poppets precious poppets

I want to lay in Harry’s bed and watch with ever-growing love as he goes about doing his nightly routine before he climbs under the covers for a well-needed cuddle and good and long and needed sleep; like, I’m curious to know what he does.

Does he drink tea before he goes to sleep or does he stick with a glass of water?

Does he have a shower or does he wait till the morning?

Does he go to the toilet or does he just get up in the middle of the night to go?

Does he have a fancy face cream routine that he uses to moisturise his face - since he has bouts of acne and he feels awkward when they break out around you and he tries his best to prevent them but you love him either way whether he has his acne?

Does he brush his teeth in front of the mirror or does he walk around and brush his teeth and leave the toothbrush in his mouth for a while with the foam building around his lips?

Does he go on his laptop and complete work emails or does he just lay down and wait till he drops off with heavy eyelids?

Does he watch TV or just drown in his thoughts before be closes his eyes?

Does he wear pyjamas when he goes to sleep or does he sleep naked?

If he does wear pyjamas, does he wear them straight after he dresses down from his skinny-jean and button-up outfit after a busy day at work or does he just lounge around in his boxers or in the nude?

Does he make the bed in the mornings so that it’s a nice spread for when he goes to bed or does he leave it as it is once he wakes up?

Does he read a book or a magazine or a newspaper before he goes to sleep?

Does he write in his journal before he goes to sleep?

Does he scroll through Twitter or Instagram before he goes to sleep?

Does he set an alarm?

Does he partake in pillow talk or does he just enjoy and revel in the silence and the feeling of you in his arms?

Does he pepper kisses over your shoulders when you lay as the little spoon?

Or does he play little spoon whilst you press kisses over his shoulders?

Does he sleeptalk or mumble?

Do you think he suffers insomnia from time to time and enjoys watching you sleep as he feels more relaxed when you’re around?

Like, I need to know. And that ‘need’ is slowly turning into a must. I must know. I must partake in his nightly routine. I must witness him going about his nightly routine. I must have all of this.

I just want to drink cocktails with a sun-kissed and an incredibly tanned Harry, lounging in a bar as we look out to the sea and chatter about pretty much anything that comes to mind, getting tipsy before we go for dinner and feeding one another pieces of our Greek cuisine dishes we’d have ordered.