We would have liked to have made them more aesthetic, but we were just designing them to sell hamburgers. - Eldon Davis

Eldon Davis, Googie architect and popluxe pioneer, has passed away at the age of 94. If you ever find yourself being drawn off the highway by the twinkling lights and flashing starbursts of a roadside diner’s neon sign, think of Mr. Davis and everything he did for you and me and the city of Los Angeles.


When I was in High School, I always have seen myself doing designs, being in events and etc. Perhaps this is the reason why during my college admission examination season, I have already made my mind that I wanted to be in a course where I can utilize these and be someone doing what he wanted and have the passion for it as well. So yeah, I chose Advertising Arts and Communication Arts as my courses in those universities. And thankfully, I ended up being a Communication Arts student of University of the Philippines, Los Banos. 

I’m pretty happy with how I am with my life right now as I’m able to do things that I actually see myself doing soon in the future. To cut the story short, I get to do designing projects and all those shiz for different stuff and all that. And I’m loving it. 

This particular design is for my friend’s debut. When she asked me if I can do the invitation design, I said yes with no hesitation. And so I ended up doing the design above (but it was edited in the final design before printing because of the grammatically incorrect details and all the wrong information because of reasons) . I know it is not as good as it can be but I know that I’m learning in the process. It just feels good to be able to somehow be a part of a special day for a friend. It’s really an honor. 

I want to learn more and experience bigger things as I grow. I just know that this is something I want and I hope it really is something that I can be better at in the future. 

This is me and my dream to venture in such field. I believe everyone is on their own way to being their greater future self. So, how is your adventure so far? Stay Awesome.