Oh shit there are a lot of you.


Uh, hey dudes. Name’s Donny.

poplochanddropit replied to your post: Hey, kid, welcome to th’ odda sai’. Wah gwaan?

Dere’s planny cool people here, an’ Ah’m sure th’ ressle like ya too! Hope ya dun mind th’ smell ‘ere, it’s sorta our “signature”, heh. Ah’m Lakresha, but you can call me Kree, kid.

Kree? Alrighty, well it’s nice to meetcha, miss Kree. *dammit, everyone calls him “kid” around here..*

The smell? ..Huh. *Liam hasn’t even noticed all that much till he inhales deeply. Then he gets it* Ah. Heheh…well, it’s not like I aint had weed before. Actually it was Willie who introduced me to it, so, I’m kinda used to how BLU has a good time. *smirks*