helping of angst lol.

Dog days (Part 1 of 2)

Character: Sam x reader

Summary: A spell causes the younger Winchester to be turned into a dog and you take care of him until you find a solution. And you hope, maybe even after that.

Words: around 3.7k

Warnings: Hell of a lotta awkwardness, it’s kinda adorable tho

“Doctrines of the Middle East and Africa during the medieval times“

“The witchcraft of the 19th & 20th century- The modern ways of bewitching“

“No gods, no glory- Deities: their origin & impact on our society.“

You groaned loudly, rolling your eyes. You’ve been sitting inside the bunker the entire week, you couldn’t even tell if it was dark or bright outside.

Losing track of daytime is familiar to you, as well as not knowing how many pots of coffee you’ve already had. You were pretty sure that you couldn’t even smell yourself anymore, which was good because you didn’t wanna know.

You could handle all that, but bad God-puns when you were practically on the verge of hallucinating due to the lack of sleep? That was one hell of a nope.

Eventually, you took the books out of the shelf you were standing in front of and they landed on the table surface with a loud bump. You sat down and let out a whine of frustration, lying back in your wooden chair, the solid material hurting your strained back even further.

You leant your head back and closed your eyes for a second, thinking about good times.

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