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Poppy’s POV (Just Another Almost Thursday Pt. 11)

Once we all got to the club, which walking in I felt totally out of place.. by the way, THANKS Noah for letting me wear a freaking pink tank top to a vamper hangout! I have things that are way more appropriate and kinky than this.. anyways.. once we walked in Noah started mackin’ on the bartender.. real classy, right? Dexter was, like all other guys in the bar mesmerized by the guitarist.. Liv had showed up, sans Evie, no surprise there, and was quite possibly flirting with both Kat and Posey, two girls we see out a lot when we’re partying. I swear that girl looses all her senses once she gets some alcohol in her system. 

“See anyone you like?” Teagan whispered in my ear, “cos’ I think I’m really liking the cutie in the blazer’s style!”

“The one with the awesome sleeve tats?” I asked and she nodded, “That’s Mark Ryder, he’s the one who did the bird on my shoulder, he works at Simply Chic as their tattoo guy. I’ll introduce you, he’s a pretty sweet guy.”

“Cute too!” Teagan added. 

Once I introduced the two they began dancing and seemed to hit it off really well. Look at me, little miss cupid or something. I spotted a vampire I had met at The Lucky Simoleon Casino a few weeks ago after one of our gigs. He wasn’t too impressed by me on our first meeting.. maybe I’d have better luck this time. We were definitely the best looking in the bar.. and Dex was just a lost cause all swayin’ like a hippy to the music. 

“Valentine..” I purred as I walked up to him. 

“Ah, Poppy was it?" 

"Oh like you don’t remember.. wanna dance?” I added a little wink in. I hated the way the pinkish red lights they were using in here made my hair look green.. This guy.. he made me feel so self-conscious. Maybe it was my pride. I wondered how I measured up to the girls he was used to dating.. I was curious about how old he was, how long he had been frozen. I wanted to pick his brain, I was jealous a little of him.. of his eternal youth.. but instead I just got a few dances, and some dirty glances from a very jealous-looking blonde, before the small band announced the bar would be closing in ten minutes. After exchanging numbers with Mark, Teagan and I grabbed Liv, who was at the time being heckled by Essie for dancing with Posey, (no doubt that Evie would know how Liv spent her night pretty soon) and we all stuffed into a cab and rode back to the house. We assumed Noah had left with the bartender. 

Ella’s Hood Happenings


Poppy’s POV (Just Another Almost Thursday Pt. 6)

Well, I was having fun until Noah called Dex off. I think he does the stuff just to make me mad. Whatever. An hour or so ago I called one of our childhood friends, Teagan and asked her to come out tonight. Her birthday’s this weekend, and since we have an out of town gig I’ll miss her party. Being my only real, close friend, not to mention my Agent for my solo career, I wanted her to know how much she meant to me. She grew up right by my side.. and she’s been my rock for years. She’s traveling right now back and forth to see her clients in Starlight Shores, where she lives, and here to Lucky Palms to work with me, and keep her eyes peeled for any real talent that lives here, too.

When she finally got to the bar, I ran up to her, yelled her name and annoyingly squealed with joy!

“Oh great, you invited your BFF,” Noah said from behind the bar. We both ignored him.

“Happy Almost Birthday!! You look AMAZING! That SimTrim is really working well for you!”

“Shhh! Jeez, you make me sound like I’m a heifer!” Teagan giggled as I got the present I  bought from behind the bar. “Oh! Poppy, you really shouldn’t have!”

“Pssh, you knew it was coming! Open it up! I think you’ll LOVE it!” I watched as she slowly started opening the box, and saw the gorgeous dress I had picked for her. Her face lit up. “Well, you’re always sending clothes my way, and setting up photo shoots for me, so I thought we could get London to take some shots of you, and us together for fun at the studio! You are the best friend, agent, everything in the whole world, you deserve it!" 

We sat down at a booth and Dex brought over a bottle of wine and two glasses. We sipped on them for a second, commenting on how dead it was and I told her about the after party at the new underground bar. 

"Ah yeah, I’ve been wanting to try that place out. Another client of mine said it was pretty morbid.. kind of on the whole vampire theme type thing.”

“Oo interesting! I hope its more packed than this place is! Now, be a doll and distract Noah while I see if Dex wants to come with us”

“You’re a mess, Poppy!” I couldn’t deny it!

Ella’s Hood Happenings