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Real Friends by Mathew Stokes

Recent Reads Rec 2

Just Breathe by Anonymous 

(50k, smut and love) for the Sub Harry Fic Fest 

Louis pops his head into the kitchen, “You alright?”

Harry smiles shaking his head, “Just my clumsy arse at it again,” he says laughing.

“I oughta put you over my knee and give you a good spanking,” Louis mutters, chuckling.

Harry freezes. His pulse races so hard he can feel the blood rushing fast and hot throughout his body, like a livewire, zinging through him in a delirious rush. His mouth goes dry, and his eyes are wide. And when Louis turns around to look at him after being silent for so long, it’s like Louis just knows. He understands. Harry loves him so fucking much.

OR the one where Harry and Louis are on a journey through life together — one that includes discovering dark, hidden parts of themselves that only the other can find.

My Song Has Not Been Sung by suspendrs 

{ @fukcinglouis } (2k, protest fic)

The boy looks completely in his element, wrapped in a rainbow flag with pink paint smeared across his face. He’s jumping and twirling through the street, tossing handfuls of glitter on bystanders, screaming his heart out and clearly loving every second of it. He’s everything Harry was hoping to capture on film.

Or, Harry is watching a protest from the sidelines until a boy with a rainbow flag and a pretty smile drags him right into the middle of it.

Divine Intervention by awriterwrites 

{ @a-writerwrites } (5k, strangers to lovers) for the Wordplay Challenge

Harry turned on his heel and started walking toward the east side of the building. His boot scraped across the loose gravel littering the concrete floor and cut through the quiet that had descended all around them. He called over his shoulder, “I’m here to check the foundation.”

Louis was next to him then, warm body emanating a nearly impossible heat in the biting cold. Harry glanced at him and could see a pale pink blush cresting his high cheekbones. “Foundation?”

God, his voice was so sexy. Coming out of that pretty pink mouth of his…tiny sharp teeth and a wet, lush tongue…Harry shook his head, trying to stay focused, on task.

Louis cleared his throat next to him. Harry realized they’d reached the far end of the building and were standing near the elevator bank — or the would be elevator bank. It was just a shell right now. A hollowed out promise of what was to come. Harry shuddered as he looked down the inky black tunnel. A sick twisting feeling rippled through his stomach.

“Foundation?” The man asked again, cutting through Harry’s chilled reverie.

Harry needs a little help moving on.

Screwdriver by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

{ @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee } (5k, strangers to lovers, handyman)  for the Wordplay Challenge

“This bloody house is falling apart,” Harry murmured, tightening the hinges of the kitchen door. “I tightened this door, like, a week ago.”
“Awful,” Louis said, watching Harry from behind and smirking.
“I noticed you’re still allergic to clothing.”
Louis scoffed, walking over and leaning on the doorframe, popping his hip out and smiling wickedly at Harry.
“I can put some clothes on if it’s bothering you.”
Harry tightened his grip on his screwdriver as he looked Louis up and down. “You’re alright. No need to on my account.”

When Niall’s mate Harry comes round to do a few odd jobs, Louis takes a shine to him and resorts to dishonest tactics to get him back round again.

Last Best Option Universe by juliusschmidt

{ @juliusschmidt } (multi-part, famous/not famous)

Harry skyrockets to popstar fame through his performance on the X Factor. Louis, a friend from his drama club back home, remains close to Harry throughout his rise to success, offering encouragement, kisses, and, occasionally, a little ass.

Were We Ever This Young? by letsjustsee

{ @letsjustsee } (17k, harry potter ‘verse)

“How did it go?” he asked, still not having gotten any hints from Louis’ face.
“Obviously it went amazing, Harold,” Louis said, reaching for Harry’s hand, “Was there any doubt I would smash it?”
Immediately after finishing his sentence a young girl burst out of the classroom behind Louis, pushing through her peers, sobbing her eyes out.
Harry and Louis both took her in, watching as she rushed through the crowd and disappeared behind the many bodies. Harry looked at Louis in confusion, about to voice his concerns before Louis cut him off.
“Teenagers, am I right?” Louis said casually, “So bloody sensitive. You hungry? Let’s go.”
And with that, he pulled Harry through the groups of students by his hand, Harry too shocked to utter a word.

Hogwarts AU in which Harry and Louis both return to give talks to seventh years about the ‘real world’ with slightly varying results. Inspired by the Chilton scene between Rory and Paris in the new Gilmore Girls.

Music asks

1. Favorite band?
2. A song that holds a lot of memories?
3. Do you play any instruments?
4. If so, which ones?
5. When did you start playing instruments?
6. Can you sing?
7. Ever been in a band?
8. What do you sing in the shower?
9. Favorite genre?
10. Artists/bands that you’ve met?
11. Artists/bands that you’d like to meet?
12. Favorite band member?
13. Vinyls or digital?
14. How many albums are on your phone/iPod (not including incomplete ones)
15. How much do you think you’ve spent on band merch?
16. Who’s that “one band” that started it all for you?
17. Top 5 bands? (behind your favorite)
18. Ever mosh/death wall/circle pit/crowd surf?
19. Warped, Riot Fest, or South By So What!? (Which is better in your opinion?)
20. Have you gone to any concerts?
21. If yes, which ones?
22. What bands do you want to tour together?
23. What’s the main way you find new music/artists/bands to listen to?
24. How did you first find your favorite band?
25. A band that’s “underrated”?
26. A band that’s “overrated”?
27. Favorite album?
28. All time favorite “oldies” group?
29. Think of your dream job; does it involve music?
30. Top 5 band/music related blogs?
31. Let’s be real, look at yourself. What merch are you wearing? 
32. First concert you attended? 
33. Top 5 albums? (behind your favorite)
34. How many different artists are in your phone/iPod?
35. Do you have an eclectic music taste? Or does your music lay in only a couple genres?

“MMmmphh… nggg…” he managed to squeak out of his impossibly huge body, the hose to the air tank still going strong. His belly protested at him with every passing second of air being pumped into him.

All the other contestants had tapped out, rubbing hugely inflated bodies, or burst, much to the cheering of the crowd.

All but one other, on the other end, still going strong, roughly the same size as him. The other guy was bigger, but he had experience. He even glued the hose into his mouth to help keep air in himself (which WAS legal in this contest).

He would either win or get that “I Popped at Inflate-Fest” trophy. Either way, he was going to get a trophy.

Art by Octlation of DeviantArt