Sunnyvale, CA-based artist Hoang Tran (previously featured here) continues to create so many awesome pop culture-based crayon sculptures that we can’t help but share some more. Last time we featured crayon sculptures of Adventure Time characters. Today we’re treated to carved and painted pieces from Doctor Who, Spirited away, Star Wars, Hellboy, The Sandman, and sweet little BMO (who was still a work in progress last time).

Visit Hoang’s Tumblr site, Wax Nostalgic, to check out many more crayon sculptures. He also has some available for purchase via his Etsy shop, CarvedCrayons.

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Of all the Totoros we’ve seen over the years, this awesomely detailed manic Totoro is almost certainly the creepiest. With a grin that would impress the Cheshire Cat and billowing fur that suggests he might be a ghost, this stunning My Neighbor Totoro-themed diorama was recently on display at the 2015 Amazing Japan Model Expo in Osaka, Japan.

This annual event draws fantastically skilled and creative model-makers and sculptors from across Japan to come exhibit their best creations together. Head over to RocketNews24 to check out more of the fantastic models that were shown at this years Amazing Japan Model Expo.

Photos by @T_SONOYAMA, @na_ta_s, and Kinisoku respectively.

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If Pip and Pop’s colorful work looks good enough to eat, that’s because it is — sort of. The artist creates bright, crystalline installations using sugary candy, glitter, and cheap toys and knickknacks. These elements accumulate into mystical, glimmering environments filled with pastel-colored sand dunes, rainbow-hued rocks, and enchanted-looking flora. Based in Australia, Pip and Pop began as a duo comprised of Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic. In 2011, Andrijevic left to pursue other projects and Schultz has been the brains behind the operation since, often inviting guest artists to collaborate with her. Since we last featured Pip and Pop in 2012 (here), she has created confectionary paradises at various venues in the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. 

Take a look at her recent work on Hi-Fructose.

Roy Lichtenstein, born today in 1923, drew on commercial printing techniques & comic strips for inspiration. The dots used in many of his works are called “Benday dots,” named for their inventor, printer Benjamin Day. 

[Roy Lichtenstein. Temple. 1964]


Giant Panda + Iron Man + Tai Chi = Iron Panda, the superhero China’s endangered panda population deserves and needs. He’s also the work of Beijing-based artist Bi Heng. Iron Panda measures 9 meters (29.5 feet) high and 7 meters (~23 feet) wide and he’s currently on display in Shenyang, the largest city in China’s northeastern Liaoning province.

Heng’s Iron Panda is a combination of the Giant panda’s symbolism as a Chinese national treasure and a victim of humanity’s impact upon the natural world, Iron Man, a superhero representing extraordinary technological advancements, and the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. He view these three combined elements as a statement of how the environment is suffering for the sake of advancing technology and a message that there should be a better relationship between industrial development and the natural world in order to preserve and protect nature rather than destroy it.

Click here for additional photos and information about Bi Heng and his awesome Iron Panda.

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I have this thing about objects that are made to look like one thing but function as another. Or quite simply put, I love a good trick of the eye. The illusion of Brett Kerns ceramic sculptures are mind altering fun. If you’re going to mess with my head it’s OK to do it in this way.  Now before you poise your fingers to type the obvious – yes, I realize that Koons has a similar thing going on. But Koons used stainless steel and Kerns’ is crafting these by hand from clay.

It’s his elaborate detailing – down to the well placed air valve – that makes it easy to pass off his pop art ceramics as actual toy inflatables. While he’s receiving lots of press right now, you can still grab one of these babies for your very own from his Etsy.

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