pope for president

Y'know, we’ve had plenty of popes who run the gamut from “actively reactionary” to “merely conservative in most respects,” but it’s been way too long since the last pope who was just plain mad with power. I want a pope who’ll excommunicate the President of France purely for the drama of it.


There isn’t a day that passes me by that I don’t think of her and how she won’t be mine. I can’t begin to express how painful it is to finally come to terms with the fact that Olivia Pope, the woman who I’ve fallen in love with who I thought loved me too, truly doesn’t want me. 

For so long I believed that she was just going through her own issues but I guess I was kidding myself. Now it’s time to get back to reality. The reality is Olivia Pope will never be mine because she doesn’t want to be mine. I’m just another pawn in her game. 


Scandal 6x12 “Mercy” Season 6 Episode 12 Sneak Peek - Rowan (Joe Morton) appreciates Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) hospitality but he is not happy about Fitz and Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) relationship. The disdain on his face when Fitz kisses Olivia in front of him makes his disapproval clear. He commands respect from Fitz telling him to call him ‘Mr. Pope’ instead of Rowan.

Pope Francis receiving President Trump at the Vatican, May 24, 2017. 

This is actually a more jarring sight to me than seeing President Obama sitting next to Trump two days after the Presidential election. I’m so embarrassed by the fact that our head of state and head of government is Donald Trump. Seeing him with actual, respectable leaders from other countries simply legitimizes the fact that I am the citizen of a country that elected Donald Trump as our President.


Scandal 7x01 Sneak Peek #2 “Watch Me” (HD) - 12 votes shy.