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Scandal , S07E07 - Questions
Scandal , S07E07 - Questions

@letspurpleme​ saidLook here Mama Pope has a beautiful apartment, gourmet food and cable.  And may I add amazing PJ’s.  Mama Pope is happy for now.  Remember when she was being held in prison.  Her condition with David Rosen was a TV with cable in exchange for information.  So Mama Pope ain’t goin no where.  I have the feeling everyone is in on this game to bring Olivia back.  Don’t think that Fitz doesn’t know what’s going on cause in my theory he’s been informed.

Drastic times call for drastic measures!  I think Charley was left out so that it would seem authentic.  This is just my opinion.  I could be wrong.  I believe Quinn is being held by Papa Pope and she’s been comfortable, why, cause Papa Pope has someone to cook for again.  So he’s happy and Quinn and baby are happy too.

Oh yeah, Quinn knew the plan too that’s why she approached Liv at the monument the way she did.  They all set her up.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the President of Bashran and his niece were still alive as well.  Again this is just my opinion.  And, “No”, I don’t think Quinn is dead.  Why?  Because Papa Pope has mellowed and is playing on the same team as Jake and Fitz.  Remember Jake was telling Papa Pope that Liv has gone beyond what he thinks she’s capable of.  They’ve all been trying to pull her back from the brink.


Updated 7/22/17

Pope Cody:

Baz Blackwell:

Craig Cody:

Deran Cody:

J Cody:


Nikki Belmont:

Youngest Cody

headcanon: once austria and spain were texting and austria decided to stick with spanish for whatever reason. however he was still in the habit of capitalizing nouns because of his native german. he tried to say something like “remind me that I have to buy potatoes” but instead capitalized, used the masculine, and said “remind the that I have to buy popes.” because in austrian german the word for potato (Erdapfel) is masculine. (feminine “la papa” = potato, masculine “el Papa” = the pope.) spain laughed hysterically but didn’t say anything and kept capitalizing the word and using the masculine and asking him if he liked to eat popes. austria said “of course i like to eat popes how long have you known me” “but what is your favorite way to cook popes” “I like to make them into a salad and also pancakes” “will you make me a pope pancake then” “if you insist”

spain never leaves him alone for this

Imagine dating Pope and cooking for the boys while Smurf is gone

“Food!” You shouted sitting the last pan on the counter. With Smurf being gone for the week you figured you should cook a meal or two for the guys, keep them from living off junk food.

“Oh, y/n, you’re too good to us,” Craig said grabbing a plate and smacking your ass.

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Pope growled as he came up beside you. “Thank you, babe,” Pope said kissing your cheek and grabbing a plate.

You couldn’t help but smile, it was always nice to be appreciated, especially by these assholes. Grabbing a plate for yourself you went and sat at eh table.

“Do you always cook when Smurf is gone?” J asked through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

“Yep. You can’t expect these morons to feed themselves, can you?” you joked.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Deran asked tossing his beer cap at you.

“Oh come on, you know that you guys would end up eating TV dinners or fast food for the week.”

“I’d cook!” Baz shouts with a laugh.

“If we want food poisoning,” Pope mumbles, causing everyone to laugh.

“You’re one to talk, last time you cooked you burnt a hole through the pan!”

“Shut up,” Pope grumbled with a glare at you.

The conversations continued to flow, and you couldn’t be happier. The boys without Smurf, that’s where you belonged.


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