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Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is coming to PS4 and XBox One on Augst 8th! On top of that, the PC version is getting a really neat update with New Game + and other super cool things!

I really really recommend playing this game - it’s a fantastic and intriguing and fun and heartbreaking story with a bunch of characers you can’t help but love a lot. <3<3<3 See the link for the trailer, info on the update and new releases! ^U^

I so so recommend this game guys.

SuperWolf AU: Pack McCall comes face to face with the Winchesters. Can the group manage to convince the hunters that the real threat in Beacon Hills lies elsewhere?

Lydia: Stiles….!?

Stiles: Whoa, guys. A-Are the guns really necessary?

Dean: Depends on what you are… start talking.

Stiles: Would you believe me if I said we’re not the
droids you’re looking for?


Aren’t they cute in their sport/ training outfits? :D So adorable!

Well, it’s time for some popcultural references again - I always loved the Fusion dance move in Dragonball Z. It looks so funny :D (especially when Vegeta does it :P) So yeah, had to pay it tribute in some way, I guess ^^

See you guys next week with some more dirty jokes!

Author Spotlight: notthetoothfairy day 4

Day 4: Recs!

Please recommend 3 - 5 fics written by someone else.

IS IT WEIRD (@a-simple-rainbow)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

Saturday, 24th December, 2014 – 00:12

From: Tina Cohen-Chang (tina_cc94@gmail.com)

To: Kurt Hummel (khummel@gmail.com), Rachel Berry (miss_rachel_berry@hotmail.com)

Subject: RE: I think Blaine just flirted with me

He was flirting.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,



Saturday, 24th December, 2014 – 00:14

From: Kurt Hummel (khummel@gmail.com)

To: Tina Cohen-Chang (tina_cc94@gmail.com), Rachel Berry (miss_rachel_berry@hotmail.com)

Subject: TINNAAA

What does it mean?!!?!?


Saturday, 24th December, 2014 – 00:17

From: Tina Cohen-Chang (tina_cc94@gmail.com)

To: Kurt Hummel (khummel@gmail.com), Rachel Berry (miss_rachel_berry@hotmail.com)

Subject: KUUUURT

The same way I didn’t tell him about your crush, I’m not going to betray his confidence either. He was flirting, and maybe you should just flirt back.

You should also go to sleep, it’s ridiculously late for you, Kurt.

(Rachel, I urge you to do the same as me.)



Tell us what else you love about the fic.

Look, if that little bit up there didn’t already convince you that you should read this, maybe the fact that I just wanted to skim it for my favourite part and then literally stayed up half the night to finish a re-read of the whole thing will. It literally gave me butterflies and goosebumps (all over again), the emails after the part I just quoted especially because once Kurt implies even in the slightest that he’s okay with the flirting, Blaine takes it up not only a notch but like to 150% and really goes for it, and it makes not only Kurt but also me blush, haha.

But then don’t read it just for the flirting (even though it is absolutely fantastic). The story starts out with an accidental email sent to the “wrong” person who quickly turns out to be the absolutely right person and as they start emailing back and forth, you will wonder how this is actually not real. It reads like real email exchanges between real people; there’s so many nuances to their writing style and their overall characters, and they talk about fun stuff and really incredibly sad stuff and their friendship/relationship becomes so wonderful and heartbreakingly close that you physically will almost not be able to wait for them to finally meet in person. And then, as if that’s not enough, there’s a whole verse attached to this story! Sequels, threequels, other installments… you’ll love all of it because it’s so carefully crafted and it will make you fall in love with Tina and Mike in addition to Kurt and Blaine, because they room with Blaine and they’re just so amazingly cute.

So, yeah, just do me a favour and read it. I think this is a fandom classic, or should at least be considered one. Rainbow is a fantastic writer and though this list is not in any particular order, I cannot help but mention that this story is by far my favourite Klaine story out there.

HEARING VERSE (@adiwriting)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

YOU WANT STAY DINNER? Mr. Hummel signs and it’s incredibly rough to watch, but he understands the point well enough. He has to stop and grab onto the bannister to keep from falling the rest of the way down the stairs, he’s so shocked. An hour ago, Mr. Hummel didn’t know any sign language.

Blaine looks over at Kurt for an explanation, but Kurt looks just as confused.

“Dad, you’re signing.”

“That’s all I know,” he says, careful to annunciate each word without speaking too slow. He’s looking right at Blaine when he does it, making it possible for him to read his lips. It’s a complete turn around from earlier today. “I looked it up online. I figured if you two are going to be dating, I should probably learn some sign language.”

Blaine doesn’t know what to say. He’s barely spent more than five minutes with this man and he’s already trying to learn how to better communicate with him, meanwhile, Blaine’s own father still refuses to learn how to sign. Blaine knows that his dad thinks it’s for his own benefit, that Blaine will only learn how to work in the real world if he can read lips and vocalize, but still. It’s hard to know that a virtual stranger to him would learn sign if his own father never has.

“Blaine and I aren’t… we’re… Um,” Kurt starts to explain and he’s so nervous that his hands are shaking as he signs, but his dad cuts him off.

“Oh stop, I know you well enough by now to know when you’re lying,” Mr. Hummel says to Kurt, but he doesn’t look upset like Blaine’s parents always are whenever he’s caught in a lie.

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

This story is incredibly beautiful, watching Blaine slowly let his guard down around Kurt, learning about deaf culture alongside Kurt (honesty, this fic is not only lovely to read but also quite educational regarding deaf communities, hearing communities and ableism). I just love the characterizations in this verse – from Kurt’s shy advances to Blaine’s just as shy responses to being flirted with to their insecurities and strengths and their willingness to make their relationship work no matter what. It’s a complicated yet simple love story (and that is very much a compliment to how real and personal it feels because I think love is supposed to be pretty complicated and simple at the same time). I am so happy this verse exists.


Quote one of your favourite parts.

“You made out with a boy on the dancefloor and you were drunk. Did I miss anything?”

Dead silence.

“Um,” Blaine begins. “No, I really don’t think so.”

They both fall silent again, a quiet curtain of uncertainty falling between them, and Kurt fervently hopes Blaine doesn’t feel it like he does, choking him and cutting into his heart with the strength of a lion.

“Was he nice?” Kurt finally queries, holding his breath for the answer. It feels like time is moving so slowly, thawing sap in winter trees, until finally Blaine speaks.

“I don’t know.”

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

This fic is so cute, especially the parts where Kurt and Blaine are still children and have a dozen typos in their letters (actual visual letters, by the way, and later texts, pretty cool ♥)! Great attention to detail, and I love how they start out as pen pals (notice a pattern in my choice of fics? haha), become best friends growing up and then slowly shift into crushing on each other but being so far away that they cannot really act on it. It’s ridiculously sweet and will definitely tug at your heartstrings, I swear. Also, since this starts out as a childhood story and follows them growing up, there are very, very heartbreaking moments in there that actually made me cry. On a more uplifting note, I love their recurrent “language!” joke and the “I’m smiling but you can’t see it” line. IT. IS. SO! CUTE!!!

CUFFED VERSE (@skivvysupreme)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

They wrap Kurt’s hands, which Blaine explains is for protection and support of his knuckles and fingers. He helps Kurt get the boxing gloves on, then doubles over laughing when Kurt bounces around on his toes and makes a few light swings in midair, complete with pow, pow! noises. “You are so much more adorable than anyone at school knows.”

“I am not adorable! I’m fierce, I’ll fuck you up.”

“You are fierce, but you’re also adorable, and I promise I won’t tell anybody.”

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

Skivvy’s writing just makes me go from giggling to cooing to sniffing along with whatever’s happening in a matter of seconds, and that’s pretty amazing. Kurt and Blaine’s backstories in this one are so well written, and their conversations read so private, so open and trusting and them, that it makes me almost want to close the tab and let them have their moment alone (though obviously I don’t ever actually close the tab because I’m weak). Also, Burt in this verse, man – he’s amazing and so hilarious! I had troubles choosing my favourite part because there’s at least three involving Burt and they all make my top5 for sure. They get honorable mentions: Burt asking Kurt who that cheerleader eating Kurt’s face was, Burt teasing Kurt about the dopey look he is sporting since he’s met Blaine, Burt being highkey in awe when Kurt and Blaine have a silent conversation with each other in front of him.

PRIDE & PREJUDICE & SUPERHEROES (@a-simple-rainbow)

Quote one of your favourite parts.

Fuck Colin Firth. This is the best first kiss in the universe.

Tell us what else you love about the fic.

Well, for one, I got to beta it and read it before everyone else, hehe. But honestly, it’s a Pride & Prejudice AU in the sense that it has Kurt and Blaine disliking/sort-of-not-really liking each other for a good portion of the fic before things develop and they have to reevaluate. I am a sucker for these kind of stories!!! Also, Blaine’s a superhero. Like, helloooo?! Best combination ever! Also, they sing banter-y duets at Callbacks, there’s soooo many hilarious popculture references, Sam, Tina, Rachel and Santana are heavily involved, and everything is just so very brilliant.

  • 2016: multiple terror attacks, failed coup in Turkey, Donald Trump running for president, Brexit, zika virus outbreak, David Bowie/Alan Rickman/Prince/Muhammed Ali/Harper Lee/Anton Yelchin/etc. die
  • me: I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one I have never asked to be a part of.
Karamel appreciation week : Day 6 :

Favorite cute/ funny moments : There are so many that’s it’s hard to choose. I would say all the scenes with Mon El definitely from his popculture references to trying to say presibent…Sorry I meant president and anonymously . But some of the beats are: 1. Happy scene ( couch): Star crossed 2. Apron scene : Distant sun 3. Drop a mountain scene: Duet

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Digifake Week Day 1:
Before I begin, I will attempt all four prompts each day and for the most part I’m sticking to the theme of popculture references for my designs. So let’s get started and enjoy my crappy art!

Baby/In-Training: Ovumon and Amplemon
Ovumon is named after the latin word for egg while Amplemon is named after the latin word for hug. These two are parasitic Digimon that feed off their hosts in order to evolve to higher forms. Ovumon eats other Digimon to evolve while Amplemon implants itself into a Digimon where it gestates and evolves by ripping out of its host’s chest. These two are based on the data of an old sci-fi/horror movie. 

Nature Spirits: Bancho Kazemon (mega)
Only reason I’m doing a Bancho this early is because I have a second Bancho planned for later in the week. If you don’t understand why I chose the design I did, you don’t understand what Bancho Leomon is based on. A Kazemon evolves into Bancho Kazemon when she grows up following a Bancho Leomon, but they normally end of leaving it because they don’t know how to deal with it or they have other things they need to focus on more. Bancho Kazemon attacks with a dagger as well as shooting string out of her hands. She thinks that the jacket is dumb so she doesn’t wear it (mainly because it reminds her of her good for nothing father figure), plus it gets in the way of her wings. She is a badass who you don’t want to cross. She is based of the data of some old manga, but its not that old cause part 6.

Jungle Troopers: Audreymon (champion)
Watch out for this jungle dwelling Digimon. Said to appear during a total eclipse of the sun, it will grow infinitely larger as it consumes other Digimon. It will lure them in with its beautiful singing voice to either lure them in or get them to feed it other Digimon (and eventually eat it). It is based off the data of an old sci-fi musical.

Subspecies: Trillomon (in-training)
Excuse the image, I drew on the wrong layer 3 times without realizing it and so I just gave up. A subspecies of Amplemon. It is bigger and pink, but much slower than its related species. This parasitic Digimon takes much longer to take care of its prey and what it implants in its host Digimon will skip straight to adult/champion level. Its based on the data of a newer sci-fi/horror movie.

Supernatural Drinking Game (for season 1-3)

One Sip

  • Rock music plays
  • Dean gets slammed against a wall
  • Sam gets choked or strapped to a table
  • The boys salt and burn a body or salt a window/door
  • Someone says „Son of a bitch“ (If Dean says it take two)
  • Every town in the US is just one hour away
  • Cute kid is evil
  • Rituals and other informations are easily found on Google
  • Quirky motel room
  • Dean eats, drinks or talks about porn
  • Anyone has Daddy issues
  • Someone dies in the opening scene
  • The boys call Bobby
  • A demon gets stuck in a devils trap and/or is exorcised
  • A popculture reference is made
  • John or Mary Winchester are mentioned
  • Anyone says „What the hell?“
  • The colt is mentioned/ used
  • Ruby’s knive is used to kill a demon

Two Sips

  • Bobby calls the boys „Idjits“
  • Sam has hot wall slamming sex
  • The boys have a heartfelt talk
  • The boys show up as FBI/ police
  • Dean eats pie
  • Sam gives anyone the puppydog eyes
  • Dean says Sammy
  • Dean talks to the Impala like it’s a girl
  • Demon reveals black eyes

Take a shot

  • Emo tears of man pain
  • If someone drinks alcohol drink with them
  • Carry on wayward son plays
  • Sam and Dean hug
  • Dean calls Sam a bitch
  • Sam calls Dean a jerk
  • Sam/Dean dies

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I would not be surprised if Uncle Rick has been parading around on tumblr as "bananannabeth" writing glorious fanfiction and being an overall gift to the world.

You’ve caught me, I actually am Rick. I went undercover to find out what the kids these days like so I know which popculture references and memes to include in my next books, but I got sucked in too deep and the fandom has overtaken me

The Meta of Pitch Perfect: the Shower Scene

LOOK WHAT I FOUND. READ THIS. ITS ‘Wordpress" talking about the bechloe shower scene, written by corikane

That infamous shower scene. A discussion of the movie would not be complete without at least mentioning it. Its function within the movie is obvious and yet, as a mere plot device, the movie could have done without it. The scene is unconventional on different levels and the fact that it has made it into the script (and ultimately into the movie) is probably due to one deciding factor: it is a parody/reference to another (popular) text – Glee.

You don’t have to look far to see Pitch Perfect’s symbiosis with Glee, the whole concept of the movie seems to build on the show’s popularity with criticism and mockery thrown in for good measure. The shower scene is put in as a reference to what I coined ‘locker room gaiety.’ There are several instances on the show where recruitment is preceded by a shower scene – Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison) hears Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) sing in the shower and although he refrains from entering the shower stall, he recruits Finn on the grounds of having heard him sing in the shower. This scene is paralleled by one where Finn hears Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) sing in the shower and recruits him later.

Pitch Perfect takes this up but follows through, if you want. Chloe (Brittany Snow) barges into Beca’s (Anna Kendrick) shower and makes her audition for the Bellas. But this is just the part of the plot that could have been established differently. The important part is the popcultural reference to Glee, the laugh it elicits among those who love or hate the show.

But the scene has another meaning, another purpose – one that may have been underestimated by the makers of the movie. The lesbian innuendo. While the scene is meant as a comedic nod toward another text, it quite effectively unleashes ‘the gay.’ And it doesn’t matter that gray sweater guy/Tom (Cameron Stewart) is put into the scene as a heteronormative convention, a buffer to contain the homoerotic tension between Beca and Chloe – the mere fact of two women, naked in a shower stall, singing to each other while looking deeply into each other’s eyes… it’s too gay to not function.

And the scene works on this premise, and it works for several reasons: one is that it is a scene between two women. Considering the plot of the movie, it, of course, had to be two women. The premise of the plot works with two same-sex a cappella singing groups and the focus is on the Bellas and Beca Mitchell as unrivaled lead. But even if the premise was another, it would not have worked with another pairing. A man walking into the shower of another man? Unthinkable (Hollywood is too sensitive toward its male audience; just ask the makers of Glee why they never actually did it). A man walking in on a woman showering? Sexual harrassment! A woman walking in on a man showering… well, that could work in a society which does not constantly perpetuate the male as the dominant and the female as the passive part of a heterosexual relationship. The dominant female in Hollywood is a man-eater, not a likable lead character in a mainstream Hollywood production.

Another reason the scene works is Chloe’s character – someone who is insensitive to personal boundaries. She is the one person who the audience can ‘forgive’ this indiscretion, and also the one Beca would forgive. There is an underlying reasoning of ‘she doesn’t know better.’ Of course, this is also meant to disable the homoeroticism of the scene, same as Tom. These obvious devices, however, do not work; and one can easily argue that they are not supposed to work either. Neither Chloe or Beca are ultimately labeled as straight. Sure, there are Tom and Jesse (Skylar Astin) who act as love interests but the great thing about Pitch Perfect is that it does not focus on these heterosexual love stories; it focuses on the Bellas as a diverse group of strong women who come together as friends, allys and – in possibility, at least – lovers.

The shower scene conveys this possibility. And it is not the only scene which hints at it, either. This could easily be interpreted as ‘queer baiting’ but for the fact that there is a nonchalance about these scenes, they are not drawn out, there are no flashy neon signs pointing them out to the audience. They are altogether too subtle, too unselfconcious, more endearing than sexy. They live from the one thing that is so rare, so special and at the same time inexplicable: chemistry. The chemistry between two characters that more often than not equals the chemistry between the actors portraying these characters. Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow alias Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale have it. And that’s the ultimate reason the shower scene works.

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y ou n eed to tel l me all the best (hott est) things seb stan has done like n O W

this post is terribly long. and with terribly i do mean terribly. it’s ordered chronologically and into categories and it’s mostly links to my own blog(s).
favs are bolded/+italic
basically a compilation of the best out of 28 pages Sebastian Stan

mostly from these blogs

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it took me over 2 1/2 hours so like

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