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Went to dollar tree and spent $15 for some Friday night family activities. Finger paints, silly string fight, bubble guns, baby bottles for drinking races, pop bong stuff, a puzzle and a table cloth to put on the table to color on.

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Do you ever run into any new age heroes?

There’s been a few over the years, some began as more hindrances than heroes, but they all learned in time, Daniel rather liked playing the teacher role. Usually they had obtained power via their own created technology, ghost artifacts, or *ahem* being a successful result of ghost and human relationship, resulting in a natural halfa.” Explained Vlad rolling a pen between his hands idly.

“well as natural as a ghost/human baby can be,” chirped Danny from his spot on the couch next to Vlad, “she’s been the only one to survive to date, and believe me, Vlad and I have been keeping an eye out for them.”

Funny lass she was, or is, I suppose, her human half gave out when she was 27, still so young, she "lived” on fortunately, her ghost half taking over, she moved back in with her mom in the ghost zone for a while after that, who was quite happy at that, i must say, she’s not fond of the human world, old fashioned, you see.“

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Taking Care of Kook After MAMA

Characters: Jungkook x Y/N
Genre: ???? I have no idea if this is angst or fluff. Seriously.
Length: 1488 words

Note: I hope Jungkook is alright now!! They’ve worked so hard they need some rest. I saw their schedule on the official website and it seems to be clear except for another Japan fanmeet, so I hope they rest enough! 


You sighed quietly, taking out Jungkook’s spare clothes from the closet and laying them on the bed in preparation for his arrival. 

You watched MAMA 2016 - to be more exact, BTS’ performance in this awards show. You were so excited, to be excited was an understatement, because you knew how hard and long they practiced just for this special stage. 

But Jungkook never told you he’d be suspended in the air from the wires - a set attached to his back and another under his thighs. 

Why did he think he was able to keep this from you, of course you’d be watching them on national television, and plus nothing could escape your sharp eyes. You noticed how the wires could put pressure and likely injure Jungkook, because he had to keep his balance and the wires were clearly pressing into his skin. 

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Problems only Layton fans understand:

  • You stare intensely at the puzzle solved animations every time, on the edge of your seat. If Layton smiles, you cheer. If he frowns, you’re out the door raging before he has time to tilt his top hat.
  • You wish there was a cooler word for “puzzle” because people refuse to take you seriously when you express your love for puzzle games.
  • Your reaction when starting up a new Layton game is often “I wonder who I’m going to watch die this time.”
  • If looks could kill, your system would be dead by now from all the times you wasted five hint coins because the first three hints were things like “try harder”, “the answer isn’t obvious at first”, and “think about it in another way”.
  • Every time you meet a new major character or a recurring one pops out of nowhere, you can almost immediately tell whether or not it’s Descole or Don Paulo in disguise.
  • Your wail of anguish when a puzzle pops up and you see it’s worth 99 picarats could wake the dead.
  • You are now physically incapable of saying “Professor” without putting on a British accent.
  • Every time you replay a game, you find at least one scrap of foreshadowing that no one could ever guess without knowing the conclusion.
  • You automatically point in sync with the characters whenever you get a puzzle right, leaving any who may be in the room with you taken aback.


ten chill songs for when the sun starts to go down

the other guy - puzzle & lumina // air conditioning - diiv // astro-mancy - mgmt // circumambient - grimes // the sea - swim deep // ultraviolence - lana del rey // a little death - the neigbourhood // boom, bang, blast - enjoy // human - diiv // everything is embarassing - sky ferreira 



Stimtastic order review!

I recently got a bunch of stuff from stimtastic. I got two infinite edamame keychains, a pop tube, the snake puzzle, lava putty, the trapezoid chewy necklace, the droplet chewy necklace, and the bubble wrap phone case.

First of all, I just want to say I got everything so fast, like whoa. Also I wanted the trapezoid in purple with a black cord, but that wasn’t an option on the site, so I just added a note to make the replacement of mine purple, but they made me a purple w/ black cord one special which was really sweet. 20/10.

Now, product reviews.

Infinite Popping Edamame
These things are so much fun. The beans in the one I opened are kinda dirty looking, and their faces are really smudged up, but it’s not really important and couldn’t really be predicted. It’s so much fun to place with them though. 10/10 stim toy. It smells faintly of plastic. Hard to resist putting it in my mouth.

Pop Tube
Easily my favorite thing in this order. Like by a landslide. It’s a triple threat combination of visual, auditory, and tactile stimming. Best $1.50 I ever spent. Who knew something so simple could be so fun. 20/10.

Snake Puzzle
I was excited about this, and it was honestly a bit of a let down. Not much fun. I should have gotten a second tangle or more pop tubes. 3/10.

Lava Putty
Different than what I expected but lots of fun. It doesn’t seem to change colors with heat, but instead just looks different in different lights. It doesn’t seem to go past browns and reds and a little orange? I don’t know, it’s an enigma. It’s a lot of fun though, and I might be using it wrong or something. It looked different in the video. It’s odorless. It’s a little softer than I expected, which was unpleasant the first touch, but very nice to touch after the surprise was gone. 9/10.

Trapezoid necklace
I literally can’t stop sucking/chewing on this thing. Perfect thickness. I’m amazed at how durable it is. I bought a watermelon shaped baby teeth awhile back and ripped through it in hours. This thing has been constantly chewed on for 2 days and I haven’t so much as left a tooth mark. And I have two of them because it came with a replacement. Odorless and tasteless. The only issue I have with it is that the ridge from the mold is a little irritating to my tongue. 10/10.

Droplet necklace
It was bigger than I’d thought it would be. It’s honestly a bit too thick for me and hurts my jaw. Odorless and tasteless. 3/10.

Infinite Bubble Wrap Phone Case
I love this thing. It’s more like pressing the buttons on an old Nokia cellphone than popping bubble wrap though, which honestly is a pleasant surprise. The texture of the bubbles is a really nice stim too and they also give your phone some traction. 10/10.

You should definitely buy from Stimtastic, they do a great job, they’re super nice, and their products are great. Buy a pop tube too, they’re really fun.