I remember the great excitement at 20 Forthlin Road where we had the phone out in. I still remember the phone number: Garson 6922. George still remembers it. It’s ingrained. John and I used to play pranks with our tape recorder: record stuff, then ring up people and play the tape recorder to them and record their answers on another tape. We were supposed to be making demos. We made one for Mr. Popjoy, who was one of John’s teachers from Quarry Bank. We had a message that said, ‘That Mr. Popjoy?’ then there was a wait for some reaction. ‘I’m calling about the bananas.’ Then there was another pause. We’d put that to the speaker, call his number, and the minute we heard him answer we’d switch our recorder on and it would talk to him. We had a mike at the hearing end and we would record that, so we didn’t know quite what he’d said until it was all finished but we could hear something going on. Then we’d just cut him off and listen back to it. It was great. ‘Popjoy here. Yes? Can I Help? Bananas? What bananas? I haven’t ordered any bananas!
—  Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now with Barry Miles