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#1736. The three cut fighters from Brawl all left for verying reasons. Nana had to get her leg amputated due to an injury she had received from Tabuu before the events of Smash 4, making her unable to participate, and Popo refused to go alone under any circumstance. Lucas personally requested to leave. Wolf simply vanished without a trace. No one noticed for well over two years. Oddly enough, Kirby was the first one to notice.
#612. The Ice Climbers were actually invited to be in Smash 4 but after a recent climb up a mountain Nana had broke her leg. Nana was sent to hospital where Dr. Mario gave the diagnostic that Popo would have to go on his own. In an act of not wanting to leave Nana alone he decided to give their invitation to the doctor himself since he was pretty well respected back in the day’s of Melee and had been missing the Smashers since Brawl.

One of the photos taken at Ganime by the lovely Gabathegeek of my fiancée’s Pearl cosplay, and my Rose Quartz cosplay!
(Cosplays and wigs made by me, Mana Temple Cosplay and Designs)

Photo and edit by @thegoldenpandabear
Pearl: @mintiefawn
Rose Quartz: @ultimatemomrosequartz