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On this day in music history: November 8, 1975 - “High On You”, the first solo album by Sly Stone is released. Produced by Sly Stone, it is recorded at Columbia Recording Studios in San Francisco, CA and The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA from Late 1974 - Late 1975. The first solo release for the leader of the legendary R&B/Funk band comes following the implosion of Sly & Family Stone following a disastrous gig at Radio City Music Hall in January of 1975. The other members of the band depart (except trumpeter Cynthia Robinson) though Jerry Martini, Freddie Stone and Rusty Allen appear on a few tracks. Allen’s replacement is a teen aged Latino bass player from San Francisco named Bobby Vega that Stone discovers. With the band owing CBS Records one more studio album on their contract, Stone completes the album mostly on his own with Vega and session musicians. The lead single “I Get High On You” (#3 R&B, #52 Pop) is the only major single from the album, with the follow ups charting poorly. The album track “Crossword Puzzle” is later sampled by De La Soul on their song “Say No Go” in 1989. CBS also releases a version of the album remixed in quadraphonic stereo. “High On You” peaks at number eleven on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number forty five on the Top 200.


Rookie girl group P.O.P has released the dance practice MV for “Catch You,” the title track of their debut mini-album “Puzzle of POP.”

Buy “Catch You” on iTunes

. ☆ popdays 1st mini album giveaway ☆ .  

in celebration of p.o.p’s debut and the release of their 1st mini album i have decided to host a small giveaway!


  • must be a p.o.p fan!
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  • there will be one winner
  • giveaway ends august 27, 2017 12 am est!
  • winner will be picked randomly!
  • winner will be contacted and have 48 hours to accept the album!
  • if the winner does not reply in this time a new winner will be announced!


  • 1 puzzle of pop mini album!

please reblog for others to see and participate! feel free to contact me if questions!  

anonymous asked:

Do you ever run into any new age heroes?

There’s been a few over the years, some began as more hindrances than heroes, but they all learned in time, Daniel rather liked playing the teacher role. Usually they had obtained power via their own created technology, ghost artifacts, or *ahem* being a successful result of ghost and human relationship, resulting in a natural halfa.” Explained Vlad rolling a pen between his hands idly.

“well as natural as a ghost/human baby can be,” chirped Danny from his spot on the couch next to Vlad, “she’s been the only one to survive to date, and believe me, Vlad and I have been keeping an eye out for them.”

Funny lass she was, or is, I suppose, her human half gave out when she was 27, still so young, she "lived” on fortunately, her ghost half taking over, she moved back in with her mom in the ghost zone for a while after that, who was quite happy at that, i must say, she’s not fond of the human world, old fashioned, you see.“

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Taking Care of Kook After MAMA

Characters: Jungkook x Y/N
Genre: ???? I have no idea if this is angst or fluff. Seriously.
Length: 1488 words

Note: I hope Jungkook is alright now!! They’ve worked so hard they need some rest. I saw their schedule on the official website and it seems to be clear except for another Japan fanmeet, so I hope they rest enough! 


You sighed quietly, taking out Jungkook’s spare clothes from the closet and laying them on the bed in preparation for his arrival. 

You watched MAMA 2016 - to be more exact, BTS’ performance in this awards show. You were so excited, to be excited was an understatement, because you knew how hard and long they practiced just for this special stage. 

But Jungkook never told you he’d be suspended in the air from the wires - a set attached to his back and another under his thighs. 

Why did he think he was able to keep this from you, of course you’d be watching them on national television, and plus nothing could escape your sharp eyes. You noticed how the wires could put pressure and likely injure Jungkook, because he had to keep his balance and the wires were clearly pressing into his skin. 

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