hello and happy holidays fam! I recently hit my next k and christmas is in a week so I’ve decided to do another follow forever in celebration. I’m so thankful for all the great people I’ve met on this website and I love you all lots and lots. Also special shout out to @lamelucass for making this sick edit 

Special shout outs to my main squeezes :’)

@fuckngcal Brriiii! My long lost sister, my twin, my fav! I’m so glad and thankful we’ve become such close friends in such a short period of time. Thanks for being a great friend ily so much!

@poppunkchristmas you’re okay I guess nah jk sorry I drug you on to this website thanks for everything always ily lots

@tequilashtons pAIGE we need to talk more bc I miss you but anyway ily a lot and you always seem to make me laugh  <3

@calumgirlie ah my fellow washingtonian, we haven’t talked a lot but ily and I love seeing you on my dash! I wish we could’ve met at rowyso 

@harry-s and @adorableashtin tori & lea we haven’t talked in awhile so hmu both of you! ily!!

@louberryswild My long time friend, thanks for being a pal for quite sometime now ily

tbh I’m too lazy to separate out mutuals and none mutuals sooooo (this is like my fifth follow forever), favorites are bolded :’)


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and last and certainly least, a special shout out to the people who bring most of us together, @5sos-official 

Also sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone I did this really fast