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“Consequence” by Jigsaw Puzzle Glue // Originally by The Notwist 

It’s been a little while since we heard some new material from Seattle’s Jigsaw Puzzle Glue (Leah Rosen of Tender Bats & Lux), but she’s gone and covered one of the great underrated songs of the 2000’s, in The Notwist’s gorgeous highlight, “Consequence”. It would be difficult to do a straight up note for note cover as the original is so restrained that it might come off as straight up mimicry, so JPG went the smart route and brought the song into her comfort zone - shadowy shoegaze and hypnotic synth pop. The result becomes a much louder delivery that feels more organic and live, which brings a wonderful new layer to the composition that sets it apart without leaving an obvious comparison - meanwhile, all of the longing and sweetness remains. It’s a stellar take on an old favorite and another reason that you should be following Jigsaw Puzzle Glue on Soundcloud.

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mcslained  asked:

mmm yeah we're only an hour away right?? Tbh I think this might be because English is my second language + I grew up with a community of people who spoke English as their second language so I learned the textbook defend toon instead of slang..

oh maybe!!! that’s actually a really good explanation i can’t believe cie solved the pop/soda puzzle


Stimtastic order review!

I recently got a bunch of stuff from stimtastic. I got two infinite edamame keychains, a pop tube, the snake puzzle, lava putty, the trapezoid chewy necklace, the droplet chewy necklace, and the bubble wrap phone case.

First of all, I just want to say I got everything so fast, like whoa. Also I wanted the trapezoid in purple with a black cord, but that wasn’t an option on the site, so I just added a note to make the replacement of mine purple, but they made me a purple w/ black cord one special which was really sweet. 20/10.

Now, product reviews.

Infinite Popping Edamame
These things are so much fun. The beans in the one I opened are kinda dirty looking, and their faces are really smudged up, but it’s not really important and couldn’t really be predicted. It’s so much fun to place with them though. 10/10 stim toy. It smells faintly of plastic. Hard to resist putting it in my mouth.

Pop Tube
Easily my favorite thing in this order. Like by a landslide. It’s a triple threat combination of visual, auditory, and tactile stimming. Best $1.50 I ever spent. Who knew something so simple could be so fun. 20/10.

Snake Puzzle
I was excited about this, and it was honestly a bit of a let down. Not much fun. I should have gotten a second tangle or more pop tubes. 3/10.

Lava Putty
Different than what I expected but lots of fun. It doesn’t seem to change colors with heat, but instead just looks different in different lights. It doesn’t seem to go past browns and reds and a little orange? I don’t know, it’s an enigma. It’s a lot of fun though, and I might be using it wrong or something. It looked different in the video. It’s odorless. It’s a little softer than I expected, which was unpleasant the first touch, but very nice to touch after the surprise was gone. 9/10.

Trapezoid necklace
I literally can’t stop sucking/chewing on this thing. Perfect thickness. I’m amazed at how durable it is. I bought a watermelon shaped baby teeth awhile back and ripped through it in hours. This thing has been constantly chewed on for 2 days and I haven’t so much as left a tooth mark. And I have two of them because it came with a replacement. Odorless and tasteless. The only issue I have with it is that the ridge from the mold is a little irritating to my tongue. 10/10.

Droplet necklace
It was bigger than I’d thought it would be. It’s honestly a bit too thick for me and hurts my jaw. Odorless and tasteless. 3/10.

Infinite Bubble Wrap Phone Case
I love this thing. It’s more like pressing the buttons on an old Nokia cellphone than popping bubble wrap though, which honestly is a pleasant surprise. The texture of the bubbles is a really nice stim too and they also give your phone some traction. 10/10.

You should definitely buy from Stimtastic, they do a great job, they’re super nice, and their products are great. Buy a pop tube too, they’re really fun.