What is a PopMount?

The most commonly asked question we have at PopMount is “What is a PopMount?” We wanted to take a few minutes to explain the process and highlight some of the benefits of a PopMount. Above are a few images that detail the process involved and how the finished product will look like when it arrives to your door.

PopMounts’ are individually made, archival quality plaques showcasing your photos, images, designs or moments in life. Beautifully crafted, the high-resolution reprint is applied to an 100% eco-friendly substrate made from recycled and reclaimed wood that is kid and pet friendly. Each piece is topped by UV-filtering satin laminate that is glare and glass-free to protect your stunning images. The substrate can be beveled in a number of foiled finishes such as Black, Gold, White, and Silver.

Less expensive and more durable than framing, PopMounts can be custom sized up to a 24’“x36”. To recap, the image above corresponds to the numbers below:

1. UV Filtering over laminate that is glare-free, glass-free, kid and dog proof 

2. 200yr archival quality high-resolution print with 12-colors instead of the regular 4, like on most printers

3. Eco-friendly substrate made from recycled and reclaimed wood that is kid and pet friendly

4. Substrate has a beveled edge with a foiled finish in your choice of Black, Gold, White and Silver

Why Buy Popmount?

  1. Contemporary
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Frameless appearance
  4. Matte look can be achieved
  5. No glass
  6. No glare
  7. Moisture resistant
  8. Will not buckle
  9. Will not fade
  10. Safe for children & pets
  11. UV filter laminate
  12. Does not show fingerprints
  13. Easy to clean with a cloth
  14. Permanent
  15. Durable
  16. 200 year archival printing
  17. Quick
  18. Museum quality
  19. Scratch resistant
  20. Custom made in America by Americans

Who doesn’t love less expensive, custom made American items? Thanks for checking us out and feel free to post any questions you have below!

Tired of loosing your photos in boxes, in photo albums in the attic or just to father time? Why not PopMount your favorite memories and have them last for generations to come!

Create a way to have your keepsakes last with an archival quality PopMount :)

Ever wanted to view your history through photos? How about a child or pet growing up through time? A neat feature we utilize at PopMount is the Timeline. A fun way to view the evolution of just about anything including plants, seashores, buildings…or even chickens ;-)