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An anon asked if I had a masterpost of all the recipes I’ve made so far, so I figured I might as well make one. I’ll pin this to the main page and update as needed. 

Algae SoupArtichoke Dip - Autumn’s Bounty - Baked Fish - Bean Hotpot - Blackberry Cobbler - Blueberry Tart - Bread - Bruschetta - Carp Surprise - Cheese Cauliflower - Chocolate Cake - Chowder - Coleslaw - Complete Breakfast - Cookies - Crab Cakes - Cranberry Candy - Cranberry Sauce - Crispy Bass - Dish o’ The Sea - Eggplant Parmesan - Escargot - Farmer’s Lunch - Fiddlehead Risotto - Fish Stew - Fish Tacos - Fried Calamari - Fried Eel - Fried Egg - Fried Mushroom - Fruit Salad - Glazed Yams - Hashbrowns - Ice Cream - Lobster BisqueMaki Roll - Maple Bar - Miner’s TreatOmelet - Pancakes - Pale BrothParsnip Soup - Pepper Poppers - Pink Cake - Pizza - Poppyseed Muffin - Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Soup - Radish SaladRed PlateRhubarb Pie - Rice Pudding - Roasted Hazelnuts - Roots Platter - Salad - Salmon DinnerSpaghetti - Spicy Eel - Stir Fry - Stuffing - Strange Bun - Super MealSurvival Burger - Tom Kha Soup - Tortilla - Trout Soup - Vegetable Medley 

Bonus recipes:

Kale and Walnut Salad - Grilled Steak and Linguine with Mushroom Cream Sauce - Zucchini Fritters and Spicy Marinara Sauce - Yellow Curry - Stardrop - Vanilla Ice Cream and Blue Raspberry Sauce 

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Am I the only one to headcanon Shane as chubby? I just can't see him being skinny and fit after all those years of pizza, pepper poppers, and beer. It just makes him seem so relatable to me.

Oh no he is definitely chubby. I do have ideas about chubby shane that will be made into an imagine at some point. But yeah, he’s short and chubby and that makes him such a good character.

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Could you do a vegan/soy-free round up?

Here is a vegan soy free savory breakfast round up, vegan gluten free and soy free burger round up and vegan watermelon beverage round up. Here are some soy free tips. Below are other soy free recipes I’ve posted in the past. Enjoy!

Stardew Valley: Shane marriage dialogue

@spectrevakarian​ I took a look at the wiki and I don’t think Shane’s marriage dialogue on there is complete, and I have a tendency to take the proverbial ball and run way too far with it, so: here’s all of Shane’s dialogue once you’re engaged/married.  This is all taken directly from the dialogue game files (EngagementDialogue, MarriageDialogue, MarriageDialogueShane).

The wiki’s actually pretty spotty with a lot of the characters’ dialogue so maybe I’ll do this for all the romanceable characters.

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Any vegetarian dinners? Or snacks lol

Artichoke Dip, Autumn’s BountyBean Hotpot, Bruschetta, Cheese Cauliflower, Coleslaw, Cookies, Eggplant Parmesan, Hashbrowns, Maki Roll (remove crab, add other vegetables if desired), Parsnip Soup, Pepper Poppers, Pizza, Pumpkin Soup, Red Plate, Roasted Hazelnuts, Roots Platter, Salad (three different kinds listed), Survival Burger, and Vegetable Medley are all snacks/dinners that are vegetarian. 

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Sleepover prompts with forts, binging on TV, eating tons of junk food, forgetting obligations, etc?

Admin Chamomile:

  • “I’ve had a terrible week of college exams, you’ve had a terrible week of working retail and dealing with bratty customers. We just need to have a Harry Potter movie marathon and cry while consuming way too much junk food.” AU
  • Characters B, C, and D are celebrating Character A’s birthday with a sleepover that’s full of board games, cat videos, pizza poppers, and off-key karaoke singing from Character C. They may be too old for sleepovers, but that’s not going to stop them from having one. 
  • While cleaning out their room, Character A finds a box of their ex-friend’s (Character B) old things – fanfiction that they wrote together, photographs, little trinkets, etc. – that Character B must have left at their house. Character A goes over to Character B’s house to give back their stuff, and finds Character B crying over a recent breakup. In desperate need of some comforting too, Character A stays over at Character B’s house, rekindling their friendship over microwave meals and binging a Netflix original series.
  • “I came home from a terrible day at work and I did the only thing that I could think of doing to make myself feel better: build a pillow fort and eat popcorn in my pajamas. Now you’re home too and I’m trying to get you to join me.” AU
  • Character A and B both live very hectic lives, but they both set aside time to have movie night at least once a week. Character A brings over takeout and a movie, and Character B provides the blankets and junk food.

Admin M:

  • Characters A, B, & C were all invited to a sleep over by a mutual friend (Character D) but didn’t previously know each other. After Character D gets sick, Characters A, B, & C decide to move the sleepover to Character B’s house even though they don’t know each other. The three have a strangely good night together and get along well.
  • Character A is having a rough time with school/relationships/parents/etc. and stay at home for days on end. Concerned, Character B visits and sees Character A practically in shambles. Character B puts them to bed and creates a pillow fort around them, complete with a little fan to keep the area spacious and comfortable. When Character A comes to, they start crying again because the fort is exactly like the type their deceased mother/father/sibling used to make with them when they were little.
  • Characters A, B, C, D, E, F, & G are all internet friends who have never met but when they finally do, things get a bit weird. Each and every one is highly strategic and competitive, so they start their week together with a complicated game of “Forts & Magic” which basically consists of cardboard forts, IRL D&D rules, and overall stupidity. 
  • Characters A, B, C, & D all go to Comic Con together and practically never sleep since they figured out how to hook up their Wii to the hotel television.
  • Characters A, B, & C decide that the best way to spend the week before finals would be to hunker down in Character A’s house/apartment to study like nuts since they all had similar classes. However, not much studying gets done.
  • Characters A, B, C, D, & E are all members of different fandoms and have vowed to spend every weekend for the foreseeable future marathoning each others shows together to get a better understanding of what makes each other tick.
  • Characters A, B, C, & D are all close friends who love to have themed movie nights. On one specific Friday, Character C sets up a night themed around Horror Movies - little did they know that some of the decorations were real and that the films were coming to life before their eyes.

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Can you do a kale roundup please? Or if you've done one before, could you link me to it? Kthanxbyeloveyou

Here’s a vegan kale round up. Listed below are other recipes with kale. Enjoy!

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Mushrooms are my favorite food, but I don't like portobellos! I was hoping, if you have time, you might go an non-portobello mushroom round up.

Here’s a vegan mushroom round up. Below are other non-portobello mushroom recipes that I’ve posted in the past. Enjoy!

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is there a mushroom roundup that I might have missed? :s

Here is a vegan mushroom round up and a vegan portobello round up. Here are more mushroom recipes that I’ve posted in the past. Enjoy!