Got7 As Shit I've Said While High
  • Mark: Do you think if you get drunk enough you'll just evaporate?
  • Jaebum: How does a pizza oven work? I mean, I know "how it works," but how does it work? How does anything work? Am I real? Is a pizza oven real?
  • Jinyoung: This pop-sickle tastes like a bad time.
  • Youngjae: I don't need to know English to listen to English music, okay? Like, bitch. I don't speak piano but I still listen to piano music.
  • BamBam: Do you think giraffes like being tall? Do they get scared up there?
  • Yugyeom: I think I'm actually an old ass person in this young ass body and that's what's wrong with me. Like, I'm probably actually 90 but I don't know it.
Some EC modern au thingies
  • Riliane: Spoiled rich kid, goes to private school
  • Allen: Riliane's twin who is spoiled but not as annoying as his sister, attends same private school as Riliane.
  • Banica: Owner of the most successful resturant chain in the country, has a son with her stay at home husband, Carlos.
  • Eve: Housewife in a complicated marriage. Sometimes dresses up as a teenager and goes to bars under the alter ego "Margarita Blankenheim".
  • Kayo: Works as a fashion designer, the mirokus have filed a restraining order against her.
  • Gallerian: Seen as a great judge by the public as he punsihes people equally as cruelly regardles of race, gender, age, sexual orientation. He'll still declare the rich innocent however.
  • Nemesis: Gallerian's illegitimate daughter. Runaway who befriended Kayo Sudou and occationally stops by for food.
  • Sateriasis: That one weird guy from Florida, has had twenty two restraining orders filed against him. He might have killed his family no one knows for sure.
  • Hänsel and Gretel: Children of Meta Salmhofer. They attend public school but sometimes switch places with Riliane and Allen. Gretel so she can prank the theachers, Hänsel so he can see the famous pop star Rin Chan.
  • Sickle: Former scientist who currently works as a teacher. He likes to pretend that he was never married.

AN: Thanks to the anon for sending in this request! I love it! Hopefully it turns out the way you wanted. (Gif not mine.)

Pairing: Steve x Reader (Partial Tony)

Plot: Could you do a Steve imagine please? Where people assume that the reader and Tony are dating because they always muck around and annoy people together when they’re drunk. So when someone hints at them dating when they’re at a party Steve jumps in and is like “Actually,” and then kisses the reader and everyone is shocked. Thank you!


“Surprise, Surprise”

You and Steve had been dating for 2 months now. Despite all the rumors of you and Tony dating, Steve wanted to keep your relationship under wraps.

Tony was like a brother to you. Those gestures everyone assumed were flirty, were just good old sibling-like fun. Steve understood that, so it really didn’t bother him.

After a tough mission the team sat in the tower living room, still tense from the fight.

Tony piped up, “We should do something fun.”

“I just want to sleep.” you whined.

“Y/N’s right. We all need some rest.” Steve joined in. The whole team shook their heads in agreement.

“Oh come on! Y’all are no fun!” Tony argued, “I mean I can understand old pops-sickle being tired, but you Y/N? You should be ashamed.”

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5SOS Pref: First Kiss


Another party with Calum and his new girl toy. Great. Lately, Calum’s been going out with different girls, taking them to different parties, different date venues and whether it was the fame, you didn’t know but it was getting out of hand. To be honest, the only reason you were fed up was because before 5 Seconds of Summer, you and Calum kind of had a thing. But, you guessed not after the 3rd date. The worst part, though? he dragged you to all the parties, all the dates, as a 3rd wheeler slash wing-woman. 
You rolled your eyes as you put on the tight dress and did the usual make up routine, the feeling of the heels below your feet all too familiar to you these past few months. When you opened the door, Calum was already there waiting with some curly haired girl all over him. 
Throughout the party, the girl’s been giving Calum crazy hints; touches here and there, a few sultry whispers, even giggling at everything he said but for once, Calum wasn’t phased. 
“You okay, Cal?” you whispered once she left to get a drink.
“Yah, I’m fine.” he waved a hand dismissively as he went to join the girl, making your brows furrow. 
“Guys! Let’s play suck and blow!” the hostess of the party gestured for everyone to gather in a circle, the card in her hands. You awkwardly shuffled to the spot next to Calum and the girl. You knew this trick. Calum had requested this game a couple of times just to sneak in a little kiss at the girl he brings.
You bit your lip nervously as you watched the card being passed around by random lips of people you didn’t even know. Until finally, the girl Calum brought had the card and you involuntarily sucked in a breath. Knowing, Calum, he would probably pounce on her lips the minute it came in contact with the card. But to your surprise, he took it without giving the girl another look. You were too busy to try and figure out Calum’s behavior until you felt a white surface on your lips and you widened your eyes when it was replaced by forceful lips instead, Calum’s lips. You gave out a slight groan as your hands entangled behind his neck.
“I knew you were gonna kiss me back.” Calum whispered breathlessly against your lips.


You and Luke were best friends. I know, cliche, isn’t it? It was the classic skinny love story, with you being best friends since the 3rd grade and everything. It was a thing for the both of you; to just come out to this one bench by the park that connected both of your neighborhoods together. It was where you met, the first time he helped you when you broke your arm from jumping off the swing, the first time you comforted him as he cried because of his first break up, the first time the both of you threw up from your first party. It was your place. 
And now here you both were, 10 years later, for the first time ever, not knowing what to say. Luke had come home from his tour but everything was intense. He didn’t keep in touch with you, the schedule you both had didn’t cooperate. But you still had feelings for him and for a moment, before he left, you thought he had feelings for you too. 
He probably hates me, you thought. The both of you were sat on the bench, a little more distance between your bodies than usual. 
“I-I want you to hear a song I wrote.” Luke said abruptly, his shaking knees finally still. Your eyebrows furrowed, is this why he’s been acting so weird the past few days?
You nodded wordlessly as he handed you a pair of earphones. You listened in to the lyrics of Beside You. Your eyes were wide and your jaw was slightly agape as you tried not to let the tears pool on the brim of your eyes. The lyrics was you, it had to be about you. 
You snapped your head abruptly to him and to your surprise, he was already looking at you the whole time, tongue between his teeth as he tried to figure out whether you liked the song or not. His eyes flickered to your lips and yours to his. Wordlessly, you both leaned in hesitantly, Beside You still blaring through the headphones. It was one of those moments like the ones you see in the movies, where you’re paralyzed so you can’t run away from whatever was going to hit you but at the same time, it all went in slow motion as he leaned in, slightly backing away with every inch, as if testing to see if this was okay with you. And finally, your lips locked. 


“I don’t know guys, I just feel uncomfortable with doing this shoot with a model, you know?” Michael nervously ran a hand through his hair that was already styled to perfection.
“Stop that!” Lou hissed as she slapped his hands away, making Michael mumble a ‘sorry’. 
“Not just any model.” Ashton smirked. “We’re doing this shoot with (y/n).” he wriggled his eyebrows suggestively at Michael, making the rest of the boys snicker. Michael’s eyes widened as he tried hard not to blush.
“What? What’s up with (y/n)?” Lou raised an eyebrow, a smirk on her lips. 
Oh nothing…” Luke drifted off in a sing-song voice. “It’s just that (y/n) happens to be Mikey’s celebrity crush.” Luke smirked, making the boys erupt in ’ooh’s and 'ahh’s and 'ooh la la’s.
Just as the boys calmed down, you walked in, giving them a nervous grin.
“Hi.” your soft voice greeted the boys, making Michael looked up with wide eyes. “I’m (y/n) and you’re Lou, right? They said you’re going to do my hair and make up?”
'She’s even more beautiful without make up' Michael thought to himself.
“Take a seat, doll.” Lou kindly gestured at the seat infront of the mirror. As you got your hair and make up done, the boys introduced themselves and did random things to get you to laugh. 
When you all went to the set of the photo shoot, the photographer gave you all some directions, asking for silly pictures, serious pictures, a little more playful, and then in the end, each member would get to take a few individual pictures with you. 
Throughout the shoot, you had your eyes on the boy with the particularly funky hair colors but he seemed to be avoiding your eyes and he hadn’t said a word since you came in the dressing room, making you nervous for your one-on-one shoot. 
“Put your arms around her and give her a small kiss.” the photographer ordered during your individual shoot with Michael. Michael’s eyes darted around the room nervously.
“This okay?” Michael sheepishly smiled at you as you felt his rough guitarist fingers take you by the hips. You nodded, a shy smile on your lips as he kissed your temple. 
“That’s it?!” the photographer playfully groaned. “Come on! Give her a real kiss!" 
You felt the same rough fingers gently direct your chin towards Michael’s face as his eyes gave you the same 'this okay?' look and you nodded once again. You closed your eyes as his lips engulfed your softly and the sound of the camera was now distant. You both grinned as you pulled away, your eyes locking.
"Could somebody please get the red lipstick off of Michael’s face?!” you heard the photographer light-heartedly call out. 


Beach in 20? x - Ash" 
was all that the text read the morning after Ashton came back from tour. You grinned as you jumped out of bed, hurriedly getting ready to meet your best friend that you haven’t seen in 9 months. You knew Ashton loved the water and you wanted to get his attention. Even though, Ashton loved you for your personality, what better way to get his attention than to get a great bikini body over the months? 
You hurriedly got in your car and drove to the beach, your eyes gleaming once you saw his shirtless figure in the sand, already setting up two towels like old times. You ran in your flip flops, the familiar feeling of sand on your feet and the salty smell of the ocean made nostalgia hit you like a ton of bricks.
"Ashton!” you called out excitedly, making your best friend’s head snap in the direction of your voice. Once his eyes locked with yours a smile instantly spread across his face. 
“(y/n)!” he squealed as you both ran towards each other, meeting in the middle as your bodies crashed into each other in an intimate hug, his scent instantly bringing lovely memories. 
For the whole day, you both did the usual routine; sand castle building, pushing each other’s heads underwater, buying pop sickles by the pier, sun tanning, until finally, your tired bodies laid next to each other on the towel as the sun set, both of you with eyes closed.
“I’ve missed you.” you broke the silence softly, wondering if Ashton had fallen asleep or not but his eyes opened after the words left your lips.
“I’ve missed you too.” both of you were sat up right now, your hands nervously grabbing at the sand below it. “It’s my job, though." 
"Yeah, I know-” you paused, trying to find the right words. “It just- It sucks, being alone sometimes." 
"You’re not completely alone, (y/n). You’ve got your family and friends at school.” despite his sheepish tone, you both knew that the poor excuse was invalid. 
“Right.” you murmured, the silence turning awkward. “How does this beach manage to be beautiful every. single. day.” you said breathily, looking at the sun set.
“I ask the same question about you every day.” Ashton breathed down your neck and you realized that he was only a few inches away from you now, making you gasp from how much it tickled. 
“That tickles!” you laughed as his hands grasped your hips tightly. But all laughter died down once he leaned in towards you, your lips were shut tightly as your eyes widened. 
“I know you want me.” he murmured cheekily, his dimples showing, making you lightly chuckle and right when your mouth parted, his lips landed on yours.


Got a little carried away with all of them but awww