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If I had to choose a segment from one of RAW’s lectures under 15 mins. that mostly adequately conveys his brilliance and ability to discuss wide ranging topics in conjunction with one another - this is that segment. It conveys the essence of what the fuck it he does so well and indicates why his status a cult figure remains a prominent one well after his passing and is in no danger of being revoked going forward.

“The possibility of changing consciousness was discovered in the Orient 2500 years ago, at least. Techniques were discovered to quiet the mind, pacify the mind, remove emotional compulsions. These were organized into the science of Yoga. As John Lilly says, “Yoga is the science of the East. Science is the Yoga of the West.”Science is a yoga, too. Science is a way of trying to reach an objective level in which your emotional compulsions and prejudices aren’t twisting all the facts to fit in with your reality tunnel”.

Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, on stage at the Concert for Bangladesh, Madison Square Garden, 1 August 1971

Photo: Tom Pope / KALW

“George lacked confidence. I worked on some of his records, and it was not uncommon for him to do 180 takes of a song before he felt he’d got it right. He never thought what he was doing was good enough.” - Leon Russell, You Never Give Me Your Money by Pete Doggett