raeraebuck asked:

I have a few questions about corset training. I'm new at it but haven't bought anything yet but not sure where to start

I think the best thing to do is check out LucyCorsetry.com. She has the biggest database and she really BREAKS it down to every detail. How to waist train, what kind of corset to buy, how to buy a corset, everything. I would check out the thelingerieaddict they have articles by Pop Antique. Here’s the link http://www.popantique.com/waist-training/

Also tightlacing-society has great info about corset myths, health and more alongside corset reviews. Also I love the ladies behind thecorsetauthority they call out the bullshit and have reviews plus post different pics of different corset wears which is great!

I hope this helps!


DOTS ON DOTS ON DOTS. #thedailywaist #stealthie - cardigan from h&m, dress via #vintedtreasures (fitted with a cinch clip), hidden #popantique corset, velveteen granny boots that I’ve probably had for the better part of a decade, and wade & bell #nottootights - review forthcoming for @thelingerieaddict #theeternalpolkadot #style #ootd #waisttraining #monochromelife http://ift.tt/1atsNXy

I had to post this. First fitting for my #wedding ensemble, a collaboration of my line #popantique and my mentor @darkgardencorsetry. @missdarkgarden is guiding me through #bridal choice paralysis and lending her extreme expertise in fitting. This corset has a 19" waist (laced to a standard 2" gap) and the overall silhouette and look is inspired by “time traveling Camille Clifford as dressed by Balenciaga in 1957.” I will have a second look for the reception. #design #fashion #bespoke #sfmade #corset #tightlacing (at Dark Garden Unique Corsetry and Bridal Couture)