• Friend:Hey, wanna go out?
  • Me:Sorry, I already have plans.
  • *stays at home, blogs about k-pop, listens to k-pop, edits korean idols, watches korean variety shows and ends up being very emotional*

If you think about Ashton HATED his singing voice, and he never sang on the songs, he was back up. not singing to show case his voice because he was so afraid of what people would day because he believed he sucked. But now in She’s kinda hot, he has a lil section and verse and that makes me so fucking proud because he has NEVER done that ever. Ashton has come so fucking far and i am so fucking proud of him. All of  the boys have come far, im so proud of them and they’ll never know I exist but im so fucking proud of them

Nightblogging we’re nightblogging
We’re what’s happening
Nightblogging we’re nightblogging
We’re an ice machine
We see people brand new people
They’re something to see
When we’re nightblogging
Bright-white blogging
Oh isn’t it wild? Nightblogging we’re nightblogging
We’re scrolling through tumblr
Nightblogging we’re nightblogging
We scroll like a ghost
We see memes brand new memes
Like the breadsticks and stuff
When we’re nightblogging
Bright-white blogging
Oh isn’t it wild…

michael would be the guy to take you out into the middle of a field near midnight, just for you two to lie down in silence, your head resting on his arm as you gazed up to the night sky above. michael always enjoyed these quiet moments with you, even if you weren’t doing anything spectacular. but you loved the quiet moments where you traced the tattoos on his fingers, feeling his eyes watching you when they should be watching the stars. but even then, michael didn’t deny himself the simple pleasures in life 

I love how Dominic Mitchell is like ‘I think this happened’ or 'I don’t think they did that’, etc. He’s leaving gaps, big fat beautiful gaps. He’s not being rigid and disallowing people to consider their own headcanons or whatever.

But yes,