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(for @cartoonjunkie-art‘s @therealjacksepticeye anti art contest. ft eye strain, wristbands, and that hot glitch action)

A Fresh Bouquet Ch20 Preview

Poppy Evans is at his door.

The littlest Evans, Lily’s more tolerable sister (which, given the comparison is Petunia, isn’t saying much) is standing at the door.

That’s not to say he dislikes Poppy. He just thinks the girl could do with a little loosening up.

Then again, she did quit Hogwarts though, kept her accidental baby while building a life for herself, and that takes guts. Guts and bravery.

She’s practically an honorary Griffindor.

“Ah! Lil’ Evans! Brought me my godson, have you?”


From A Fresh Bouquet by @tsume-yuki!

“Not that she’s the only mudblood of that waste-of-space house, but she’s the one that stands out. The bludger yet to the chained back into the box, the snitch yet to be caught.” I love that line, but it didn’t fit into the picture, so I mention it now. In fact, I love every line, I really do, I would cite the whole thing, but that’d be pointless. How do you write so well?

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Regulus’ hands are in his hair, elbows balanced upon his knees as he hunches forwards. Upon her comfortable sofa, surrounded by the backdrop of her Hufflepuff themed living room, he looks at home, if somewhat stressed.

Not that she’ll ever tell him that first bit.

“I’m not a changed man, nor am I about to pretend I am. But Riddle- everything I’ve ever believed in has been proven wrong, and while I can’t promise a blank slate, I do want to try and draw my own conclusions.”

It goes unsaid that what his family have forced down his throat is clearly incorrect. That he’s reached a decisive moment in his life and been forced to face some hard truths.

Poppy can hear the undercurrent; if he’s going to fuck up this time, it’ll be because of his own decisions, not theirs.

It doesn’t mean Poppy is sitting here, suddenly determined to show Regulus the wonders of the muggle world. Both worlds have different environments, different inventions, but they’re unquestionably filled with disappointing people. There’s no shortage of greedy people ready to corrupt themselves for power.

Poppy isn’t exactly a good person herself, but it’s not power she wants.

In all honesty, she doesn’t know what she wants from life, beyond Lily alive and Sol healthy and happy.

But she’s not willing to risk Regulus slipping through her fingers before she’s figured out where he fits in.

❝i got you every flower in the store because i freaked out and you deserve every flower grown on this earth❞ // florist!tae

taehyung learns that the kinds of flowers to choose for every type of occasion is a must to consider. when customers frolick into his shop with an agenda or someone special in mind, taehyung knows exactly what to please them with. he knows every meaning of every flower like the back of his mind and there was no way his customers can argue with him because anything he chooses, picks and arrange will eventually become a beautiful masterpiece.

so it was very unusual of him to suddenly abrupt into unbridled panic as he bounces from one end of the shop to another, frantically searching for the right flowers for his date with you. jimin, on the other hand, leaned against the counter calmly with an amused look as he watched his friend go out of character for the first time in his profession. he knew damn well how whipped taehyung was for you but not this whipped.

“oh my god jimin, what do i do?” taehyung calls out from the sunflower section, hands digging past the summery yellow petals. “y/n likes roses but i think, i think there should be more that just one type? don’t you think?”

jimin glances between the flowers, catching the sight of taehyung’s frazzled state before chuckling to himself. “y/n will appreciate whatever you give her tae. just do what you do the best. don’t you think you are exaggerating a bit too much?”

“this is y/n we are talking about jimin. fuck, i have to give her something special. oh god, i’m really weak for this woman. she reminds of every damn flower i grow in this shop!”

“you sappy fuck,”

and with an array of poppies, fresh white daisies and delicate bundles of baby breaths overflowing his arms, taehyung peeps his head amongst the mountain peaks of flowers with a foolishly wide smile gracing his lips.

“only for y/n,”

“tae, what the fuck?” you didn’t really expect to let that be the very first few words on your first date with taehyung but with the sight that beholds you, its very much, beyond surprising. your eyes widened, mouth agape as you admire the unusually large bouquet that laid before your eyes, dancing with a myriad of soft and outstanding colours of every flower you couldn’t possible name mingling together harmoniously. your gaze flickers from the bouquet and taehyung’s face, slightly hidden by the lavenders that tickle his nose.

taehyung lets out a nervous chuckle, scratching the nape of his neck before cracking his voice. he pushes the bouquet towards you, shy eyes avoiding yours but that didn’t stop you from leaning forward to press a firm kiss against the cerise glow of his cheeks.

“i didn’t know you were such a romantic sap.” you muttered, noses barely touching.

taehyung took his chance to press a chaste kiss against your lips, his heart overwhelmed with unadulterated devotion.

“only for you.”

“you should have seen the way taehyung went all out and messed up his entire shop to make sure the bouquet was perfecto.”

“shut up jimin.”

“its the first time he did this for a girl, you know.”

“oh my god, really?”

“yeah, i wouldn’t be surprised if he gets you garden -“

“shut up jimin before i shove this thorned rose in your mouth.”

“The tome can wait, Regulus. I can’t. Didn’t you get my note?” (Note: Get your noble ass in bed, asshole.)

Poppy Evans and Regulus Black (from A Fresh Bouquet" by @tsume-yuki​) as a happy couple! Regulus geeked out in the last chapter, and I loved it. So here is more geeky nerdy Regulus who’d leave his girl high and dry for a tome. Almost. And truth is, it goes the other way round, too. What you don’t see here is that Poppy, in fact, got to read the tome first (a frustrating week for Regulus). In the future, with nothing to worry about, their fights are all about who gets to read the newly pursued tome first :D NERRRRDS

and this video tutorial saved me from more frustration, bless.

A Fresh Bouquet Ch17 Preview

“You can come over and say hi,” Poppy murmurs, refusing to tear her eyes away from the tiny little being that is now the centre of her heliosphere, the very core of what her entire life will now revolve around. 

She doesn’t know how Regulus will really respond to Sol; it’s not like they’d gotten much chance to discuss him while they were downstairs. And like hell is she spending her baby’s precious few hours awake to talk to Regulus. She might be open to the concept of a relationship (whatever kind of relationship that ends up being, well, they will see), but he comes second to Sol. 

“It’s not like he will be able to comprehend what I’m saying to him,” Regulus objects, even as he moves closer, just until he’s standing right beside her. 

“Not right now, but he’ll hear your voice and come to familiarise himself with it… you are planning on-” 

“Of course I’m planning on sticking around,” Regulus snaps and the glare he sends her is glacial.

A Fresh Bouquet Ch17 Preview #2

It is with only the slightest bit of hesitancy that he lays besides Evans, close enough that their arms brush against one another, close enough that Sol’s now orange eyes flick over to ineffectively attempt looking at him instead. Evans’ has a house elf, Regulus recalls. It certainly explains the lack of muggle ‘freshener’ on the rug; it’s just a house-elf clean smell here and that is familiar to him.

What isn’t familiar is the look upon Evans’ face.

She’s utterly focused upon Sol, and all those rigorously maintained defences are all down; the knight that cut so harshly with words made of steel, the archer that fired those oh so sharp glares with pinpoint accuracy, those impenetrable battlements that stood unbreakable in the face of every attack, they’re all gone. Now there’s no castle to defend, he’s found himself within and Evans lays here like a dragon would, the protective bulk of her magic curling around the room, shielding her hoard. 

Perhaps he should feel flattered that he’s been allowed in at all.

At the sound of the racks crashing the boy stopped, just under the last whitewashed arch, the blue sky and a stretch of sea opening behind him like an immense mouth of intense light ready to swallow him, and slowly turned around to face the tourist. 

His silhouette drawn by the back lighting, Andreas marveled at the boy’s outlined beauty of classical proportions, highlighted against a scene so ageless of a cat lazily yawning and stretching under the warmth of the sun, and fresh red poppies of early Spring fluttering in the breeze and dropping their petals. Time stood still – or had it always been that eternal in Greece?   

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Fresh Eyes

Poppy had worked so hard to be here. Countless hours with her head in a book, revising each and every weekend for a test on Monday and it finally paid off. Here she was at her dream university with a full ride scholarship and the best group of friends a girl could ask for. With her new found friends, she was slowly starting to give into the less nerdy adventures of school which is how she found herself at the big Saturday game. She had a hoodie thrown over some leggings and after much convincing, had the school colors dotted around her eyes as she waited anxiously for the team to be announced. 


It takes him nine hours to find the counter curse.

Running his hand through his hair (hair, not snakes anymore, hair once again) Regulus Black carefully smooths his fingertips across the many, many bite marks that now litter is face and neck. He’d never heard of the spell the damn mudblood had used against him, something that turned his hair into spitting, biting snakes.

It’s three in the morning and he missed the evening meal fixing up the aftermath of Evans’ return fire.

He’s in shock, just a little bit. Near four whole years, and not once has the mudblood ever sniped back. Sure she’s dodged many a spell in the first year, and second and third year, even the start of fourth year she’d always seemed to stop the aftereffects of whatever he’d hit her with irritatingly quickly.

But she’d never hit back.

This time he’s been banished halfway down the corridor, slathered in honey and had his hair transfigured into snakes.

A triple combo pulled off so quick his head had been spinning so much he’d missed Evans walking off.

She’s dared hit him, dared curse him back.

He’s never heard of that curse before.

He’s not impressed.

He’s not.