i know i'm going to hell in a leather jacket*

Since my two passions in life are fashion and music, I’m more apt to appreciate a band with a definite aesthetic, a vibe they are going for, a capital-L “Look”, if you will. It doesn’t have to be as fixed and immutable as, for example, the Ramones, who basically had a uniform—it can be looser than that. A good example of that is one of my favorite local bands here in San Diego, Transfer. Musically, I’ve already gushed about Transfer a few times on PopMatters. But this is a fashion blog, so here I only care about you if you’re working a Look!

Transfer do stuff like, wear all white on stage. Or they all wear ties. They think about it, put a little effort into it, ya know? They don’t just roll up in the crappy flannel they’ve been inhabiting since they woke up, and call it a day. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be mad at Dan Auerbach if he appeared on my doorstep in his crappy flannel, ifyouknowwhatimean…it’s a great look for everyday. But for me a performance is totally enhanced by the artist obviously having dressed for the occasion. Not Rufus Wainwright-calibre; no capes are necessary. So somewhere between Rufus and don’t-give-a-fuck, that’s the sweet spot for rock n’ roll in my book.

Transfer live at the Birch Theatre, San Diego, photo by me, May 2010

Me with singer Matt Molarius (my dress by Shoshanna, $50 new on eBay, jacket by Gap, $30 at outlet, purse by Gryson for Target, $11.24 on clearance), Birch Theatre, May 2010

*From the song “Out of the Blue” by Julian Casablancas

POPMATTERS // The Best New / Emerging Artists of 2014
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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks join Smith Westerns and The Orwells as another in Chicago’s recent surge of garage rock bands helmed by youngsters who aren’t even old enough to legally consume alcohol. Their 2013 debut, Sunken, was a solid record, but its reverbed-washed production over took the songs, which were still quite rough around the edges. But Twin Peaks’ latest, Wild Onion, isn’t only an improvement over Sunken, it’s quite possibly one of the best record of 2014. On it, Twin Peaks upped their songwriting with meaner hooks and catchier melodies all while embracing cleaner and crisper rock and roll sound. This year also saw Twin Peaks become one of the most talked about live acts due to their on-stage antics, which even left guitarist Cadien James with a broken foot. After a busy 2014, Twin Peaks’ potential arrow is pointing sky high. Here’s hoping they can just avoid any more bad breaks. 

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 Richard Giraldi

Most television programs have a level of incompleteness. But with its final six minutes, Six Feet Under achieved a rare moment of perfection in finality, ending with a true conclusion that answering the audience’s questions about the characters’ fates, and even answering questions that they had not known to ask.
Matt Corby and Adele

So um, Matt Corby’s ‘Brother’ is pretty much the new 'Rolling In The Deep’–no one has any idea what it’s actually about ('came from a dark place’ he says. Good one. Was it nighttime, then?), and yet everyone insists it’s deep and full of highly-emotional meaning.

Personally I prefer my friend’s brother’s version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDad5lmLIxA 


Erasure - Tomorrow’s World (short film) (PopMatters US Premiere)

I have come to realize that I am really, really fucking good. So much better than almost everything that is going on around me. I am sorry but it is true.
—  Bill Callahan, in an interview with Popmatters, 1995 (when asked “When I asked the last two artists I interviewed what contemporary musicians they liked most, they both immediately mentioned Smog. Richard Buckner even said that he buys everything you release “the minute it comes out”. How does that make you feel?”)