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Anderson Cooper and Sarah Jessica Parker avoid cell phone radiation during their interview with Native Union’s Pop Phone

Moshi Moshi Pop Phone

Thanks to Michelle over at the Foundation Showroom for hookin’ me up with my newest gadget to compliment my iPhone 4S aka the Moshi Moshi Pop Phone.  Not only is it a head turner but it actually brings back nostalgic memories from when I use to spend hours on the phone with friends back in middle school before social networks took over our lives. They’re only $30 and come in all sorts of fun colors.

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This is for those ladies that love a little bling and miss the nostalgia of flirting over an old-style handset. Native Union pulled out an 80s handset and studded it with hundreds of Swarovski crystals.

The dazzling phone is not just pretty looking, it has health benefits too. It protects users from radiation by as much as 99%. With all that bling, any chick would feel like a glamorous princess. The glittering Pop phone comes in a choice of pink, black, red, purple as well as silver.