This #corset is for an international client in a wheelchair. It has a closed back, front lacing (with stitched in unboned modesty panel), and a side-front zip to make it easier for her to get in and out of it unaided. Design wise, it’s an adjusted version of my Demoiselle classic underbust, made in #organic cotton and hemp herringbone twill. #popantique http://ift.tt/1oKp75s

#Repost @alyxander - portrait of me on the day I got my engagement ring from @morganmarcani (not shown). One of my favorite #thedailywaist outfits featuring my #popantique #customcorset, lace blouse and black bolero via #vintedtreasures, and a vintage #cameo #brooch from Edinburgh. Hair color by @crownsalonsf. I need to do a full shoot of this outfit for sure! http://ift.tt/1BohG8z