So it was a gloomy, rainy today. Hoping to make the best of it, I took these photos so I could share with you guys my favorite thrift shop find ever!! I never wear it out though. Afraid my arms will look gross, or it will draw attention, or that its too girly or whatever. But you all here have changed my thinking, and Im gonna wear this beautiful dress if I want! I have no idea how old this dress is, but it has a beauty about it that I have trouble finding in dresses off the rack. The back is my favorite part. ^_^


Back at it in full interview fashion!!


This is the second of my thrift store finds {$6.99 thank-you-very-much} that I took on the cruise and I’m wearing today for my second interview with one of the hospitals!!

Since our Oregon weather is about 65° and sunny I am opting to go with the tropical look…partnered of course, with a nice black shrug sweater…

Today I have two 30 minute back-to-back interviews today with part of the team I would be supporting and then an hour and a half of interviews tomorrow with the balance of that team…

Also - sadly, I was decisioned out of the other hospital/medical center opportunity that I interviewed prior to my cruise. It was me and another gal that they were considering for the role and the other gal got it…


They told me that my skill set was much more qualified for a higher level executive support role and I will be interviewing for that this coming Friday!!!

Feeling positive, confident and hopeful that something will happen soon!!!

In the meantime, I continue to file for unemployment, look for and apply to new jobs and enjoy this little break for my Monday through Friday grind!!!


Totally NEVER shared my awesome thrift store finds for this trip so I will share one of them now…

Love this dress…long leg slit on the right side…beaded at the halter and it makes my ass look, well….good, if I do say so myself!!

All for the bargain price of $6.99!!!!