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(for @cartoonjunkie-art‘s @therealjacksepticeye anti art contest. ft eye strain, wristbands, and that hot glitch action)

The cuteness of the Cursed Child cast...

About half an hour ago, outside stage door, there was Paul Thornley and about four other members of the cast getting some fresh air. Poppy and Norma arrived then Paul and, like it was a natural reflex, gave Poppy a giant bear hug. While everyone else was laughing and talking with each other before the two show day. 

It was just great to see the cast like that - showing that they are a family onstage as well as off. 


Lammas Altar 🌻☀️🌾

I’m a little late at posting these, but let’s pretend I was too busy to do it earlier 😇

Bonus recipe!

Lammas Brew {as seen on the third photo}
I use it to represent Lammas’ spirit/essence on my altar. {Not meant for drinking}


  • Old fashioned pink ale {you can use any ale or beer and even wine if you prefer}
  • Dried wild daisies {flowers, stems and leaves} I kept these in a bottle at sunlight for almost a month without really knowing what to do with them…here we go, they were meant to be used in that brew! 
  • Yellow daisy petals {dried or fresh}
  • Poppy petals {dried or fresh}
  • Gypsophila {dried or fresh}

Ideally I would have used wheat, corn and sunflowers in the brew, but I didn’t have any at hand. A witch has to work with what she has and, in the end, every choice is perfectly valid, don’t you think? 😉

Happy August to all! 

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name: cierra
nicknames: c, cc, sister
zodiac sign: pisces
height: 5′4ish?
orientation: like sexual? i like guys.
ethnicity: white? american? idk.
fav fruit: watermelon
fav season: fall
fav book: ugh i don’t even know. sorrryy.
fav flower: peonies and poppies
fav scent: fresh bread is dope. same with christmas trees.
fav animal: orcccaaa
coffee,tea/hot chocolate: hot chocolate i guess
average amount of sleep: probably like 7 or 8.
cats or dogs: DOGS
fav fictional character: i like ron weasley
no. of blankets i sleep under: uhh like 3 because im made of ice
dream trip: paris, tokyo, italy.
blog created: july 2010. fuck.
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<p>Name: Mena
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Sign: Taurus ♉️<br>
Height: uhhhh like 5'6<br>
Orientation: probably bi
Ethnicity: Norwegian snowman
Favourite Fruit: Pears<br>
Favourite season: Summer it’s warm and there’s no school yayyy<br>
Favourite Book: Kino’s Journey c:
Favourite Flower: Poppies
Favourite scent: Fresh linen hnnng
Average Sleep Hours: Like 5 maybe
Cat or Dog person: I LOVE DOGGOS AND CATTOS please don’t make me choose
Favourite Fictional Character: there’s too many to name uhhh haruhi from ohshc is a good kid. also killua from hxh
Number of Blankets you sleep with: six I’m a cold person<br>

Ideal Trip: Paris or Akihabara
Blog created: like september 2016???
Number of followers: 3 lol

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