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Embarrassment - Part 3

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  A drunken game of truth or dare reveals what Y/N didn’t want anyone to know. She’d been perfectly and contentedly miserable before her slip up, but the confrontation over her little secret, which she avoids at all costs, quickly catches up.

Words: 1,103

Pairing/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, the other Avengers too

Warning: Flufffffffff. One curse.

Author’s Note: I saw this curtain thing somewhere in a gif. I just needed to write it into something because sometimes inspiration just hits. This is the end. I hope you guys like it… 

Part 1 and Part 2

Where was she? Steve couldn’t find her anywhere and it was driving him up a wall.

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What do you think the Batfam's guilty pleasures would be?

Bruce: Actually finishing that book he started over a year ago. Or just reading fiction stories for fun in general

Dick: Watching acrobatic shows and silently critiquing them.

Barbara: Going to a show. Not being Oracle/Batgirl for a night. Getting away from the computers for a little bit for social reasons.

Jason: Going out to a dive bar, chatting with strangers. Flirting with a couple, maybe taking someone home for the night once in a blue moon.

Cassandra: Dressing up all ‘girly.’ Have ‘girls night.’ Do each other’s make up and hair and facials and painting nails and popcorn and movies.

Tim & Duke & Steph (& probably Harper I guess???): SLEEP. JUNK FOOD. BEING LAZY WITH NO SHAME. WEARING SWEATPANTS.

Damian: Naps with his pets or drawing. Preferably alone with headphones in, but is okay with acceptable company. (Bruce, Dick, Babs, Cass, Maya, etc)

Ok, new OT3: Dally X Sylvia X Johnny

-Dally and Sylvia start dating first, then Sylvia starts dating Johnny and then Johnny starts dating Dally.

-Polyamory is not really a thing in the 60s but they base their relationship off Rebel Without a Cause.

-Dally is kind of scared of being considered gay (Johnny is all gung-ho about this.) but Sylvia talks him through it.

-It’s a fantastic arrangement for Johnny, if one of them is busy he can just go talk to the other. It’s like the family stability he never had.

-They often have sleepovers. It’s usually pretty tame. They tend to watch movies and eat popcorn. Johnny paints Sylvia’s nails, Sylvia styles his hair, Dally peruses the whiskey. They all lay in bed and talk until 3 am. They all fit on Sylvia’s queen sized bed.

-Steve thinks Sylvia is cheating on Dally with Johnny and he’s super fucking broody about it. He keeps telling Dally and Dally keeps telling him he really doesn’t care.

-They mostly go on dates to secluded places. Sylvia packs picnics and they find a meadow outside of town to eat them at. It’s a little too cutesy for Dally but Sylvia makes him behave. He lowkey enjoys sipping sweet tea and laying his head on Johnny’s lap while they discuss what color Sylvia’s new dress should be.

-Sylvia sows Johnny new clothes.

-Sylvia likes to drag race and every time she does she lets Johnny sit in the front seat because he loves it so much. Like seriously, imagine Johnny squealing every time they go around a turn and Dally in the back seat banging his head on the roof. It’s great.

-Dally and Sylvia beat the shit out of a soc who was messing with Johnny. They’re an infamous duo

-Johnny gets hella sick with the flu one day and his fever is so high he can’t really stay awake. Sylvia and Dally end up carrying him to Sylvia’s house and force feeding him soup until he’s back to his normal self.

-Johnny often feels like he’s a burden to Sylvia and Dally but they love him so much. Sometimes he brings it up and they smooch him until he shuts up. They really enjoy taking care of him, they love him and he gives them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. They always pitch in to help each other. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

-Sylvia and Johnny rob liquor stores to get Dally’s bail whenever he goes to jail.

-Dally really warms up to the arrangement. He ends up being super mushy towards them. He feels like he’s safe around them. He loves it.

-And then, Sylvia cheats on them when Dally is in prison.

-After Dally and Johnny die, Sylvia never recovers and she never has a long term relationship again, coincidentally Steve is the same way after Sodapop dies. They end up being friends/partners in crime. They both die young.

Zodiac things

Aries: Dyed hair, winged eyeliner, acoustic covers, going to school football games to hang with friends, teasing remarks of love, using flash in photos, thigh highs, late night phone calls, abandoned houses, thunderstorms, light blue

Taurus: Nature scented candles, wool scarves and mittens, running through the woods barefoot, falling asleep near a crackling fireplace, art museums, swimming in a pool at night, decorating, sunflowers, foggy nights, torn lace tights, movie theater popcorn, stormy days

Gemini: Chipped nail polish, cute phone cases, strange inside jokes, nostalgic memories, splashing in rain puddles, watercolor paintings, the feeling of looking down when you’re high up, picking flowers behind stranger’s houses, late night movie marathons, 

Cancer: The smell after it rains, small ponds with stones and living fish inside, plaid shirts, spiral note books of poetry and thoughts, soft features, late nights, quick beating hearts, playing with hair, tea, swimming in a lake, adventuring in the forest, romantic stories

Leo: Seeing your breath when it’s cold out, summer festivals, shopping with friends, expensive makeup, gentle touches, singing as loud as possible when you’re alone, sleeping in, ice cream with sprinkles, strange lipgloss colors, biting pencils

Virgo: Rain while it’s sunny out, school bus rides, playing video games and forgetting the time, lavender scent, bubble baths, rings, reading books all day, a friendly smile that sticks with you, interlocking fingers, nervous laughter, piles of old CDs, bows/bowties 

Libra: Adventurous summer nights, big sweaters, watching clouds pass by, graphic novels, warm apple cider, tight hugs, falling asleep in the car, breathing fresh cold air after stepping out of a warm place, sunsets, soft smiles, listening to the rain, fairy lights, chamomile tea

Scorpio: Sharing music, concerts, moon phases, autumn leaves, protecting the people you care about, holding hands even when it’s unnecessary, binge watching shows, coffee in the morning, messy hair, dramatic makeup, expensive perfume/body scents.

Sagittarius: Trips to the aquarium, big dreams and ambitions, memories of childhood, sharing secrets, sleeping in a messy (but comfortable) bed, back rubs, watching cars pass by from the window, greenhouses, flowers in summer, bonfires, socks that don’t match, postcards.

Capricorn: Snow days, keeping a journal, nose piercings, acrylic paintings, bubblegum, reading on rainy days, sarcastic jokes, looking deep into someone else’s eyes, red lipstick, bruised legs, musky scents, Skype calls that last forever, snuggling in soft blankets.

Aquarius: Cranberries, flower bouquets, receiving a gift out of nowhere, the scent of cinnamon, small apartments with nice views, cities, staying awake while everyone else is asleep, windy days, cheek kisses, horror movies, cherry soda

Pisces: Writing on your skin with pen, galaxies, moonlight, sleeping on the couch, droopy eyes, combat boots, piano, collared shirts, naps, peppermint tea, 11:11 wishes, skipping stones, natural makeup, tongue piercings

Hide and Seek In the Dark


Baz sat quietly at his desk, watching the rain drip down the dorm window. He had decided earlier in the day to skip classes, opting instead to wear an oversized jumper and boxers while pigging out on mint Aero bars. Simon had woken up late, taken one look at Baz (who was obviously ditching) and promptly gone back to sleep. It was almost noon, and Baz felt equally disgusted and warmed by Simon’s sloth-like sleep.
Baz sighed, feeling more melancholy than usual. The rain was his favorite, mostly because it reminded him of the warm nights he used to spend with his mother in the school’s library when it was stormy out. But even though he loved the rain, it also made him feel desperately lonely. He no longer had a person to giggle with when the thunder sounded, or to splash with galoshes.
“Still raining?”
Baz started and turned around. Simon was sitting up, covers twisted all around him. His bed head was almost painfully adorable, which made Baz look away in frustration,
“Actually, since you fell asleep, a thousand years of rain have ensued. The humdrum cursed us all for eternity and you slept right through it.”
Simon rolled his eyes.
“I say one normal, innocent thing and you’re already being a sarcastic arse.”
Baz stood, wiping chocolate crumbs off his jumper.
“Old habits die hard. I guess I’ll go to my last couple of classes.”
Simon scratched his head.
“Why? We’ve already ditched most of them.”
Simon using the word “we” set Baz’s heart speeding.
“Because I don’t want to spend the day drinking hot cocoa with you Snow. Would probably entail a lot of sad orphan stories. “
Simon grimaced.
“You’re fucked up Baz.”
Baz merely shrugged, not wanting to deal with guilt.
“You’re fucked up…but you should still stay.”
“What, are you going to leave?”
Simon lay back down.
“Nope. But I won’t bother you with sad orphan stories either.”
Baz really didn’t want to go to class and secretly didn’t want to leave Simon, so he paused.
“So are we going to hang out or something?”
` Simon laughed.
“Sure. Let’s hang out…or something.”
Baz’s head snapped and he searched Simon’s face. It almost sounded like Simon was flirting, but his blue eyes seemed innocent enough that Baz let the thought go.
“This is going to be so awkward.”
“Only if you make it awkward.”
Baz eyed Simon warily and finally sunk back into his chair. Despite Simon’s reassurance, he felt plenty awkward. Simon stared at him for a bit, sighed, and then plopped himself onto Baz’s desk.
“So. How does this go? Do we watch bad American movies? Make popcorn? Paint each other’s nails?”
Baz laughed in spite of himself.
“You would be terrible at painting my nails. You’d probably make them a bright yellow.”
Simon’s cheeks reddened.
“No…I’d probably paint them black. I feel like it would look cool on you.”
“I would look like a poster boy for emo kids everywhere.”
Simon kicked at Baz’s chair playfully.
“Says the boy wearing a cute jumper.”
Baz felt himself blush.
“My jumper is cute?”
Simon looked down and picked at his nail.
“Definitely too cute to be aggressively emo.”
Baz sputtered a laugh.
Aggressively emo?
Simon grinned.
“Be nice. C’mon, what do we do for rainy days in?”
Baz noticed the use of the word “we” again.
“When I was five I rather enjoyed candle lit hide and go seek.”
Simon looked out the window.
“But it’s still light out.”
Baz pushed Simon playfully, feeling bold.
“Yes genius I can see that. I didn’t mean we should actually do it.”
Simon cocked his head to the side.
Baz looked at him questioningly.
Simon closed his eyes and tensed up. Baz could feel the warmth of Simon’s magic and smell smoke. Suddenly the ceiling and the walls looked like a starry night. Baz felt like he was back in the planetarium he went to when he was a little boy.
“Can we play in this?”
Baz couldn’t speak, he could only nod helplessly.
“We need candles, I think I have two that Penny stole from the dining hall.”
Baz cleared his throat.
“I have a few.”
Simon placed candles all around their room while Baz lit them with his hands. After that they briefly argued about who would seek first, but Baz gave in and let Simon pick because he was still overwhelmed by the beauty of his magic.
“Ready or not, here I come.”
Baz had picked a horribly unoriginal hiding spot, choosing to crawl under Simon’s bed. He heard Simon sifting through the laundry basket and grumbling moodily.
“I really thought you’d pick that spot.”
Baz stayed quiet, though he wanted to laugh. In fact, under the cloud of Simon’s stars, Baz wanted to do a lot of other things too. He felt his heart twisting, wanting to free itself out of his chest.
“Have you always worn oversized jumpers?”
“You’re quite obsessed with my jumper.”
He heard Simon bang his head on the bathroom sink.
Ow! Well, I’ve never seen you wear an oversized jumper.”
Baz didn’t take the bait; he smirked at himself while he watched Simon’s feet go in the wrong direction.
“And well you don’t normally wear boxers around the room. Usually you’re already dressed in the morning or wearing pajama bottoms at night…”
Baz tensed, wondering what Simon was talking about.
“I mean you usually don’t want to talk to me. Usually you just leave. But I mean…”
Baz saw Simon’s feet get closer.
“Today you laughed at my jokes.”
Simon’s feet were nearing the bed.
“And…smiled at me.”
Baz was breathing fast, and not because he knew the game was about to end.
Simon’s feet paused at his bed. He clumsily got on the ground and peeked under. Baz knew he was blushing and was shocked to see that Simon was flushed too.
“I found you.”
He crawled under the bed and lay down next to Baz, facing him. Baz was shaking, trying to crush down all the hope that was building in his chest. Simon’s adam’s apple bobbed nervously.
Whatever was in Baz’s voice must have affected Simon, because he breathed in sharply. Slowly, eyes hooded, Simon leaned into Baz and kissed him. Baz didn’t hesitate, didn’t stop to wonder how it was happening or if it would end, he just gave in. He kissed Simon back fervently, not caring that he didn’t know what he was doing, not caring that they were kissing under an old bed. Simon’s hands were pushing the fabric of his jumper up and up until it was off. He never thought he could enjoy the feeling of having his stomach rubbed this much. Baz grabbed hungrily at Simons hip bones, enjoying the way it felt to dig his fingers into his warm skin. Simon’s whole body jerked and then pushed into Baz forcefully. Baz, beginning to lose control, pushed back.
He stared at Simon in wonder.
“You found me.”

Popcorn nail art tutorial inspired by these junk food nails I did.

1. Paint your base using a light yellow polish.
2. Paint the bottom half of the nail red, making the line slightly rounded.
3. Paint white stripes over the red section.
4. Using your light yellow polish, make dots overlapping the bottom striped section just slightly. This will make your bag of popcorn look like it is really spilling over!
5. With black polish, write “pop corn” on the striped section. You can easily omit this step if space doesn’t allow!
6. Using a light brown polish, make lines that look like “3″ to create the outline of the popcorns. You’ll want to do this along the bottom of the yellow too in some spots.
7. Repeat this shape all over the nail. You do not need to make this exact or make it look like you outlined every piece of popcorn. You just want to create the illusion of a full bag!

Finish with a top coat and enjoy!

Fic: When the Days Feel Long

Rating: PG/all audiences
Summary: Rachel’s curious about what Blaine wanted to ask her. So she reaches out to him. A Rachel-Blaine friendship fic for redheadgleek​. Reaction to 6.07 “Transitioning.”
Words: ~2,000
Heads-up: mentions of Finn and allusions to his death, but not angsty ones; mentions of past Blaine/Dave, lots of mentions of Kurt/Blaine 
Thanks: to likearumchocolatesouffle​, nachochang​, and judearaya​ for betaing.

My other 6.07 reaction fics.

Also on AO3.

When the Days Feel Long

Rachel’s mind doesn’t have any room for wandering the evening of her double date with Kurt. She’s overwhelmed by the weirdness of meeting Kurt’s new beau and the excitement of watching Unique and her choir put Vocal Adrenaline to shame. And then there’s the afterward, when she goes back to Sam’s place, and that – well, a woman is entitled to keep some things to herself.

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one of the only things the Aphrodite kids and the Hunters can bond over is the movie Legally Blonde. every time the Hunters stay at camp they have a movie night with popcorn and silver nail polish. one time they had a massive field trip into the city to see it on Broadway and Piper charmspoke all the actors into autographs and a huge group selfie at the stage door. Thalia has that photo as her iPhone wallpaper.

I don’t know about that being the only thing Hunters and Aphrodite kids agree on but I mean Legally Blonde is one of the most unifying pieces of art to ever be created. So definitely.