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Could you give me some coloring and shading tips? I've started making tablet art recently and as far as coloring goes I am terrible at it. Others art pops and have really nice coloring and shading etc, and mine is so flat and bland. I want to fix that, so any tips? (if I could possibly have tips on making line art also that would be great)

Okay so, I havent drawn anything other then my final film for like weeks so I needed something else to draw so thank you, so here’ the process I went through to color this pic of me below lol (Please keep in mind that I work with Paint Tool SAI! but in general it might help with basics!)

Das me v v v

Then after all this, I fiddle around with Multiply and screen layers over EVERYTHING. Different colors have different mood effects so experiment! I also sometimes add in some lightly blended luminosity highlights with the water tool to make some dramatic lighting tm. Then I do a few tweaks and add in an overlay layer over everything and fiddle with the filter to get what I want and bam! That’s how I color lol

See how different colors can set different moods? warm colors for warm moods and cold colors for cold ones. Looking up color pallets is AMAZING and SUPER HELPFUL!! A lot of people know about complementary colors but the contrast can be quite harsh to the eyes sometimes. I like to use Analogous colors myself a lot (near the same side of the color wheel) And I LOVE neon colors like a lot, but to REALLY make em pop is to put some muted colors around it. Having NEON against NEON can seem harsh to the eyes and look off.

But yeah, That’s my basic process on how I color all my pieces! I hope this helped some :)

EDIT: Also!! for lineart, I just have my stabilizer set up hella high lol

I love what I’ve been seeing online of all the colored pages from the “Pop Manga Coloring Book”! 😍📚 My fans and supporters are so amazing and talented! 💖 It’s fun to scroll through all of them because you cuties use color combinations I never would have thought to use! ❤💛💚💙💜 It’s great to see the different possibilities for the same image! 😄 Like this one! Kirby Green colored “Merpeeps” with warm and cool tones! ❤💚 So fun! ☺ I really appreciate all of the support from you lovelies and I hope you are having a blast with your copy! 😊💞📚  If you haven’t picked one up yet you can grab one from thecamillastore.etsy.com! 😀 I still have some up and I’m doing a special for Mother’s Day this week! 📖✨ If you purchase a coloring book, it’ll come with some bonus goodies! 😉 Happy coloring everyone! 🖍💖 I look forward to seeing more of your masterpieces!😙🖼✨💖