poppy by coach


Swim Team Tryouts pt. 1 -

Millie: “So cheerleading didn’t work out, huh?”
Poppy: “No.  They said my audition was ‘too aggressive’, can you believe that?”

Poppy: “Good morning, Coach Pakeha!  I’m here to tryout for the team!”

Archi:  “Huh?” *gurgling sound - looks down* “…Oh, oh no, dear god not now…”


Coach Pakeha: “Archi?  I didn’t blow the whistle!”
Archi: *blushing* “S…sorry, Coach…I…I…”

anonymous asked:

I can't believe almost all of the teachers are an assholes in Super HS. I wouldn't if that asshole teacher who gets Branch's nerves got deck by a flying table. Imagine him been mercilessly pranked by Poppy. Same goes to that coach. Her punishment? She got dragged to Hero class after detention before Branch recovers. She was cool with it since the snack pack are there.

Poppy raises hell at Sky High confirmed