desintoxiquer  asked:

how do you do your hair?

Ooo ok this is a new one :). So here it goes!

Lucas’ Hair Tutorial:

1. I ask my hairdresser to cut my hair shorter around the back and side but keep it longer on the top (preferably with a razor to give it a piecey appearance). Also I get some bulk cut out of it when the hairdresser uses some hair shears.

2. After I shower, I towel dry my hair thoroughly. Soon after, I blowdry it up with the bangs slightly to an angle so it becomes a  voluminous “faux-hawk” shape.

3. I use a bit of matte finish hair wax such as what i’m using right now (Garnier  Fructis Mess Maker: Out of Bed Style Hair Putty) and rub it with my hands to warm it up. Then I mess it all through the part of my hair which is sticking up and focus slightly more on the bangs since pieces of hair will tend to fall down if you only use a bit on them.

4. I use a quick spray of strong hold hairspray over it to help it keep shape all day! Get something that smells fruity like me and you’ll have everyone complimenting you!