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Birthday Boy.


Just a very, very small something based on New Daddy Harry and his little family on his birthday for his big birthday today. 

Enjoy. xx

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Stardew Valley gets SNAPCHAT

one day the farmer is on their phone, taking a photo of themselves, while Mayor Lewis walks by. He asks what they are doing, and they explain snapchat to him. They assure him that the other young adults in the valley most likely have it, or have heard of it, at least. “Hey, Sam!” they call out, to the blonde skateboarding past. “You know snapchat, yeah?”

He doesn’t. It has been years since anyone in the town had lived in the city, and the app had only come out since the residents of the valley had left. No one in the town has snapchat, and the Farmer takes it upon themselves to fix this!

                                           -events that follow-

-blurry photos of bugs and shit charging towards the farmer captioned “dudes bout to get fucked up”. harvey wonders out loud to them if maybe the reason they get hurt so often is because the spend the time in which it takes for an attacker to hit them taking photos instead of dodging

-shane sending sad drunk messages and the farmer immediately replying with photos of chickens to make him happy again. 

-jas or vince going “CAN I PLAY ON YOUR PHONE” and abusing all the filters and taking a shit ton of videos and being adorable

-haley doesn’t have snapchat (she hates the idea of any photo she took TIME and EFFORT into taking being deleted) but if u add Alex be ready to be bombarded with her random ass selfies that she sends to everyone whenever she steals his phone (which is a lot)

-harvey has been slightly conditioned to FEAR the snapchat ringer because 9/10 times its someone doing something dangerous/something he told them explicitly not to

 -sebby is such an emo kid. Uses the black and white filter,, but is also slightly androgynous and LOVES all the makeup filters

-sam is such A FUCKING MEME it’s all just close up pictures of his face or other people without them realizing or some shit

-penny is the gal who takes SO MANY PICTURES OF HER FEET!!

-em’s snapchat is poppin. Vibrant as all hell, a new theme every 24 hours, rainbow af, great photography. STREAK MASTER. The only one in town who had snapchat before the farmer showed it to them and has SO MANY FRIENDS. At least 100 days or more with everyone on her list, 200 with her best friends (including sandy)

-abby is PRANK MASTER. She only has snapchat so that she can 1 record all the times she fucking OWNS her two best friends and 2 so she can get back at sam for those close up photos DIRECTLY

-once alex found out what streaks were, he became determined to have a higher streak than em.

-alex asked abby first to help him, they got to 40 before abby accidentally sent alex a nude and the only thing he knew about how to respond was “NEVER SEND DICPICS” (some advice from farmer)

-next up was sam, but the two only got to 10 days until sam sent the SAME FUCKING NUDE PHOTO with the caption “r u seeing this shit sebby?”. alex blocked him

-next was penny, and the two got to 60, but penny missed a few days because she had a sleepover at the library with Jas and Vincent to teach them about stars

-maru found out and gave alex a program Seb had made that counted every day for your streaks no matter whether you or the other person was active. She proceeded to explain how nothing on the internet was actually real and that the boundaries and laws we think exist online can be completely nullified by literally anyone with enough of a brain to google search how to do it. Online the only reason every mere user doesnt declare themselves god is because they dont want to be aware of how little that title means in a world where the pentagon was hacked into by a 13 year old for a game of truth or dare

-alex deleted his snapchat

-haley now takes her selfies on the farmers phone so EVERYONE in the town gets to see her try EVERY new filter EVERY day

-one day alex wakes up with his phone in his room again ?? even tho he threw it out

 -when he turns it on and unlocks it it immediatly crashes and wont change from a photo saying “maru is love maru is life” (sebby, abby, sam, and maru laugh in the distance)(sibling bond time is fun time)(alex is scared of cellphones now)(and shrek memes) 

-(leah and elliot dont have cellphones :( elliot probably got rid of his when he moved to the city and leah CLEARLy only has the cord phone her ex calls her on, meaning she probably switched numbers to avoid him)

D’Artagnan and Three Musketeers stream

Don’t ask, the Soviet Movies Club™ is a thing now. 

This weekend I’d like to share with you THE GOLDEN SOVIET MUSICAL OF THE RUSSIAN LAND aka D’Artagnan and Three Musketeers, starring Mikhail Boyarsky (Lestrade from the new series) in the main role, Boris Kluev (Soviet Mycroft), many dreamy faces, Oleg Tabakov (miss Andrew from Mary Poppins) and the score done by Dunaevsky, the guy who also scored the said Mary Poppins movie. 

The movie is in three episodes one hour each, pretty cheesy and cheap-looking because the government spat in their faces with the budget and they ROCKED it as if there was no tomorrow (the director himself had to spend nights making swords out of tinfoil, bless the guy), but it’s classic in Russia, and that’s the movie that made EVERYONE, especially Boyarsky, EXTREMELY famous till this very day. If you watch this musical, consider it like half of the Soviet movies done in one evening. 

So, this Saturday, 6th May, at 8pm GMT+1, I will wait for you on rabbit with all the subs and links provided. 

Let’s dive in into the weird majestic experience called the Soviet movies.

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underestimated, ugly af and my booty be flat😭 help a girl outtt? how do i glo up? and get a poppin' ass lolll

Take care of yourself drink water get 8 hours do squats and invest in a good moisturizer

Because why hide snacks in your pockets when you could hide them in your Garnet?

Gilmore Girls Sentence Pack! S3-S4
  • “Will you two stop talking about my butt?" 
  • "Do not eat chips out of a communal bowl. You might as well stick your hand in a toilet.”
  • “Keep in mind that getting up on a table and performing a song of any kind will haunt you for the rest of your life.”
  • “Do you want an aspirin? I probably have a—tic…tac. Sorry, I shouldn’t have teased you with that aspirin thing.”
  • “Glad to make your dining dreams come true.”
  • “We’ll put it in the apartment we’re sharing in hell.”
  • “I found that if I focus too much on one subject, I start to get a little punchy.”
  • “Never underestimate the power of a good shirt.”
  • “You need to relax. You need to stop worrying. You need to stop obsessing. You need to stop looking at my boobs.”
  • “Be a little less lovable, would you? Cause it’s costing me a fortune.”
  • “All you need is 6 dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst hours of my childhood.”
  • “I don’t think you had a childhood. I think you came out a bitter, surly killjoy.”
  • “By gum, if it was good enough for Rick and Dick, it’s good enough for me.”
  • “Every sad story needs nuns.”
  • “Maybe he just needs to get out of the house, and since I’m currently one of the women sitting home thinking ‘if I could only find a man like Aragorn’, he picked me.”
  • “It smells like guilt and Chanel No. 5." 
  • "I can’t go back, I’ve got hummus in there! God knows what I’ll do with it.”
  • “I am going to have color coming out of my yin-yang.”
  • “You can show me your sweet tuchus, as long as I can keep jiggling.”
  • “Ah! I’m being attacked by green things!" 
  • "It’s Avril Lavigne’s world and we’re just livin’ in it.”
  • “You are certainly not going to Google me!”
  • “We are the Witches of Eastwick.”
  • “You drink time-released coffee?" 
  • "I’m not gonna help you Barbie-Band-Aid our window.”
  • “Don’t wear those pantyhose with the seams up the back, you look like 10 cents a dance.”
  • “Have you ever noticed my girlfriend’s lobes?" 
  • "If I was a girl, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.”
  • “He’s a grown man with an Etch-a-Sketch!”
  • “Yes, here I am, at my job. Will wonders never cease?”
  • “I’m going to make out in the coat room. Don’t eat my chicken.”
  • “Are you remotely aware that you’re not 12?”
  • “She bought me four cocktail dresses, two evening gowns, and if I’m not mistaken, eight maids a-milking.”
  • “Do not disturb, I’m eating.”
  • “Food should not have pronouns!”
On the Characterization of One Derek Malik Nurse

Fuck it let’s do this

Okay, so one of my favorite things about Nursey’s character is that he’s mixed. I think this is pretty important because a) there should always be more pc representation, and b) the fact that Nursey is biracial opens up a whole new door as far as culture is concerned. A person’s culture makes up a lot of who they are, and being biracial is definitely a strong cultural influence on any person because the merging of two separate races each with their own traditions and values can add a lot to your development as a person. It affects what you’re accustomed to, the way you treat others, and the way others treat you. That being said I think it’s important to keep in mind that Nursey is black. This is a fact. He is a biracial character who is half black and half something else (I’ve heard Native American but I haven’t seen any real proof so *shrug*) you can hc any of the character’s as whatever you want, but erasing that fact that Nursey is a black character is damaging on many different levels. I’ve seen HCs of Nursey being Black and Colombian, of Nursey being Black and Middle Eastern, of Nursey being black and Indian, of Nursey being black and Jewish, and honestly so many other awesome things ( a personal fave of mine is Muslim!Nursey) however, all of these HCs respect the fact that Nursey is a black character. That is what’s so important about it. There is no one way to be black, the same way there is no one way to be Asian or to be Latinx or any other, and I think having a character with the possibility for so much cultural influence showcases that very well. Nursey can be black while being other things, but he is ultimately still a black dude.

That being said here’s another thing I’ve noticed a lot of. I know Nursey has this whole “chill” vibe, and so everything is supposed to be effortless, but guys, he literally has an afro. It’s not really that simple. When I see things that say Nursey doesn’t brush his hair it kinda bothers me because yeah I guess that could be true, but do you see his fade????? And his perfectly trimmed facial hair????? Why would he put so much time and energy into grooming those parts of himself and not do his hair????? I mean c'mon his eyebrows??? I personally hc that Nursey is really into his appearance and his image because he likes to look good and it makes him feel great when people notice how hot he is, so I also think that knowing what we he know of Nursey, and seeing what we’ve seen of him, that boy has a meticulous hair routine. He probably has tried every hair product for mixed™ hair under the sun, and he keeps notes of what he thinks about all of them. He likes when they smell nice and when they make his hair shiny and he likes to have a good twist out so his curls can be poppin and just,,,if you honestly think that that boy doesn’t spend hours every morning in the mirror arranging each individual curl on his head you got another thing coming. He loves his hair so much and it’s something his moms have always told him to take pride in and he’s been taking care of it for so long. (Sometimes when he’s getting ready Dex will just stand in the bathroom doorway and watch, he used to think it was stupid, but then he touches it for the first time and feels how soft it is and even if Nursey sort of smacks his had away he is just shook™ and kinda can’t stop thinking about it)