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Bill and Stan's first kiss vs Eddie and Richie's first kiss? Can we get some HC's????


- it is very random and unplanned. 

- Stan and Bill are lying on Stan’s bed at his house after school one day before his mom and dad get home.

- Bill kicked his shoes off and lays across the bed on his side, one leg straight out and the other best at the knee, putting his weight on his elbow to hold himself up. A textbook rests in front of him, open to a chapter regarding calorimetry. 

- Stan lays on his back with his head of curls resting by Bill’s open textbook. His fingers folded across his stomach, occasionally adjusting the material of his shirt as Bill reads off the page.

- Bill constantly apologizes for his stutter, but Stan tells him each time that he doesn’t need to apologize for it because he likes it. Stan really does like it. It’s almost soothing, calming, familiar.

- Subconsciously, Bill’s hand combs through Stan’s hair, winding his curls around his fingers, while he reads. Stan shuts his eyes and takes in Bill’s broken words and the fuzzy feeling of Bill’s fingers.

- Bill licks his fingers and flips the page, and instead of returning it to Stan’s head, Stan takes it with his own and holds it against his chest, over his heart. That’s when Bill first gets the idea to kiss Stan, the boy who he blatantly likes, and who blatantly likes him in return. 

- Bill fiddles with the corner of the textbook page and scoots closer to Stan’s resting head, eyes still closed in bliss. Bill stares at Stan’s mouth in the wonder of how he would even go about kissing Stanley Uris. 

- Stan’s eyelids begin to twitch and Bill kisses him then. The bridge of Stan’s nose bumps Bill’s chin, and Bill smiles. 

- Stan didn’t expect it at all. It was sudden and random, breaking his thought process of creating an excuse for not doing his human geography homework for class tomorrow. Stan certainly didn’t expect it, but he liked it. Because that’s Bill. The unexpected. 


- it’s messy. 

- like almost every day, Richie climbed the side of Eddie’s house and up to Eddie’s bedroom window and knocked until Eddie let him in. This day, he knocked loudly to the beat of “Cherry Pie”  and screaming the lyrics. He knew Eddie’s mom wouldn’t be home and he knew Eddie hated “Cherry Pie.”

- Eddie reluctantly let Richie in, but not without a grin he tried to keep hidden, and Richie tossed his backpack in after him, filled to the brim with junk foods Eddie’s mother would not approve of. Not that she approved of Richie in the slightest. 

- Richie set up camp while Eddie made sure his mom wouldn’t come home. He tossed all of Eddie’s bed sheets on the floor, making somewhat of a nook for them to sit in. Eddie comes back and sighs at the mess Richie has already made of his bedroom. Eddie really didn’t mind at all. Richie was over enough that Eddie had grown used to the messes.

“Look what I made for us. Just us, these CD’s, and all of these Pop Rocks. What else could you ever need in life, Eddie-o?”

- Richie blares The Cure on Eddie’s player, and they curl up into the nook against Eddie’s bed. Richie throws an arm over Eddie’s shoulders as they yell over the music, telling each other their opinions on the B-52′s and their fashion choices. 

- Richie tosses back a whole pack of Pop Rocks and shoves his open mouth against Eddie’s ear so he hears the popping noise, and Eddie shoves him away and loudly complains while Richie laughs his ass off.

“You are actually so gross.”

“But wasn’t that cool?”

- convinces Eddie to try the pop rocks and Eddie literally spits them all out onto the floor and wipes his tongue off. 

- Richie tosses back a whole other packet of them and shakes his head from side to side, his curls moving wildly. 

“Eds,” Richie manages, a smiling mouth full of pop rocks, “If you didn’t like those then you really aren’t going to like this.”

“I swear to G-”

- Richie kisses Eddie, Pop Rocks and all.

- Richie is surprised when Eddie doesn’t bat him away by slapping his arms and shoulders, so Richie manages to swallow the sugary lump of pop rocks and kiss Eddie. For real

Cherry-Bomb Bastard

A/N: ~For the Anon who filled my Jungkook thirst~

Word Count: 10,269

Originally posted by pjmjjk

“Baek, why do I have to be here again?” Baekhyun rolled his eyes at your question, yanking out one of your earbuds as you blew a bubble into the gum you were smacking on.

“Maybe if you weren’t playing your music so loud you would’ve heard me the first time.” he raised his brow at you, nodding his head to the loose earbud that was playing loud rock ‘n roll into the open air. “I told you; this was a last-minute MC thing they needed me to do and I wouldn’t dare leave you at the dorm with the sausage party living there.”

“I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest as you popped your gum.

“Oh, I know you can, I also know that the guys wouldn’t control themselves around you.” Baekhyun pointed out, dragging you further in the backstage area of the TV set.

“How come things like this always happen when I come to visit you?” you huffed, blowing another bubble as you followed your older brother.

“Coincidence?” Baekhyun smiled and shrugged, chuckling when he heard the music coming out of your exposed earbud.

“Really? ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James?” you just smirked and winked at your brother.

“Hey, 70′s American funk is amazing and you can’t tell me otherwise big bro.” you saw him poke his tongue out at you as you shoved your earbud back in, taking out a fresh stick of gum and adding it to the growing wad in your mouth. You tugged the leather jacket you wore closer to you; well, really it was Baekhyun’s, but after hearing you complain about the cold he immediately gave it up to you. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of your whining if he didn’t.

You sighed, aimlessly looking around at the hustle and bustle of the studio as your mind became absorbed in funky bass and brass music. You took your phone out of your pocket, intending to change the song when you ran smack dab into someone, losing your brother in the throng of stage workers. You fell straight on your bottom, your earbuds popping out of your ears as your phone slid across the floor.

“Shit.” you muttered, scrambling after your phone. You reached out to grab it when a hand beat you to it, picking it up and examining the screen. You looked at the person on the ground next to you (obviously, they were the one you had ran into) and were fully intending on giving them a good cussing out not only for taking your property, but for not even mumbling a sorry, when your words got caught in your throat.

The person you ran into had to be one of the best-looking people you had seen in your entire life; with sweet chocolate brown hair, dark eyes and sharp facial features you didn’t know if you had ran into a normal human being, or some sort child of Aphrodite. You stopped your persistent gum chewing when he finally acknowledged you, his lips curving into a smirk as he held your phone out to you cheekily.

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To Build A Home - Chapter 2

I just want to thank everyone who read chapter one. All your messages were so kind and sweet. This fandom truly is the best. 

Tag list: (if you wish to be added/removed or if I forgot you then please let me know!) @toxicsanders @tinysidestrashcaptain @xxrosethehumanxx @migraine-marathon @penstarz96 @undertakershairline @thatcraxygirl15 @kittyboof8 @celiawhatsherlastname @yep-another-fander @pantasticpanini @aikogumi @cefmua56 @emo-space-trash @cleverly-logan @hanramz-the-fander @not-so-innocent-bi-sander @thisisthepumpkinqueen @that-space-gay-writes @maya-tl @infinitesimally-patton @all-the-fand0mz @thebeautyofthomas @emma123patka @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @twinkly-lights

WARNINGS: Child abuse, nightmares, insecure thoughts and slight panic attacks. Please let me know if you want any other warnings added!

Also, there are a couple of questions I’ve been asked multiple times which I am going to answer here. 
Question One: How long will this story be?
Answer: I’m planning at least ten chapters, maybe more, maybe less but I will totally let you know as we go on. I’m writing this story as it comes to me.
Question Two: Is Roman going to be in this fanfiction at all, and what will his part be?
Answer: I can’t give you a straight (pardon the pun) answer here because it may give things away. Just know that I love my dramatic son and he will be involved in this universe at some point but for now the focus is Virgil, Patton and Logan. So (as difficult as it may be) place Roman at the back of your mind while reading this fiction (but do not worry, he will turn up!)

Also on AO3 here

Anyway, enough from me. Please enjoy!

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Work Harder #4


Work Harder, in general, has a ton of cursing so warning for that?

Also, I have all of Work Harder sorted out <3 so be ready for that!

This is the last chapter before there will be trigger warnings for dark themes.

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Lance woke up feeling more shitty than ever. His dreams were filled with yelling and images of Pidge on the floor. Shiro’s words plagued him and Keith wasn’t helping. 

He pulled himself out of bed after realizing he was eight minutes late to breakfast. 

When Lance walked into the room he expected some kind of acknowledgment; a head nod, a “Hi, Lance”, or even a groan of annoyment. 

Instead, he got nothing. 

Everyone kept chattering. 

Pidge had been out of the healing pod for a week after spending two days in it and was making up for time lost by fiddling with a device she made.

He opened his mouth to say something, “Good m-”


Lance shut his mouth. He had only said three sentences this past week. They all consisted the word “Sorry.”

He looked at the goo pipes and to the empty bowl next to it. He shook his head. He should be training, there was no time for eating. He turned to walk out the door.

“Lance, when did you get here?” Coran called out to the Cuban boy.

Lance did a 180. He smiled at the ginger before continuing to walk out the door, leaving the others confused.

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No Will

I had fun writing this one.

Darkstache, angst

Dark finds himself back in the house, and Wilford comes looking for him.

Also posted on my AO3. Enjoy!

Tags: @colonel-william-protection-army @mayor-damien-protection-squad


A figure stood just ahead of him, clad in tan, fluffy dark curls covered by an old-fashioned safari hunter’s hat.


The figure didn’t turn around, and Dark’s fists clenched. “William.”

A bullet in his stomach. Falling backwards. Bones snap crack popping as his body hit the floor, splayed out like an discarded child’s toy.

Memories that were not his. A body that wasn’t his, either. Echoes in a house that belonged to no one.

Dark’s patience began to fray. “William.”

“William!” Dark’s shell cracked, but nothing split into two. No echoes, no red, and no blue.

He caught his reflection in the mirror and his mouth dropped open. He was-

“Damien! Old sport. My dearest friend!” William was suddenly there, grinning through his bushy mustache and those weird glasses that he always wore perched on the very tip of his nose. He slung an arm around Dark joyfully, causing the entity to wince as the broken bones in his neck were jostled.

“William-” Not his name. No. Dark’s shell broke down further, but still no sign of his aura, of the eerie, reality-bending effects that accompanied it. There was only the ringing, growing louder and louder.

His friend ignored Dark’s attempts to get his attention. “You and Celine sure played a wonderful joke! It was quite the lark, staging your own deaths. Y/N even launched themselves off a balcony! Sure fooled me, you did!”

His patience snapped. “William!”

The man was thrown across the room by the force of Dark’s power as reality fractured and broke: aura oozing out like sludge, gray encompassing the already colorless walls. The whole house began to rumble, cracks snaking up the drywall, pieces of plaster crumbling from it, falling to the floor in pieces, like snow.

William hit the wall, his head connecting with a sickening crack, then crumpled to the floor like a rag doll, un-moving.

Dark walked toward him slowly, every step feeling like he was prying his feet from mud. His form rippled red and blue with rage and other emotions he couldn’t begin to describe.

When he reached William- after what felt like an eternity- he knelt beside him, taking his limp hand and squeezing it gently.

“I could’ve saved you,” he said with a soft sigh, stroking the back of William’s hand with his thumb.

“Dark!” The entity twisted to see Wilford, stumbling towards him, a confused expression on his face. “What the hell are you doing in a place like this?”

“I-” for once, Dark was at a loss for words. He turned back to William, but his body was gone. No blood, nothing. Just bare tile. He got to his feet, adjusting his neck and straightening his suit with quivering hands. He tried his best to keep his voice calm, composed, even mildly imposing, as it should be. “That’s none of your business. What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you, of course!” Wilford drawled, “everybody’s looking for you. Google traced your cellphone here.”

Dark didn’t reply. He just stared as reality began to fracture and swim again, not at Wilford, but through him.

The confusion on the pink ego’s face gave way to concern and he crossed the room in a few short strides, shoes crunching over the fallen drywall.

“Are you alright, Dark?” He asked quietly.

Dark jolted himself out of it. Now was not the time to show weakness. Especially in front of Wilford Warfstache.

But then Wilford’s warm hand took Dark’s cold one and the pink ego was giving him a small smile.

“I … I recognize this place.” He glanced around, something like sadness in his eyes. “Something bad happened here. Something involving you, and something involving me.

“I don’t remember what it was,” he continued, gaze turning back to Dark, “do you?”

“I do.” Dark swallowed the memories that threatened to rise. Just behind Wilford, he saw William again, smiling through that thick mustache, but he forced himself to focus on his friend.

At least, the current, now-version of his friend and not the friend he longed to forget.

He didn’t realize that tears had begun drip down his cheeks until he saw a hand fly to Willi- Wilford’s mouth.

No, no, no! Dark whirled, turning his back to Wilford and tearing his hand away, wiping a sleeve furiously at his eyes. He didn’t cry. He didn’t do weakness. Especially not in front of Wilford Warfstache.

“Dark, hey. Dark, it’s okay.” He felt a hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off, straining to keep control on his shell. He could feel it slipping, his form beginning to break apart into something less than human. He hunched over, wrapping his arms around his stomach.

But Wilford- that stupid, idiotic moron- kept trying. His hand came to Dark’s shoulders, his other to Dark’s arm.

“Leave!” Dark whirled, his face twisted with rage, his hulking form more monstrous than human, bones cracking, red and blue and black swirling around his body like a storm.

Wilford stood his ground, undaunted even as the pink and yellow of his clothes faded gray and their surroundings began to distort. “No. Not unless you are coming back with me.”

“I . . belong … here.” Dark snarled.

“You belong with me,” Wilford countered, reaching forward, “and we are going to go home now.”

Dark lashed out, and Wilford was sent flying across the room, landing with a sickening thump against the wall, then falling to the floor.

In an instant Dark’s shell snapped back together, leaving the image of a gentleman. His crimson eyes were cold as he stepped over to Wilford’s un-moving body.

He could sense William standing behind him- could see him perfectly in his mind’s eye, standing straight, arms folded behind his back, keen, dark eyes narrowed behind those glasses-  as he knelt to take a pulse.

Dark breathed a small sigh when he felt one. Slow and steady underneath his fingers. Alive.

He glanced behind him. William was gone.

He glanced back down as Wilford opened his eyes.

“Dark,” he muttered, raising a hand to rub at his forehead. Then he jolted upright. “Dark!” He reached for Dark’s face, cupping it with both hands. “You’re back in one piece.”

Dark rolled his eyes but tolerated it. After a moment he closed his eyes and leaned into the touch. A second later he felt a pair of lips brush against his forehead.

“Can we go home now?” Wilford asked, pulling away. “This place creeps me out.”

“Yes,” Dark hummed. He stood up, helping Wilford to his feet. “Let’s go home and see Dr. Iplier.”

Wilford flashed him a shaky grin and grabbed his hand, and together they headed towards the door.

On their way out, Dark caught a glance at himself in the mirror.

For a moment- a fraction of a second, really- he caught a glimpse of something. But then it was gone and it was just him. Just Dark.

And when he hesitated, glancing back over his shoulder for one last look at the shuddering, twisting house, there was nothing.

Wilford tugged on his hand, already halfway out the door. “C’mon, Dark.”

Dark paused an instant more, scanning, searching.But still, there was nothing.

Wilford pulled at him again, growing impatient.

Satisfied, he turned and followed Wilford, shutting the door behind him.

My favorite memory was when we first did Madison Square Garden. We popped out of the floor and it was just the most amazing feeling ever, knowing that we were in Madison Square Garden. And our album — we’d just broke the record for debuting at #1 on the charts, so that was a real fun memory of mine.

Liam to Buzzfeed in response to “What’s your favorite memory of your career so far?” (via @thedailypayne)

When exo goes to a wedding

Suho : made inappropriate jokes during the speech and now is dancing his guilt out on the dance floor

Chen : read xiumin

Lay : popped the champagne hours ago and is still finding for the cork

Baekhyun : is the wedding photographer, later discovers all the pics he took was fronting face

Chanyeol : poor boi was yawning when lay’s cork went in,choking the living fuck out of him

Kyungsoo : dropped the wedding cake. He is now 185 years old and still hasn’t held a cake ever since

Xiumin : both are the ones getting married

Kai : just came for the food

Sehun : tried to leave but got caught

The Floor is Lava Dem Boys™ addition

for those who don’t know, the floor is lava is a game where once the phrase is yelled you have to do what ever you can to not touch the ground or basically you die


  • The one to initiate the game 99% of the time
  • Doesn’t matter where they are, pachinko parlor, store, home, if he says the floor is lava, the floor is fuckin lava.
  • He’ll push anyone out of the way be it brother or passerby he don’t give a FUCK.


  • “We’re in our 20′s should we really be doing this?!”
  • Thinks it’s stupid as hell and refuses to participate in this madness.
  •  Pissed as hell because no matter where the game take place it always ends in property damage or a trip to the hospital.


  • This painful man goes all out and is as over dramatic as humanly possible.
  • Because of this he always ends up hurting himself somehow.
  • Seriously like every single time…
  • Most likely to end up in the hospital.


  • Lies down face first on the ground
  • Acts disappointed when he doesn’t actually die


  • Reigning floor is lava champion.
  • Has tropheys from 12 different countries and has his picture in the ‘floor is lava’ hall of fame.
  • Climbs onto random bystanders to avoid touching the ground.
  • Climbed onto Choromatsu once.
  • After Choromatsu threw him off, Jyushimatsu somehow glitched onto the ceiling.
  • Everyone agreed to never speak of it again.


  • Like Choromatsu he doesn’t play.
  • It’s not that he thinks it’s stupid, it’s just that SOMEONE has to be the one to upload it all to the web right?
  • Teams up with Osomatsu ahead of time so that the camera is already recording when the game starts.
  • Has a youtube channel dedicated to videos of it.

- Mod Haru

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La Douleur Exquise Preview | Incubus!Yoongi AU

summary: in which you accidentally summon an incubus in the middle of your shitty apartment and he won’t leave until you agree to have sex with him. until then, min yoongi, incubus extraordinaire, is now your sexually promiscuous and grumpy roommate. aka, the incubus au no one fucking asked for.

➵ warnings: demon summonings and a grumpy min yoongi (what’s new?)

➵ genre: fluff, angst, humor, eventual smut

words: 940

a/n: this is just a preview of the story. the final cut of the story may not appear like this draft, since i skipped some parts in order to get to the main gist of the story. hope you enjoy???

part 1 // part 2 // part 3 // part 4 (coming soon!)

In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea trying to recreate an ancient demon-summoning circle in the middle of your living room. If anyone asked you what had possessed you to do so regardless, you’d point fingers at your history professor for assigning the task in the first place. Although, you might concede that he didn’t technically ask you to assemble the summoning circle; all you were assigned to do was do some research about ancient summoning techniques with five to ten sources maximum. The problem with the assignment lied with the latter part of the requirements: the motherfucking references.

No matter how hard you tried to search for reliable photographs of professionally reenacted summoning circles, none of significant quality had popped up anywhere. You were seriously starting to consider attaching some DeviantArt fanart by the time you had reached page 67 on the Google search page.

In short, you were desperate—and desperation meant that you didn’t really think things through.

Which brought you to the present:

There was now a strange, pale man with half his body stuck in the middle of your apartment floor, seemingly having risen from the very depths of hell you had summoned him from.

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Softer world prompts: Victuuri, number 7

7.) I know your weakness.  It’s kisses.  You are doomed. (Don’t worry.  We’re all doomed eventually.) 

“Still no. Go back and do it again.”

Yuuri lets the quietest, slightest sound of soul-rending annoyance pass his lips. Viktor obviously hears it from across the rink, because Yuuri sees his expression quirk into a configuration that clearly reads Oh, is that how you feel about it, but he doesn’t really address is aside from adding, “Now please, Yuuri.”

Viktor is in full-blown Coach Mode, and has been for about a week now. With Europeans over, Viktor has nothing to focus on but the Four Continents, and he’s throwing himself into it whole hog. Yuuri has spend the entire afternoon and most of the evening trying to perfect a particular step sequence and currently, his legs feel like they’re about to pop out of their sockets and onto the floor, barbie doll style.

Yuuri goes through the sequence again, and the end of it takes him sliding past Viktor, whose face is pensive as he watches. He’s thoroughly bundled, because he’s been doing nothing on the ice today aside from bossing Yuuri around. Yuuri is down to the crop top he was wearing underneath his sweatshirt and he’s still sweating like it’s his job to replenish the water supply.

“Better,” Viktor says, “but still not perfect.”

“Oh my God,” Yuuri hisses at the ceiling, hands on his knees as he pants. “What is this, Viktor? The Pumpkinification of Yuuri Katsuki? I’m about six seconds from collapsing. Do you want a dead husband?”

“I want a winning husband,” Viktor says jovially. “So let’s–”

Before he can finish his sentence, Yuuri strikes out a hand and drags him down, dropping kisses onto his lips. Viktor settles into him quickly, arms around his waist. Yuuri allows some of his exhausted weight to settle back against Viktor’s supportive hands.

“Shh,” Yuuri says, foreheads together and fingers pressed to Viktor’s lips. “Hush. I want to go home. I can’t do the step sequence well when I can barely stand.” He kisses Viktor again, just to assure compliance. 

“Okay,” says Viktor. He nuzzles their noses together, sweet, a completely different man to the one Yuuri has been stifling the urge to strangle for the last four hours. “Alright.”

Yuuri waits until he’s in the locker room, splashing warm water onto his face, to chuckle to himself.

It works every time.

Strawberry Village|4|M

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Chapter 4: It is time for you to grow up. 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ANGST, fluff, (future) smut, gang!au 

Words: 9,640

Warnings: Violence(!), mature language and themes. 

A/N: We are one more step down the road and it keeps getting darker. Honestly this hurt to write but I promise things will get fluffier (and smuttier wait what)  down the road. One special character was inspired by @whydoievenstanthem who will probably know who as she reads this. Thank you to @perpetually-jungshook & @writing-blue for listening to me whine. I love you (please give me feedback I’m dying) Anyway, tell me what you think! Your encouragement inspires me to keep writing! 

Summary: Growing up as the daughter of an infamous Mob boss isn’t particularly easy or full of sunshine and skittles. Still, you hold yourself together pretty well and get by without too many issues. That is until you get kidnapped and dragged away far from the safety of your home, the brutal mobster-filled estate disguised as an orchard. Escaping from your kidnappers isn’t the hard part. That part is almost too easy. No, getting home to your concerned father and your overprotective, and now very worried, “family” is the problem. Luckily, you find your salvation in a kind, though not so innocent, stranger, who saves you from the wrath of gunfire. You then “convince” him to help you home, though the road towards Strawberry Village isn’t as smooth as you both hope

Chapters: 01 02 03 04 05

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GOT7 Reaction // When GOT7 and their s/o go through a haunted house together.


Hi there! Thank you I’m so glad you’re liking this blog so far. i’m pretty sure this is more of a scenario but oh well. I tried to make this request as funny as possible! ENJOY! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ 


You and Mark had been planning this for a while, and once you actually got to the scary amusement park, he was already wanting to go home. Once you guys were in the haunted house, he wouldn’t stop gripping onto your arm. At one point, this scary clown came out of nowhere trying to scare you and mark ran away from you. He was so glad to be out of there once it was over.

“It wasn’t that bad.”

Originally posted by gsvnrewind


You were probably more nervous than him. In the line, he was constantly reassuring you that they’re just actors and they won’t touch you. He let you grip onto him whenever you wanted. There was a man with a chainsaw going after everyone and Jaebum even let out a scream. Now he was the one holding onto you. He told you to never speak of it again.


Originally posted by defsouljb


As both of you went inside the haunted house, you held each other’s hands so tight and said you both were gonna make it out alive. Let’s just say Jackson didn’t. He could not get over the darkness and all the noises. Anytime something would pop out at him he would actually scream. When he saw a person with a chainsaw, he ran away and left you behind. You had to finish it without him, and then later scolded him for leaving you alone.

Originally posted by rapnamjoon


He would probably be the calmest one in a haunted house. NOT. He knew what to expect and he saw everything coming from a mile away. There was a hallway of doors and he knew there was going to be someone popping out at him, but when it happened, he practically fell down on the floor. Towards the end of the haunted house, he let out a sigh of relief, only to see one of the actors with a knife chasing him. This made Jinyoung snap back and hide behind you for a shield.

Originally posted by deanrbll


Youngjae would be one of those people, from the moment they stepped in the haunted house, they wanted out ASAP. He made you go in front of him to lead the way, and used you as shield. “Please I don’t like this!” he cried. He thought that if he tried to be friends with all the actors they would go easy on him, yeah no. He was so scared he could barely make it through the haunted house. At one point, he was saying how much he loved you cause he didn’t think he would make it out alive.

Originally posted by ithadtobeyouforever


Okay but for real. BamBam would be the calmest one in the haunted houses. Whenever someone would try to scare you guys, he would jump a little and just laugh. He started freaking out because he encountered a maze and had no idea how to get out of the haunted house. He teased you so much throughout the attraction. A clown popped out at you and you fell to your knees and he tried to pick you back up.

Originally posted by gsvnrewind


You would be so chill about the haunted house, but then there’s Yugyeom trying to be chill but he’s actually really nervous. Once you got in the haunted house, he was immediately grabbing your waist and asking you to protect him. You had to keep him from accidentally hitting someone because of his reflexes. Yugyeom would let out a tiny scream whenever someone tried to scare him.

Originally posted by yugyeomism

This was so much fun to write hehe.



Here it is. The big Dad Harold fic, and the sandbox in which I usually play in when H has a kid. Or, at least, I loosely borrow from it. This one is my favorite, although it was only the 3rd or 4th thing I ever wrote, and… he’s my favorite? I love him? Be gentle? Treat him well? Also: I hope he accepts my sincerest apologies. 

A word: each thing with this sandbox could be the endpoint. But each thing… will likely not be the endpoint. There’s a part two of the official two part installment, and then after that… well, you’ll see. Enjoy! x.

P.S. I’m not from London and I’ve never bene, but I think this is how snowstorms go in a lot of places with public transit, so….

This is the storm of the season. At least, that’s what the weatherman kept saying when you left home that afternoon. And, navigating the winding streets, you have to agree that this was the nastiest one you can remember in awhile. You have slipped three times from the exit of the tube to the front door of Harry’s building and your knuckles are white from clenching fists so tightly to steel your nerves. You stomp your boots inside the lobby and nod to the concierge who is quite used to you popping in and out every other weekend.

The elevator ride to the thirteenth floor is short, if ear-popping, and you rap with icy fingers on his door. A few moments later there was a click of the lock and the door opens to reveal Harry.

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Imagine you're a farmer [Part 3]

Part 1 - Part 1.5 - Part 2

You’d still been confined to your birthing table at work, given that you couldn’t move with the volume of eggs you had in your belly. Jilen was concerned as, after you birthed the ostrich eggs, some of his eggs slipped out early. It usually happened while you were sleeping, which explained the wet dreams and orgasms you would have at night.

“How did those ostriches turn out?” you asked Jilen one day, as he checked your vitals and prepared to perform at ultrasound.

“They’re fine, healthy and large. Just like you,” he chuckled.

You smiled at him, but braced for the cold jelly he was about to smear on your belly.

“You’re due any day now,” he said, walking the ultrasound equipment down to the bottom of your belly, which was still propped up on the ledge, leaving your vagina exposed. “I just need to check them out and see what’s taking so long.”

“I think you’re making excuses to see me,” you said.

“Maybe.” You felt slender fingers run the length of your folds, making you gasp. He had been routinely pleasuring you, every time he managed to be in the room alone with you. You appreciated it, and you were sure be enjoyed it too. It was always a hefty job to clean up his duds and semen, but that was his problem.

His hand reached further into your expansive vagina. It was an easy fit, having been stretched by eggs, fruit, vegetables, and even Jilen’s own cock. He fit a finger into your cervix. “It’s dilated and ready for birth,” he said. You simply hummed, trying to keep your moans in.

It proved to be a bit difficult when Jilen chuckled and reached in even further. He was crouched in a comfortable enough position at this point, and managed to get himself elbow deep into your womb. He grunted and stirred the eggs around, and you couldn’t contain yourself anymore as they clacked against each other.

“Yep, they’re ready. I could practically pull one out.”

“I’m this close to asking you to,” you commented between breaths. “I want to walk again.”

Your doctor retracted his hand, making you groan in frustration.

“I’ll see what I can do about inducing natural labor tomorrow. If I can’t do it, there’s no harm in diving in and just pushing the eggs out myself.” He walked into view.

“Wait, pushing? You’re not going to just pull them out?”

“Pushing is a little bit easier, and more fun.”

Your brows furrowed. “For you or for me?”

“For both of us. At least I’ve heard it should be.”

Later that night, when you couldn’t sleep, you considered the size of your belly. Your doctor turned boyfriend could certainly fit, if he could get past your cervix. There was enough room for his 7 foot tall self to stand up and stretch his arms. The thought of him swimming around in your eggs, pushing them through your entrance and wiggling around, maybe even masturbating in there…

You sighed and rubbed your belly. You might even be able to walk, with a cart, if he stayed in once all the eggs were out. The idea was extremely intimate to you.

The next day, after many shots of various medicines and chemicals, and after your vagina and cervix had been thoroughly played with, Jilen decided natural birth wasn’t an option.

“If we just leave them there, they would probably never come out. They’re full size now, but they would likely grow a bit bigger still, so it’s best if someone goes in and gets them out now. As in, today.” Jilen instructed his assistant to bring the nessecary equipment. He came back with an oxygen tank connected to a long hose that had a face mask designed for Ylokth faces at the other end. The assistant was told to leave, as the process could take hours or days, and Jilen didn’t want him standing around and getting bored.

“Now that he’s gone,” the doctor clasped all four of his hands together. “Are you ready?”

“I guess so. Just be careful on the way in and out. I’ve birthed bigger things than you, but it wasn’t easy or pleasant.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll do great.”

Jilen undressed, put on the mask, and began as he always did, with a single arm. He added each of his other arms one by one, and pulled them apart, stretching your cervix and causing you to clench at the sides of your table. He ducked his head into your vagina, and then immediately into your cervix. His head and ribcage popped in all at once and rattled the eggs. The rest of his torso was easy, as it was thinner than his ribcage, but then he got to the bend.

Ylokths’ centaur-shaped bodies were the reason for their L-shaped eggs, and Jilen’s was now the biggest challenge in the way of entering your womb. He pushed against the back of your womb, angling his head upwards. Any spectators standing at your foot-end would see his head clearly outlined under your belly button, and you felt the pressure strongly. You clenched your teeth and groaned. The stretching of your cervix and skin was a welcome pleasure, but pain came with it as his widest parts slid through.

Finally, his feet slipped in, and he quickly curled up around his eggs to minimize his size. You panted, rubbing the top of your belly in relief. It was only a brief moment of rest before Jilen started wiggling around. You moaned again, enjoying the feeling of eggs clicking against each other. Jilen oriented himself to stand, and pushed the first egg through your cervix. It came through easily, but your muscles had no strength to push it out of your vagina, so it stayed there, pressing firmly against your g-spot.

You wished you could reach around and touch yourself, but the pleasure of huge, bumpy eggs passing your cervix and popping out of your entrance to land on the soft floor was more than enough. You pushed against your belly, sending a ripple toward the bottom of it, which ended up knocking Jilen over. He scrambled to stand up again, and this time you could see his hands bracing against your womb.

Hours passed and your belly got smaller and smaller as the pile of eggs grew. You could see your boyfriend’s movments pretty clearly now, as the pile of eggs inside you was now shorter than he was, even though he was sitting. Finally, the last few eggs passed, and you enjoyed one last full strength orgasm, bucking your hips.

Jilen curled up to rest for a moment, greatly reducing the apparent size of your belly. It almost returned to a perfectly round shape, but it was still a bit droopy as the skin hadn’t shrunk all the way yet.

You pushed the ledges that used to hold your belly up to the side, and rolled off the table, pulling Jilen with you. His arms and legs stirred around as he tried to catch his balance, causing you to moan again, but you both landed on the soft floor with a thud. You could have fun later, but after months of not moving or laying on your side, you just relished being able to stick your hand under your head and rest in a new position. You patted your belly, still much larger than any normal human pregnancy, and Jilen reached out to touch your hand. You both rested like that for a while.

Eventually, you woke up to Jilen shuffling around. Your skin was now tight around him, and the most he could do was sit or crouch. You could hear his muffled moans, and realized he was laying on his back, his cock hard and poking up against the side of your womb. You reached as far as you could and touched the end of it, causing him to buck.

He continued jacking off, but before he could come, he rolled onto his side and thrust his cock out of your cervix. You yelped, surprised at the sensation, but not unhappy about it. He thrust through your cervix a few times before you felt the hooks of his penis grab into any wall they could reach, and his semen burst out of your vagina and onto the floor. You didn’t orgasm from the experience, but you smiled at the situation. If things like this could happen every day, you didn’t think you’d be too upset about it. Just the idea of Jilen fucking you from the inside out, or even coming directly against your walls and coating himself in his own fluids was enough to keep you horny.

Soon after his cock detatched from your cervix, Jilen shifted and started to crawl toward your opening. Once he had his arms out, you pushed to help him, but you felt him get hard again. You giggled, but kept pushing. After a few minutes, his head popped out and he slid out all the way to his waist.

He ripped the face mask off and looked at you. “Keep pushing, baby. That feels amazing, all those muscles clenching against my whole body.” You noticed his hips were bucking, probably involuntarily.

“This feels great for me too,” you panted.

Jilen did very little to pull himself out of your womb, leaving all the work to you. You didn’t mind, as the sensation of him sliding his cock against your womb walls was almost enough to make you come. What pushed you over the edge multiple times was the fact that he also decided to play with your clit.

Finally, with one huge, orgasm induced push, the rest of him slid out, and he spurted duds and semen across the floor once again.

“Ugh. That was amazing.” He stood shakily.

“Can we do that at home some time?” you said, out of breath.

“Only if you move in with me.”

“Hell yeah,” you grinned.


So this is the last part for these two, but I’ll probably write more in this universe. As mentioned before though, I’ll write other stories outside of this universe in between. I’d love to branch out and keep writing for this blog, as long as you guys are enjoying it.


Teacher, Teacher! (Taeil x Reader)

Rating: PG

(A/N) YA’LL. I’m not even sure how I managed to write this, I literally burst into tears when I finished because it was so precious. I love Taeil so much, he is such a beacon of light in my life, I’m afraid this writing does him no justice. Anon wanted some angst and fluffy Taeil, I couldn’t but try and go above and beyond. Anyway, enjoy!

Originally posted by zxkookie

You tossed your house keys into your purse, slinging the brown leather bag onto your shoulder as you smoothed down the front of your dress. You walked around to the side of your house and grabbed your pastel blue bike, a gift you received from your kids’ families after your first year. You carefully arranged your dress to prevent the cheeky summer wind from lifting up your skirts, slinging your leg over and tossing your purse into the basket as you pushed off down the street. The townspeople greeted you warmly as they walked or rode to their respective jobs on well cared for bikes as well, the air of a good day was just around the corner, you could feel it.

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Safe For Now

Summary: Three years after almost dying from a werewolf attack, Peter Hale comes to you, tortured and bloodied, seeking a safe haven. What could possibly go wrong?
Characters in this chapter: Peter Hale, Derek Hale, Chris Argent, female reader
Pairing: Eventual Peter x reader, slow burn
Word Count: 2,803
Warnings: Language, angst, blood, 
Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Peter, so if I get something wrong, I’m sorry. 

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

Beacon Hills, California. One of the smaller towns in northern California. Home to werewolves, banshees, kanimas, and a slew of other supernatural creatures. Some called it hell. You called it home.

The thunderous howl of an alpha would have sent anyone running, seeking shelter from the murderous monster, doing anything and everything to protect themselves and their loved ones. But not you. You ran toward it at full speed, pistol in hand, silver bullet in the chamber; cocked, locked, and ready to go. You focused on your breathing, keeping it steady, even as you ran to your possible-but-highly-unlikely demise.

A shadow to your left caught your attention for the briefest of moments. It was Chris Argent, your hunting partner, and he was signaling for you to go around to the right while he went left. Without a second thought, you shifted your weight, following his command.

Attacking the werewolf from two different sides was a smart decision. It couldn’t possibly fight off the pair of you. Not when you two were the most experienced and talented hunters. You had started to feel invincible as of late. That should have been your first clue.

Seemingly out of nowhere, gunfire erupted to your left. Swearing loudly, you tore off in that direction, praying that Chris was alright.

It wasn’t like you had a thing for your mentor. Working closely with him for a handful of years, there was bound to be some sort of tension, right? If there was nothing there, why were the icy tendrils of fear racing up your spine?

Sliding to a stop, you watched in slow motion as the werewolf swung his arm back and batted Chris to the side as he were a rag doll. He landed a dozen yards off, at the base of a girthy stump.

Everything in you screamed to run to Chris, make sure he was still alive, but the werewolf was already headed your way, red eyes ablaze, and a growl in his throat that rocked you to your core. You hesitated, pulling the trigger too late. His hand flew through the air, slicing open your belly with razor-like claws.

Your gun fell to the ground with a dull thump and blood fell in sheets, which you tried to stop with your hands, but it seeped through your fingers. You fell to your knees with a grunt, typical forest debris bit through your jeans and stabbed deep into your skin.

With your lips moving in a silent prayer, you didn’t see him raise his hand.

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The Things She Carried

Part 6. Back To College

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 1800+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic  @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @squirrellover1967 @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @barneybrigade @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @iliketowrite02 @stormisamystery @itschelseabennett @samdean-67 @feelmyroarrrr @mrsbatesmotel53

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