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you know actually looking at the seperate trait tree’s you can catch a glimps at minato,yu, and akira’s personalitys- or at least there values

Minato is fighting off a giant case of apathy or depression, and thats reflected in his stats, he cares about academics becouse society demands you be smart, charm becouse you have to convince others your fine/unaffected by things to not make a scene, and courage becouse SOUL DEMONS AND COFFINS POPPIN UP DURING THE DARK HOUR Minato is doing the bare nessesitys for living, and the fact that he reached a level in his stats that is considered above average has him pleased, but otherwise- humble feelings like the wrong word but its the word that imediatly popped in my mind.

meanwhile Yu is over here caring a damn lot about this stuff, from how expressive he is to how well he understands people to his dilligence Yu cares a lot about people and what they think of him. Also praising himself higher then minato thinking himself enthralling,saintly,heroic, practically a sage with rock solid dilligence at max stats, practically a social super star! or at least he needs to know people like him, people are on his side, they wont leave him with a uncle he barely knows and neck deep in HIS households drama on top of a murder investigation involing being bitten by a tv. 

and then we have Akira

Ah Akira, a man who knows exactly how much hype is resting on his shoulders, and living up to every bit of it.

This guy is great, and he fucking knows it.  

he’s not just a sage when it comes to knowledge, he’s an Erudite

hes not just a bad ass, he’s Lion Hearted


Akira got spit upon by the system, left to rot in a back alley coffee shop attic with a man who might have been a complete creeper who harvested organs for all akira knew,  and hey with shido burrying the evidence im surprised he didnt.

Everyone else in his life has given up on him, even people who barely knows what his face looks like for half a second. 

Nobody is going to be there for him should push come to shove, so he’s gotte be BETTER

be willing to do things most people wouldnt, smart enough to keep those situations in his favor, proficient enough to execute these plans, charming enough to fool anyone that questions him, and kind enough to not be stay out of the way when he see’s a woman get herassed by  a drunk on the street like everyones telling him to become.


you’re such a loverly lady so thanks a bunch for all of the wonderful entertainment you’ve blessed the world with💕

When the Moon Light Hits Your Eye Roman Godfrey x Reader

Roman Godfrey

Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: lovers-on-call-13

Prompt: imagine being the girlfriend of Roman Godfrey and a friend of Peter and one day when you were walking in your wolf form you attacked and you cannot get back to your human from. Peter tries to help you but you just want to stay in the lap of Roman like a puppy

Warning: Mention of nudity and minor Roman humor if you squint 

Note: Innocent and Fluffy Puppy Child! Reader Version Here: https://crimsonreaper3513.tumblr.com/post/166306188768/when-the-moonlight-hits-your-eye-roman-godfrey

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You were so not looking forward to tonight. It was a full moon out so as long as you don’t see it and keep your windows shut then surely you wouldn’t transform into a werewolf.  

But nope.

When you were walking across the hall to go use the bathroom your older brother left his door open and his blinds up. Moon light was pouring in from behind the glass so as a result as soon as the moon hit your eye the hairy and grotesque transformation began.

You raced down the hall and to the stairs passing by your mother as you rushed out the door.

“You left the blinds up again didn’t you?” Your mother sighed to your brother who was busy playing video games.

“Maybe why?”

She shook her head and went to the back door window watching as your skin peeled and ripped until all that was left was a wolf pup. You were adorable as a puppy but equally as cute as you were hyper and vicious.

Your mother sighed and decided to call your friend Peter since that’s where you always went when you were a wolf since he was the nearest werewolf. Your mother picked up her phone and called the man, sure enough he answered.


“Hey Peter this is (Mother’s Name).”

“Oh hey Mrs. (Last name) is everything fine?”

“I’m afraid not. (Name) is a wolf now so knowing her shes heading to your place. Do you mind keeping an eye on her?”

“Sure. I’ll call you when I see her.” Peter answered.

They said a few last words before hanging up and Peter sighed looking at his messy trailer.

“I was needing to clean it anyways. Oh, half drank bottle of beer. Eh still good.”

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Did I ever told you guys that the last time I went to Disneyland, I wore my Unique Vintage circle skirt which has carousel horses all around the border and while waiting in line to get in the theme park I overhear a mom talking to her 3 year old daughter about my skirt and I hear her say “ She’s probably auditioning to be Mary Poppins”

Because why hide snacks in your pockets when you could hide them in your Garnet?

Stardew Valley gets SNAPCHAT

one day the farmer is on their phone, taking a photo of themselves, while Mayor Lewis walks by. He asks what they are doing, and they explain snapchat to him. They assure him that the other young adults in the valley most likely have it, or have heard of it, at least. “Hey, Sam!” they call out, to the blonde skateboarding past. “You know snapchat, yeah?”

He doesn’t. It has been years since anyone in the town had lived in the city, and the app had only come out since the residents of the valley had left. No one in the town has snapchat, and the Farmer takes it upon themselves to fix this!

                                           -events that follow-

-blurry photos of bugs and shit charging towards the farmer captioned “dudes bout to get fucked up”. harvey wonders out loud to them if maybe the reason they get hurt so often is because the spend the time in which it takes for an attacker to hit them taking photos instead of dodging

-shane sending sad drunk messages and the farmer immediately replying with photos of chickens to make him happy again. 

-jas or vince going “CAN I PLAY ON YOUR PHONE” and abusing all the filters and taking a shit ton of videos and being adorable

-haley doesn’t have snapchat (she hates the idea of any photo she took TIME and EFFORT into taking being deleted) but if u add Alex be ready to be bombarded with her random ass selfies that she sends to everyone whenever she steals his phone (which is a lot)

-harvey has been slightly conditioned to FEAR the snapchat ringer because 9/10 times its someone doing something dangerous/something he told them explicitly not to

 -sebby is such an emo kid. Uses the black and white filter,, but is also slightly androgynous and LOVES all the makeup filters

-sam is such A FUCKING MEME it’s all just close up pictures of his face or other people without them realizing or some shit

-penny is the gal who takes SO MANY PICTURES OF HER FEET!!

-em’s snapchat is poppin. Vibrant as all hell, a new theme every 24 hours, rainbow af, great photography. STREAK MASTER. The only one in town who had snapchat before the farmer showed it to them and has SO MANY FRIENDS. At least 100 days or more with everyone on her list, 200 with her best friends (including sandy)

-abby is PRANK MASTER. She only has snapchat so that she can 1 record all the times she fucking OWNS her two best friends and 2 so she can get back at sam for those close up photos DIRECTLY

-once alex found out what streaks were, he became determined to have a higher streak than em.

-alex asked abby first to help him, they got to 40 before abby accidentally sent alex a nude and the only thing he knew about how to respond was “NEVER SEND DICPICS” (some advice from farmer)

-next up was sam, but the two only got to 10 days until sam sent the SAME FUCKING NUDE PHOTO with the caption “r u seeing this shit sebby?”. alex blocked him

-next was penny, and the two got to 60, but penny missed a few days because she had a sleepover at the library with Jas and Vincent to teach them about stars

-maru found out and gave alex a program Seb had made that counted every day for your streaks no matter whether you or the other person was active. She proceeded to explain how nothing on the internet was actually real and that the boundaries and laws we think exist online can be completely nullified by literally anyone with enough of a brain to google search how to do it. Online the only reason every mere user doesnt declare themselves god is because they dont want to be aware of how little that title means in a world where the pentagon was hacked into by a 13 year old for a game of truth or dare

-alex deleted his snapchat

-haley now takes her selfies on the farmers phone so EVERYONE in the town gets to see her try EVERY new filter EVERY day

-one day alex wakes up with his phone in his room again ?? even tho he threw it out

 -when he turns it on and unlocks it it immediatly crashes and wont change from a photo saying “maru is love maru is life” (sebby, abby, sam, and maru laugh in the distance)(sibling bond time is fun time)(alex is scared of cellphones now)(and shrek memes) 

-(leah and elliot dont have cellphones :( elliot probably got rid of his when he moved to the city and leah CLEARLy only has the cord phone her ex calls her on, meaning she probably switched numbers to avoid him)

  • Alec: Look at you. All you need is six dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst hours of my childhood.
  • Jace: I don't think you had a childhood. I think you came out a bitter, surly killjoy.
  • This thing we’re doing here, me, you - I just want you to know I’m in. I am all in. 
  • No, I fulfilled my whacking quota for the week.
  • Well, maybe no one noticed- I mean, you wear crazy outfits all the time.
  • All right! That’s it! This is my relationship.
  • There’s not gonna be any more debating about whether or not it’s a good idea if we’re in a relationship, ‘cause we’re in a relationship!
  • You can have my word and a couple of middle fingers on that
  • I’ll do the chicken dance on my lunch break.
  • I wonder if anyone’s ever kicked an audiotape’s ass.
  • You drank all the coffee in your house before 5 in the morning?
  • Maybe if you drank a little less coffee, you would make a little less lists.
  • God, that’s terrible. It’s like drinking a “My Little Pony”.
  • This is my least favorite door in the world.
  • And she was loud! And she said “hell”; I never heard her say “hell”, I didn’t even know she knew how to say “hell”. She was mad and she yelled and she said “hell”.
  • Okay, great. Last question. Uh, what are the odds of you getting me to do a skit where you electrocute me, cut me open, and pull link sausages out of me? 'Cause I’m thinking they’re right up there with Pia Zadora making a big comeback.
  • You want the melt cut into squares or stars today?
  • Same as everyone. Just kind of skulks around with that backpack, never smiles.
  • Yeah sure, tea sounds like… tea.
  • No, we were just on one of our spontaneous three-in-the-morning strolls, saw everybody in here, and wondered, “hey, what’s up?”. 
  • What are you, I mean, I thought you were in the Congo… or Philadelphia… or something.
  • What was I supposed to say? I did things. I let my actions speak. That’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to let your actions speak. That’s the romantic way to do this, damn it. 
  • Settle down, I go up there every 10 minutes pretending to get something to keep them from doing something we don’t want them to do. You just going up there just down saved me a trip.
  • I’ve just never heard anyone use “beaked” as a verb before.
  • Well, I accidentally dropped triple the amount of cocoa powder in the batter, so I either had to dump the batch or find someone with some sort of superhuman chocolate tolerance - only one name came to mind.
  • I don’t think it’s his lack of smarts, but more proximity to the actual classes that is the problem.
  • No, but have you tried the insane asylum, where everyone in this room is supposed to be.
  • Okay, the conversing part of this morning is now over.
  • Don’t pull the sheet back after I pull it, i need more room for this side…. You pulled it back again.
  • Painting’s a pain. I’d have to close for a day, which I can’t afford, or paint it in the middle of the night which I don’t want to do because I hate painting.
  • I’m gonna put your head through a wall, any wall, you can pick the wall, but it will be a wall.
  • I don’t have time to kill you right now, ____. Come back in a couple of hours.
  • Look at this place! Look at you. All you need is six dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst hours of my childhood.
  • Look at all the pretty candy!
  • There is no fate, there is no destiny, there is no luck. Astrology is ridiculous. Tarot cards tell you nothing, you cannot read a palm, tea leaves make tea and nothing else. Jim Morrison is not hanging out with Elvis. And the Kennedys did not kill Marilyn.
  • What is this feeling, this tightening in the chest, this anger mixed with paralyzing weakness?
  • Yeah, that’s tough when the universe is against you, that’s like taking on the Manhattan garbage union. 

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That Mercy concept art is so rad. Also I feel like we could use more male healers. Every multiplayer game I've played since the 90's has always had a token girl healer. Some boring af, anemic white chick with a stick.

Yeah sure would be nice.

Im wondering what kinda constructive feedback was shared at their round-table to make all of this possible and why they didn’t move forward with the concept beyond upsetting a chunk of their demographic. Im struggling not to assume they played it safe and just went with the character design that fits what most of their weak ass target audience thinks an angelic & capable nurse looks like. It makes me wonder about the huge swaths of players who make Mercy fanfic or fanart or video content or pair her with Pharah….if she was wrapped in different packaging would she still be as compelling? Her flaws and lack of development as forgiven? Her tag poppin off at all hours of the day? Would all of this still be the case?

Probably not.

But she sells the way she is so….I guess thats the important factor in the end….and they can make their money and do what they feel is right for their business and fans can keep making niche sfm porn and waxing poetic about how perfect Angela is but personally Im not giving them my money.

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For another movie night fic if you're up to it: Mary Poppins would be practically perfect in every way! Thanks and your stories are always wonderful!

mary poppins would be practically perfect but why stop there?? why just have them WATCH this 1964 musical classic when we can actually drop julie andrews’ academy award winning take on this pinnacle of british literature right into the fucking castle

Mary Poppins never “dropped” anywhere, of course. She floated. Umbrella primly placed in one hand, and hat put just so, and the wind not even touching her curls. She fell from the sky, yes, but in an organized manner.

“What is that…thing,” asked Cogsworth, standing in one of the highest towers. He had his telescope out, from his army days; and while he had come up here just to take an observation of the wind and weather, he had been somewhat hijacked by the inexplicable presence of a parrot-headed umbrella about two miles off the ground.

“What thing?!” shouted Lumiere. He was perched on one of the bridges between the towers, far below the major domo, and his hands were rather full of gunpowder. (the Prince had decided it would be a grand idea to set it off every morning, to remind everyone that He Was The Best.) Beside him, Plumette shaded her eyes.

“What are they saying?” said Mrs. Potts. She was far, far below them both, in one of the palace’s many parlors; she and Chapeau were busy securing the rooms’ most breakable items, in preparation for the—

BOOM. Up in the highest tower, Cogsworth swayed from the blast; down below, Plumette covered her ears as the canon went off; further still, and Mrs. Potts caught at the glass and cutlery; and Adam stood in front of a swinging mirror, adjusting his tie.

“What are you talking about?” he asked. He looked very correct; very fashionable indeed. No curse had happened yet. Agathe did not live in Villeneuve.

“There’s a thing, begging your pardon, sir, a thing from the sky,” said Mrs. Potts. She bobbed a curtsy and put the vases back on the shelves. “Were you expecting company?”

“No, I rather think not.” The Prince raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow and went to the window. “I’m expecting a new tutor, however….but I wasn’t expecting an airborne arrival.”

“Oh, yes, sir, there were hundreds of applicants to be your new tutor this morning….cannot think where they’ve run off to,” said Mrs. Potts.

Chapeau said nothing. He had seen them; they had not run away. It had been the east wind, howling through the cherry trees, that had carried off the other tutors.

“Well, let her in, I suppose,” said Adam, flicking imaginary dust from his sleeve. “And make her comfortable. I’ll see her myself, later on….if I can be bothered.”

He flounced from the room, to go and count his taxes. Mrs. Potts sighed and scurried to the door, meeting the other servants along the way.

“We really need only one person to open the door, luvs,” said Mrs. Potts.

Exactement,” said Lumiere. “I am not sure why the rest of you are here.” And with a polished gesture, he flung open the palace’s grand front doors.

She had very rosy cheeks.

“Mademoiselle!” said Lumiere, and reached forward to kiss her (properly gloved) hand.

“That will do,” said the new tutor, and stepped through the doors with unerring confidence. “Now, let’s see, it’s Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chapeau, isn’t it? And you are Plumette. I believe we’ve met before—”

Oui, mademoiselle,” and with a secret smile the maid bobbed a curtsy.

They led Mary Poppins up to her room. There was still no need for all of them to be there, but nobody wanted to leave; so Cogsworth and Chapeau and Mrs. Potts and Plumette and Lumiere all stuffed themselves into the new tutor’s room, and watched with interest as she took out her bag and put it on the wooden table.

Mary Poppins reached in and took out a hatstand. She glanced at Chapeau. “You might want to give me a hand with this.”

More and more things appeared to people the room. Cogsworth checked inside the bag—this all seemed highly irregular to him—and yet there was nothing inside. Hhmph. He needed to have a word with elementary physics.

“So, what do you expect to teach the Prince?” asked Lumiere. He had settled himself on her bed, and now bounced slightly on the springs. Halfway through taking out a tall candelabra (she had wanted a little light), Mary Poppins looked at him.

“What does he need to be taught?”

“Oh, you know, higher Latin, sub-Saharan geography, the elements of statecraft—” began Cogsworth.

“What does he need to be taught?”

Her eyes were very bright and black. Cogsworth trembled, a little.

“Kindness,” said Mrs. Potts.

“Love,” said Plumette.

“Warmth,” said Lumiere.

“Sub-saharan geography,” said Cogsworth.

“Well, we will see what we can do,” said Mary Poppins. “Now, spit-spot! I have work to do. Take me to the Prince.”

Regretfully, they let the new tutor go. To her doom, they all thought, for the prince was cruel; but she seemed quite cheerful about it, and set her hair just so before she entered.

Plumette sighed and went out to the terrace, a few small pieces of chalk clutched in one hand. Lumiere followed her, his heels ringing hard against the paving-stones.

“Plumette! Plumette. How do you know her? Was she your tutor, too?”

“She taught me a trick or two,” says the maid, and grins as she hands him the chalk. “Draw with me, mon amour.”

Lumiere laughs as they set their chalks to the terrace paving. Their drawings will wash away in the next rain—but until then, they draw gardens, and Lumiere sketches Plumette in her bright, white dress, humming a tuneless song he learned from the Parisian chimney sweeps. For a while, they believe they are in their holiday drawings.

Mary Poppins does not emerge until several hours later. She steps out onto the terrace, just so, her carpet bag in one hand; she steps over the paving-drawings with practiced feet. Still crouched over their handiwork—Plumette’s hands quite colorful now with chalk-dust—the two lovers look up at her.

“Any luck, mademoiselle?”

Mary Poppins’ face is steady and calm as she looks down at them. They look very small, curled up on the pavement, their faces close together as they bend over their chalk-art.

“I need to have a word with an acquaintance of mine,” she said crisply. “She may know a better way to manage your Prince. He has had enough of sugar, I should think; it’s time for medicine.”

“You’re…you’re sending someone else?! You’re giving up?!” Plumette gasped.

“I only stay until the wind changes,” said Mary Poppins. “And there is a cold, frosty wind blowing here.”

“It’s June,” said Lumiere.

“She will know what to do,” said Mary Poppins, unruffling her umbrella. “Now, spit-spot—you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time in front of the both of you. Get some good sleep, and don’t spoil your appetites—”

“Mary Poppins! You can’t go!”

But she had already flown away. The clouds had swallowed her up before they could about the rosy-cheeks, or the bag that ever opens, or that peculiar word she had just used.

“What do you think she meant, her ‘acquaintance’?” asked Lumiere.

“I don’t know. It’s a little magic, isn’t it?”

“I don’t believe in magic,” says Lumiere, and smiles at his lover as the cherry-trees blow in the wind.

this group has only existed for like an hour but it’s already poppin, come join the party made of nice things and good animals

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underestimated, ugly af and my booty be flat😭 help a girl outtt? how do i glo up? and get a poppin' ass lolll

Take care of yourself drink water get 8 hours do squats and invest in a good moisturizer