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Tano and Kenobi: The Duchess of Mandalore

After an exciting adventure out on the Outer Rim, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with Master Sifo Dyas. Master Dyas believes the two have some kind of connection to the strange Force event that Ahsoka is convinced is related to Anakin Skywalker’s birth. Back at the Temple, life continued on for our duo but Tano and Kenobi are soon called back into action by the Jedi Council and receive a new mission: Protect the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine Kryze.Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

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They’re sending us to Mandalore.

Ahsoka felt her mind go blank and the world around her fall away for one brief and blinding moment of panic.

They couldn’t go to Mandalore now! Anakin was out there, somewhere. He needed to be found! He and his mother needed to be freed from slavery and he needed to be brought to the Temple where she and Obi-Wan could protect him from Palpatine and whatever other Sith Lords were running around the galaxy at the moment.

A brief memory flashed through Ahsoka’s mind, one where she, Rex, and Anakin were in a cantina waiting for an informant to make contact, back before the Battle of Mandalore.

“So who are we waiting for, Skyguy?” Ahsoka asked as she sipped at her Tarisian latte. “And when are they getting here?”

“I don’t know,” Anakin shrugged, finishing off his shot of Gingensu cactus liquor. “Obi-Wan just said that they would help us and to treat them as you would have the Duchess.”

“The Duchess?” Ahsoka frowned at that, exchanging a look with Rex. She glanced down at her hands, remembering how distraught Master Obi-Wan had been when he returned to the Temple. “Is he doing all right? I know he and the Duchess were very close.”

Anakin shrugged, his own gaze fixed on a distant point, his brows furrowed and eyes dark. “You know Obi-Wan. He could be bleeding to death and missing a limb and he would still insist that he was fine.”

Rex nodded, tossing back the last of his Dantooine beer. “Cody said the same thing. Said the General hasn’t mentioned it but he’s keeping a close eye on him all the same.”

Ahsoka sighed softly. “This must be so hard for him. To come back to Mandalore to face Maul? After everything that’s happened?”

There was silence between the three of them before Ahsoka spoke up. “How did Obi-Wan meet the Duchess? I don’t think I ever asked before. Do you know, Skyguy?”

“I don’t know much other than what Obi-Wan told me,” Anakin said, ordering a mug of caf. “He and Master Qui-Gon were assigned to protect the Duchess when Obi-Wan was a padawan and it was a year-long mission.”

“Wow!” Ahsoka murmured, almost unable to imagine being in one place for more than six weeks, let alone a year. “So what happened?”

Anakin thanked the bartender and paid for his caf before turning back to Ahsoka and Rex. “The Mandalorian Civil War ended and they went their separate ways.”

A year?

A year? We don’t have a year to spend on Mandalore! We have to find Anakin now!

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Popcorn Love by KL Hughes

A prominent figure amongst New York City’s fashion elite, Elena Vega is a successful businesswoman and single mother to an adorable three-year-old son, Lucas. Her love life, however, is lacking, as those closest to her keep pointing out. At the persistent urging of her closest friend, Elena reluctantly agrees to a string of blind dates if she can find a suitable babysitter for Lucas. 

Enter Allison Sawyer, a free-spirited senior at New York University. 

Elena is intrigued by Allison’s ability to push her out of her element, and the young woman’s instant and easy connection with a normally shy Lucas quickly earns Allison the job. After each blind date, Elena returns home to complain to Allison about her lacking suitors. As they bond, Elena begins to realize that the person possessing all the qualities she most desires might just be the woman who has been in front of her the entire time. 

The vast difference between the two women’s social statuses, however, may be an obstacle not easily overcome.

Available now in paperback and digital formats!

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I love to collect DVD inserts and put them on my pinboard, so far I managed to get inserts/oddball Goody’s from

Azumi a pretty good popcorn night movie.

Pulp fiction as seen with the jack rabbit Slim’s menu.

Wes Cravens classic The hills have eyes.

A x-files insert from the first movie on VHS.

Satan’s school for girls a 70’s made for tv horror movie.

Vampire hunters a oddball Kung Fu horror flick.

The worst out of the howling series being the 3rd one.

Deep rising a underrated action horror from the late 90’s.

Solaris from early 2000’s.

And a assortment of other things I’ve added to my collection.

The Journalist and The Asshole (Part Two)

Pairing:Luke and Y/N

Summary: Y/N and Luke use to be the best of friends, till they went to High school. Y/N went into the schools paper, while Luke was the star athlete. Things had taken a turn for the worst, they started to pick on one another till they got into a yelling war during class. Vowing to make the others life a living hell. That’s exactly what they did during High School and into College.  

Italic means flashback

Word Count: 2,441

First part

Requested: Yes, by a lot of you!

A/N: I’m so overjoyed that you all liked this so much! Maybe a part three? I’m sorry it short!

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

A month its been a month, she hasn’t done anything. I haven’t done anything, to be honest I was getting worried. No one has seen her around campus, not even leaving her apartment. “Maybe you went to far with that picture Luke,  maybe she gave up.” Robert said, holding his cards in his hand a pretty, Brunette in his lap half naked. “Nah..I know her..She is planning something.” Slamming down my cards, “Royal Flush.” Everyone slammed down there cards, reaching over to collect all the money.

Passing out the cards again, losing focus when a girl came through the kitchen door. Covered head to toe in a blue goo. Doing a double take, furrowing my eyebrows. “What the fuck?!” I blurted out, she whirled around her hair throwing the goo on the white cabinets. “Their is something wrong with the water.” She stammered out, tripping over her feet. “Issac make sure she is okay and than call her a taxi.” I started to bark orders to the guys, telling the girls to get dressed and leave.

Striding out of the kitchen, taking notice that it wasn’t just her it was everyone. Everyone was covered in the blue goo, almost slipping but catching myself on the banister. My eyes must have popped out of my head, water and goo was rushing down the stairs. Ashton was having trouble going down slipping and sliding, “I can’t explain this one. Its..It’s coming out of the sink and up the drains. Why.. Why are you going outside!” He rushed down the stairs, shouting protests after protest. Shoving my way through the crowd of drunk, confused people opening the door.

“Fucking Y/N” The yard was oozing the blue goo, the stairs had glue on them. Only way of knowing was because of all the shoes on them, even on the sidewalk. Shoes were just glued to the side walk and the stairs. Some people even still struggling to get out of it. Toilet paper was in the trees, and across the street was Y/N. Standing there with at the most 10 other people.

“Seriously?! This the best you got!?” I scream across the yard, she raised her hand with something in it. I don’t know what she did but the next thing that happened was a large paper fell down in front of me. Along with other smaller papers. Stepping out from behind the paper, I froze in my spot.

“Fuck.” It was the picture.. the picture that she said she deleted from her phone when we were 13. People that were still glued in there spots, started laughing pointing. Which by now the whole block was outside along with blue goo people from inside. Pointing at me, laughing it didn’t help that most of them were intoxicated.

“Oh my god!” One girl giggled out, pointing some more.

“Dude you should be a drag queen. Call you Mrs.Blue.” One guy spoke from behind me, snapping his fingers in a motion.

Ripping it down, looking around everyone was pointing laughing. What made it worse was that it was hanging from everyone house on the block. And I don’t mean just small copies no huge copies.

Stepping into the house, yelling at anyone that was inside to get the fuck out. Taking the stairs two at a time, falling down a little. Finally I just gave up, sat down in front of my bedroom door.  Resting my head in my hands, trying to control my breathing.

Standing up, my jeans were soaked from the water and goo. Looking up and down the hall, the water was slowly going into the other rooms. “Turn off the water.” Suggested to Tom, as he walked passed me. Walking in to my room, I stand there just staring into space.


“You have to promise.. you won’t tell any body.” Luke spoke from behind the door. Only his eyes showing, nothing else.

“I won’t now just come out. What is the deal by the way.” Y/N asked from her spot on the ground. “Okay..so I was in my moms closet. And came across the best thing..ever.” Luke spoke in a high pitch female voice. Slowly kicking out a long shaved leg, covering your mouth holding back the giggles.

“You can call me..Mrs.Blue.” Luke said striking a pose, almost falling over in the one inch heels. The tight blue dress, kind of sagging but not quit since he was wearing a bra that he had stuffed with toilet paper. Blue eye shadow horribly put on, and his lips a deep blue.

“Where did you get that blue lipstick!?” Y/N questioned holding up her flip phone.  “It was left over from last Halloween. Perfect color right?”

“Pose my boy!” Y/N shouted, snapping the picture of Luke stuck his left leg out, hands behind his head lips pouted out.

Laughing along with you, before hearing the downstairs door slam shut. Both of you perked up listening for something, Luke ran to the bathroom when he heard his mother voice.

An hour later, Y/N and Luke were sitting on the floor eating popcorn watching Pulp Fiction. “Please tell me you deleted that photo.” Luke looked over at Y/N, his blue eyes showing fear. Nodding her head, ”Of course I did.”  


“She lied! Fucking lied!” I was fuming, she fucking lied. Sure I pulled out the headgear picture, she didn’t have to pull out that picture. Pacing the room, hands behind my head. Stopping titling my head back, took a deep breath in letting it out slowly.

“Calm down LuLu. We don’t want you to lose it.” Snapping my eyes open, whirling around.

She was on top of the window seal, her hair gently moving with the wind. Didn’t realize that the forecast called for a chance of storms, till lighting flashed behind her. “God you look like an eerie goddess bitch.” Blurted out, smirking with a laugh she crossed her black jean covered legs.

“What can I say LuLu, I’m the goddess of destroying. Of being a sneaky bitch, you remember calling me that. Right? The day after we had are fight, I sneakily put one bag of drugs in your locker. You got suspended for a month, almost expelled if it wasn’t for your mommy talking the Dean down to a month, while turning in your homework. Had to get straight A’s to stay in school, surprisingly you did it.”

Extending my hands out, puffing out my chest, “That’s when I started to get the cheat codes babe.”  Giggling she jumped down, landing on her feet.

God she looks go- no you are suppose to hate her! 

Right hate her.

Slowly walking towards me swaying her hips, she stood in front of me. Going on her tiptoes, “You better satel the fuck up because this is only the beginning.” She stated, walking backwards climbing up to the window. Turning around she waved before falling backwards.

Did I run to make sure she was okay?


Reason being I knew she had someone or something waiting for her at the bottom. That and I saw her running off with two other people, just for her to turn back around laughing, “Thanks for making sure I was okay!”


“We did good guys, thanks for the help! Hear is the money.” Passed out ten twenty bills, to everyone. “Thanks, you sure you don’t need anymore help?”
A guy Tom spoke from my couch, “Nah I’m good.. I can handle it from here.”

“Sure you can.” Anthony grunted out, standing up he left the room after I threw a ball at him. “Okay, nice lady is over. Get out, I don’t need your guys help anymore. I’m back to my regular self again, so leave. Thanks and bye.”

They all left in a huge line out the door, some mumbling under their breaths about me being a bitch and a winged witch. After the last one left, slammed the door shut locking it.

Rubbing my hands together, rolling my shoulders, “Time for some blueprints and fucking up lives..well just one.”

That’s what I did for a week, getting the blueprints of the house that Luke lived in. Trying to figure out how to get in, where to set up the traps around the house. More importantly make sure that everyone was gone or most of them were gone when I tried to get in the house.

Monday was the day, I watched and waited for most of the guys to leave. Around noon the 15/18/ guys were gone. Other three were either skipping class or just nursing a hangover, when Luke left it was time.

“6 hours, only 6 hours you have Y/N.”

Walking up the sidewalk, my backpack bouncing with every step. Turning the door knob, doing a shimmy when it wasn’t locked. Slowly opening it, easily making it through the door. Making my way to the kitchen, before hurrying up the stairs when I heard footsteps coming in my direction.

Hiding in a hallway closet, till whoever it was passed retreated into there room. Walking out, went into Luke room pulling out the top drawer, took off my bag gently setting it down.  I slowly take out the spider egg nest. A devilish smirk came across my face, knowing this was were all of Luke toys were even condom box’s.

Making my way to his bed, laying some regular eggs underneath his bed. Putting..somethings into this lotions that he had next to the bed. It got much much worse through out the house, putting some weights on string in closets. And the usual flour in the hair drier, hair dye in the shampoo conditioner bottles, spiking all the drinks in the house, replacing the water with vodka. So on and so forth till..some things got illegal.

I got the bright idea to some how change the water to pump out tequila and vodka. Don’t ask how, it was a horrible move that I had to do.


“What are we supposed to do? The girl is like a ninja!” Michael hissed out, holding his hand. Y/N had somehow gotten into the house, boobed trap the house. Even going the extra mile to change the water so it was pumping Vodka and Tequila. Michael had taken a beer out of the deep freeze just for his hand to be crushed from a weight. Now all the frat boys, besides Ashton Calum and Michael, were looking around being extra careful.

“You didn’t break it, just sprained it a bit. Put some of the frozen peas on it.” Calum notified him, laying the bag on his hand.

“We need to stop her, or you need to fire back hard.” Ashton advised from his spot on the counter top.

“I know, she should be here in 5..4..3..2..” Loud knocking came from the front door, before someone came barging in.

“Luke.” Say I was shocked by the true angry in her voice was an understatement, she stood there her arms crossed over her chest.

“I have been kicked off campus, I have been accused of possessing drugs. Right now they’re going my apartment, ripping everything up.”

“God that sucks.. really shouldn’t have boobed trap the house or done that thing with pictures last week.”

“I have to leave, but I’ll be back LuLu. Just give me a week, the drug possession will be resolved.” She told me, taking a seat on the chair.

“How did you get away from the cops? You should have gotten arrested, than taken down to the police station.”

“Well you see my neighbors, very nice people. Told me that the cops were by earlier when I wasn’t there. Asking if they had seen me, asked where I lived etc. Long story short when I was walking up the stairs they told me they were going through everything. Looking through all my shit.” Confident is a good word to use, when she spoke.

“You seem very confident about this. Oh! By the way I found the drugs in the fridge, my room..Though that did hurt the second time.” I added, rubbing the back of my head were the box of weights had landing on. 

“No..No my dear LuLu..Much much worse. Bye babe.” Wiggling her fingers at me, before walking out the house. She wasn’t wrong, because an hour after she left.

1. Got a call from a girl I had sex with, saying she was in the hospital with dead baby spiders in her vagina.

After she called me telling me that ran up the stairs, finding many dead spiders in the drawer but even alive ones. I threw the whole drawer out, just to discover more drugs. Enough for all of us guys to go away for a long time. Rushing down the stairs with them all in my arms, “Dude..is..is that cocaine!?” Ashton started shouting, telling me to go next door. That the neighbors weren’t home,so just stash it in there potted plants.

After getting that done, heard shouting.

2.Cops showed up, shouting barking orders for us to get on the ground after they literally broke down the door.

3. There was a meth lab down in the basement that none of us knew about, since nothing is down there besides boxes even more boxes.

Now we were all down at the police station. While waiting to be questioned, start to make more plans for Y/N.

“You. Follow me.” An Officer told me, standing up I follow him into the back room were they took all the others.

“Sit down. You want anything to drink?”

“No thank you.”

“Where did the meth lab come from?” He asked folding his hands together.

“I don’t know. We never go down there. Never.” Telling him while folding my hands together as well.

“Well it couldn’t have just walked down there. Someone put it down there.” He was starting to yell a little. His brown eyes boring into mine. That’s when a little light bulb went off. A devilish smile came across my face, “I know who did it. If I get a confession from the person. My frat brothers and I go Scott free, no charges pressed against any of us.”

Leaning back in his chair, he gave me a questioning look. His jaw was set, standing up leaving the room. After an hour, he finally came back in along with the Sheriff.

That’s when the glee and overjoy feeling started to bubble at the bottom of my stomach.

Lovers Not Fighters, Chapter 1: The Best-Laid Plans

((So I was introduced to your blog by Oranguin (the illustrator of “An Unwanted Houseguest”, and she encouraged me to write something for you. So I came up with my own squid kid, and I thought that he and Belladonna would be a good match for one another. I hope you enjoy this.))

            Tetrox sat across from her teammates, Arnick and Cyanthia, steepling her fingers like a supervillain as she stared at the two of them.

            “Lady,” she began, “Gentlesquid, I bet you’re wonderin’ why I’ve gathered you here today.”

            Cyanthia took a sip of the tea that Tetrox used to ply her attendance at the StarfishBucks in Arowana Mall. “I’m assuming it is some kind of mischief?” she said, staring at Tetrox with an almost lazy stare. There was something bored about it, but it was the kind of boredom that said, “I’m listening to what you have to say to determine whether it’s worth my time.”

            Arnick, on the other hand, was a little more fidgety. “Tetrox, you offered to purchase our drinks, which immediately gives me cause to worry,” he said, warming his hands around the paper cup of hot cocoa. “What are you planning?

            “Oh, nothin’ serious,” Tetrox said with a shrug, leaning back in her chair. “Just plannin’ to set our lovely li’l captain up with a nice squid.”

            Arnick had started to take a sip of his beverage and paused before swallowing, lest he spit it out, while Cyanthia stood up and started to walk off. “Where are you going?!” Arnick asked in exasperation.

            “Away. I’d rather not deal with this kind of foolishness.”

            Tetrox didn’t fight her teammate’s leaving. Arnick stayed put, figuring it was polite to at least hang around and enjoy the cocoa that his houseguest had been kind(?) enough to buy him. He stared at Tetrox across the table. “Why do you think that Bella needs a guy in her life?”

            “She’s wound tight as a rubber band, Nicky,” she said, almost chidingly, “Another twist, and she’s goin’ to snap. She’s a captain, S+ rank, and leadin’ one of the most successful teams in Inkopolis. She’s under a lot of stress, and needs some help unwindin’, and we’re honestly in no room to help her in that department.”

            “What could possibly cause you to think that she’s stressed?” Arnick asked, genuinely concerned. If his captain was under duress, he would want to step in and assist. But this whole matchmaker business… it was a whole different can of worms.

            “Have you checked her stats in the past few matches we’ve played?” Tetrox asked, pulling out her Octopod and tapping a few buttons. “Look. She’s been havin’ a rough time as of late. She’s seemed unflappable to you, but she’s teeterin’ on the edge.”

            Arnick stared at the screen. Sure enough, the ratio of Splats to Splatted had moved closer to 1:1 over the past couple of weeks, which lent some credence to Tetrox’s argument. “So she’s having a bit of a rough patch,” Arnick said, leaning back, still stubborn about going along with Tetrox’s plan. “It’s not like she’s never fallen on hard times like this before.”

            “That’s the thing, sugar,” Tetrox teased, expanding the graph to encompass a much wider timespan, even dating back to Bella’s days on Blue team. “She hasn’t had troubles like this.” There was only one other spike of similar magnitude to the one that Tetrox had focused on. And, based on the dates, that was about the time that she had started Violet team. All things considered, stress would have been high at that time, seeing as she was trying to make her own way in the world rather than riding on Marian’s coattails.

            “Okay, so she’s stressed right now,” Arnick conceded. “What makes you think that having a squid in her life would make it any easier on her?”

            “You’ve unwound quite a bit since we started roomin’ together, Arny,” Tetrox said rather matter-of-factly. “It’s just how things go. You talk to someone about your problems, those problems seem a li’l bit lighter.”

            Arnick frowned, his cheeks darkening slightly. She was right. He had to admit that she was right on this one. “Okay. So what now?”

            “We find a suitor,” Tetrox said, a sly smile working its way across her face. She had something up her sleeve, and Arnick picked up on it right way.

            “Something tells me that you already have a squid in mind,” he said with a sigh. There was no working around this woman.

            “You have no idea, sugar. The only downside that could serve as a barrier is that he’s C rank,” she said, though there was a devious smile on her face.

            “C rank?! Do you have any idea how much that would hurt Bella’s pride?” Arnick said, the exasperation coming through in his voice. A squid behind him perked his head up and buried his face further into the book he was reading, grumbling as he continued.

            “Now, now,” Tetrox chided, flipping through her Octopod and finding a video. “Here’s the guy.” She plugged in a pair of squidphones and passed him the earbuds, so he could hear the video. He put them in just before the video started to play. It was a green team (almost a Jade color) against a team whose color bordered on fuchsia. Arnick furrowed his brow as he watched both teams fumble about. C Rank, clearly.

            However, as he watched, a single, long line of green shot down, splatting two of the four members of the fuchsia team, accompanied by a follow up shot from a different angle that splatted one of the last two team members.

            Arnick was a little impressed. But just a little. “The double was luck,” he said, getting ready to pull out the speakers, “The last one was skill, but the double was just pure luck, having both of them lined up like that.”

            Tetrox held up a single insolent finger, and Arnick paused, his hands lowering to settle on the table again as she played another video, where it was the same Jade Green team against a B- rank golden team. Vanity played in the golden team’s favor, seeing as their captain carried the same gold roller that Violet’s own team captain used. However, despite the Gold captain’s best efforts (and they were the best player on their team), they got splatted by a long lance of Jade ink from afar every 2 out of 3 times. All in all, that one captain (though their team won the game), got splatted a total of four times by that one sniper.

            In one of the instant replays, where the announcers lauded the sniper’s skills, Arnick caught a glimpse of him. Treasure hunter hat, Squidstar waistcoat, and plum casuals. His jade green tentacles were tied up into a loose ponytail at the top of his neck, and he wore a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Nothing special, just for the purpose of sight.

            “Okay, so he’s good,” Arnick said, leaning back and handing the earbuds back to Tetrox. “Doesn’t mean that he’ll impress Bella, or that she’s even looking for a guy in her life.”

            “Yeah, but please? Help me out here, sugar?” she asked, tilting her head in a nonverbal plea to supplement the one that she spoke aloud. As an added assistance to bring Arnick over to her side, “Besides, he’s a good marksman. Maybe we could convince another team of our rank to recruit him. It would be nice going against a sniper with that skill from time to time.”

            “Skill?” Arnick said with a laugh, “Those were lucky shots! He didn’t plan any of that!”

            “So you say. Target prioritization, ink coverage, and half those kills were while the squids were tryin’ to hide! He’s too good for that team, and you know it.” She said, flipping through the videos to supplement her points. She was right. Arnick sighed and nodded.

            “Fine. So we look for him, if only for the challenge he’ll pose when we fight him. But where would we look?”

            “Behind you.”

            “What?” Arnick said, his brow furrowing with confusion, understanding Tetrox’s words, but not comprehending them.

            “Look behind you. The guy with the book,” Tetrox said, subtly pointing a single finger over at the squid located about three tables behind Arnick.

            Arnick turned his head slowly to the squid in question, seeing that same hairstyle and those clothes. One leg was folded over the other, ankle resting just above the knee while the foot bobbed in a slow, steady tempo. The squid looked bored, though his eyes twitched back and forth across the pages of the book with a fervent intensity that Arnick had only ever seen on the turf. “Who is he?” Arnick asked quietly, turning back to Tetrox.

            “His name is Fylak. He’s not even the captain, but he could be. He just doesn’t take charge,” Tetrox said, nodding at the other squid. “I’m going to go and talk to him.”

            “What?!” Arnick said, grabbing her hand and holding her in place as she started to stand up. “You are most certainly not going to talk to him!”

            “I most certainly am,” Tetrox said, pulling her hand away from his own as she rose. “And I’m goin’ to make him an offer he simply can’t refuse.”

submitted by:  jackthebard

Tammy’s comments: Well, this is new. I wish you the best of luck Fylak. You’re gonna need it. *grabs popcorn*

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