popcorn prank

Fanfic ideas for Villainous.

· Black Hat goes to shopping. He is bored.

· Dem enjoys a puzzle game and a chewy toy she found. She falls asleep at the end.

· Dr Flug falls asleep on couch watching tv. Nobody messes him, they let him sleep.

· 5.0.5 hugs everyone in town. Black Hat watches and laughs at the discomfort until it comes for him.

· The whole cast meets your oc and makes fun of bad movies.

· Dem and Dr. Flug plays a racing game while 5.0.5 eats popcorn.

· Black hat pranks people.

· Dem finds 12 chewy toys and 35 new foods.

· 5.0.5 is scared of things. It’s adorable. I want to comfort the poor baby.

· Dr Flug tells us about a dream he had last night.

· Dem enjoys skating and tv movies while drawing a picture of her oc.

· 5.0.5 find a tiny lizard.

· We all know that Black Hat is a lovecraftian horror older than sand, tell me what happens when he out lives the rest of the cast. We both know he’s going to do it someday.

· Did Dem have any crushes before our favorite walking villain cliche?

· Dr Flug tries to test dangerous things on himself because science and a lack of test subjects.

· 5.0.5 is terribly fearful of Black Hat. What happened to cause that?

· How many people came before our cast? Black Hat has been EVIL for a long time. I think he’s had people before them. I also something happened to them. All of them.

Hetalia at a Sleepover
  • France: brought all 69 of his body pillows with him*
  • England: didn't eat any food, demanded they watch Doctor Who
  • america: hosted the sleepover, won the pillow fight, ate a half of the blue cake because "WE COULDN'T LET IT GO TO WASTE"
  • canada: ate the caramel popcorn, pranked everyone by putting on pornhub instead of the movie
  • china: laughed when the dog died
  • russia: sat on everyone
  • prussia: laid on the couch alllllll day and didn't move for a second, instantly regretted not moving when russia decided to sit on the couch
  • hungary: hit prussia on the head with her frying pan when she found out he basically ate 3/4 of the food
  • japan: ate half of his popcorn, cried when the dog died, scolded china when he laughed as the dog died
  • italy: ran for cover when the pillow fight started
  • romano: "YOU BASTARD! WHY DID YOU THROW THAT PILLOW AT ME IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!??? ************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • germany: the awkward one at the sleepover, judged each movie they watched. shed a tear as the dog died
  • "damn, china's being a bitch!"
  • "Zhat vas zhe dumbest zhing Captain America ever did."
  • liechtenstein: when refused permission to enter the pillow fight by switzerland, she knitted cute bows and blankets with hungary, belarus, and ukraine
  • belarus: basically hissed at each and every country
  • ukraine: her shirt accidently ripped open and America was able to enjoy the bubbles for a while after he slipped on a banana peel
  • switzerland: forbade liechtenstein to do ANYTHING with austria
  • austria: couldn't find a piano, so he went exploring
  • australia: laughed at the food and cried about steve irwin while they watched Crocodile Dundee
  • sealand: pranked denmark by pouring pineapples all over him...but cried when he realized it reminded him of Gutters
  • denmark: was reading Gutters and cried at Sealand's prank
  • norway: rolled his eyes at everyone and was just as awkward as germany
  • sweden: picked the best movie out of them all
  • finland: kept sealand away from the violent movies...and the food
  • iceland: played dressup with his puffin
  • hidekaz himuraya decided to come and see how his creations were doing: *sees all the chaos* *sweats* what have i done...