Dear #BlueLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter, which demographic is the biggest threat to the police? You guessed it...

There seems to be this pervasive LIE that Black Lives Matter (or Black people in general) perpetuates and provokes violence towards the police. Because asking for police to stop killing unarmed Black people is clearly a sign of aggression (that’s sarcasm btw). In order to annihilate and obliterate that falsehood, below is a short list I’ve compiled of biggest killers of police. So, who is the biggest threat to law enforcement? Here’s a hint: They’re CAUCS. Enjoy!

  • Trent Forster (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jayson P. Eggenberg (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Andrew Howard Brannan (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Charles E. Smith (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Joseph Christopher Garcia, Randy Ethan Halprin, Larry James Harper, Patrick Henry Murphy, Jr., Donald Keith Newbury, George Angel Rivas, Jr. & Michael Anthony Rodriguez (WHITE COP KILLERS) 
  • Eric Michael Clark (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • George Timothy Williams (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Timothy Russell (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Daniel E. Raines (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Boyd Matthew Meekins (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • James Allen Beck (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Larry Peck (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Steven Bixby (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Kyle D. Joekel, Terry Lyn Smith & Derrick Smith (WHITE COP KILLERS)
  • Stephen Kessler (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Brian Butler & Jerid Eldridge (WHITE COP KILLERS) 
  • Earl Flippen (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Matthaeus Jaehnig (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Ralph James “Bucky” Phillips (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jacob D. Robida (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Michael Kennedy (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Richard Poplawski (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Ryan David Frederick (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Dennis Eugene Gurney (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jerry Kane, Jr. & Joseph Kane (WHITE COP KILLERS) 
  • David Michael Knick & Robert Duston Strong (WHITE COP KILLERS)
  • Randy Gilbert Newberry (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Brian Lyn Smith & Kyle David Joeke (WHITE COP KILLERS) 
  • Evan Ebel (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Eric Matthew Frein (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Brian Fitch, Sr. (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • David Risner (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jerad & Amanda Miller (WHITE COP KILLERS) 
  • Brandon Goode & Alexandria Hollinghurst (WHITE COP KILLERS)
  •  Robert Lewis Dear (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Herschel Ray Jones, III (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Evan Dorsey (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Charles Lee Lambert (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Martin Wirth (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Curtis Ayers (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Cory Lee Henderson (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Michael Vance (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Joseph Moreno (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Brian Keith Stalans (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Donald Curtis Hornsey (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Douglas S. Nitek (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Scott Michael Greene (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jason Michael Stoker (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Ralph Stanley Elrod (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Michael Cwiklinski (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Ben Sebena (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jason Hamilton (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Randy Coward (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • John Pettit (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jason Robison (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Jason Brown (WHITE COP KILLER) 
  • Joshua Cummings (WHITE COP KILLER) 

Given that the Quebec shooter was a right-wing, Trump-loving, pro-Israeli, anti-immigration, white-nationalist, anti-feminist lunatic [somewhat similar to Anders Breivik, Kyle Aaron Huff, Rusty Houser, Marc Lepine, Elliot Rodger, Craig Hicks, Jerad Miller, Robert Dear, Frazier Miller, Dylan Roof, Wade Michael Page, David Pedersen, James Brunn, Shawna Forde, Albert Gaxiola, Jason Bush, Keith Luke, Richard Poplawski, to name just a few] acting out his political views, I propose a ban and extreme vetting until we figure out what’s going on with these crazy white folk. They all seem to have their skin color in common, so we’ll base it on that, and some of the vetting questions can be “do you agree with Trump’s ban”, “why did we invade Iraq”, and “do you ever think about/fantasize walking into a school or theater or mosque or planned parenthood and murdering everyone you see or those who spurned your sexual advances?”

I mean honestly, it seems that a lot of this could have been prevented by asking these folk that last question alone, but hey, what do I know.


New H4 postcards in the house! The above postcard image is from Félix Decombat’s comic in Happiness #4!

H#4 is now scheduled to come out in March, and no later! Pre-orders will be available in February. Sorry for the long wait, but it will be well worth it ;D

As of now, H#4 will include comics by: Alex Ross Williams, Antoine Cosse, Cathy Johnson, Claire Donner, Courtney Loberg, Diego Gerlach, Félix Decombat, Gretta Johnson, Hiromi Ueyoshi, Jason Murphy, Katrina Clark, Lale Westvind, Lasse Wandschneider, Leah Wishnia, Leslie Weibeler, Maren Karlson, Max Morris, Michael Olivo, Mike Funk, Mimi Chrzanowski, Nathan Ward, Noel Freibert, Olivia Horvath, Pat Keck, & Thomas Slattery, with a front cover by Jordan Speer, and an inside cover by Lale Westvind!

Happiness #4 will also include work by flyer/poster artists Alex Heir, Anna Ehrlemark, Danni Parelman, Dunja Jankovic, Elijah Funk, Eric Benton, Eugene Terry, Jess Poplawski, Kelsey Short, Matthew Thurber, Michael Comeau, Mike Taylor, Nate Doyle, Sam Ryser, & more tba, as well as interviews, written articles, a comp cd, and more! (I will list the specific contributors for these sections when they are finished)

Be psyched, love Ma.


Ogni buco nero potrebbe racchiudere un universo nascosto.

Per quanto ne sappiamo, potremmo stare vivendo all'interno di un buco nero. È la teoria avanzata da alcuni cosmologi che hanno modificato le equazioni della Relatività Generale di Einstein e che cambia la nostra idea di ciò che avverrebbe nel core di un buco nero.

In un’ analisi del moto delle particelle che entrano in un buco nero, Nikodem Poplawski dell’ Università del Montana di Bloomington ha mostrato, insieme ai suoi collaboratori lo scorso Marzo, che all’ interno di ogni buco nero potrebbe celarsi un universo parallelo al nostro (Physics Letters B, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2010.03.029). Dice Poplawski:

Forse, gli enormi buchi neri al centro della Via Lattea e di altre galassie costituiscono dei varchi per raggiungere universi paralleli.

Se ciò fosse vero - e si tratta di un grosso “se” - niente può escludere che il nostro stesso universo esista all’ interno di un buco nero.

Nella Relatività Generale di Einstein (RG), i punti dello spazio che ospitano un oggetto di massa infinita come i buchi neri sono detti “singolarità”. Che la singolarità sia effettivamente un punto di densità infinita o solo una inadeguatezza matematica della RG non è chiaro, poiché le equazioni della RG non valgono all’ interno dei buchi neri. In ogni caso, la versione modificata delle equazioni di Einstein usata da Poplawski elimina del tutto il concetto di singolarità.


Janusz Poplawski sings La Cumparsita in Polish (1937)

This wonderful recording cannot be outdone for sultry moodiness. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for Immigrants in America (past and present). Without them we would not have: blue jeans (Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis), Microsoft Word (Charles Simonyi), Siri (Dag Kittlau), ATMs (Luther George Simjian), Google (Sergey Brin), Hot Dogs (Charles Feltman), basketball (James Naismith), the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell), bikes (Pierre Lallement), blenders (Stephen Poplawski), hair dryers (Gabriel Kazanjian), anti-depressants (Klaus Schmiegel), the White House (designed by James Hoban), the song “God Bless America” (Irving Berlin), Football (developed from rugby that British Immigrants brought over in the 19th century) and so much more. Immigrants certainly get the job done.