The Reward figures. These are the 3D models who are going to be the bendable figures for Vito and Wilhelm! We are really excited since we have seen the amazing Bravest Warriors figures which were made by the same guy. Both Wilhelm and Vito are going to be posing with their weapons! So cool :)

We’ll let you know when the figures are out, and like the other cool artifacts that has been made for The Reward, every purchase helps fund more animation ;) 

For more information about the magician who are summoning the figures, this is our man!

http://www.popcultureshocktoys.com/http://www.facebook.com/PopCultureShockCollectibles And again, we’ll keep you posted on the next episode of The Reward - Tales of Alethrion on Sun Creature Studio’s youtube channel :)     - and Facebook Quote of the day: “My child… I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon… of righteousness” - Lich King’s father.

Whipped up a SUPER quick illustration for Pop Culture Shock Collectibles yesterday featuring everyone’s favorite lil’ dude, Catbug! 100 signed prints from me are going to be sold exclusively at SDCC with their vinyl Catbug figure, too, so be on the lookout!

P.S. I squeezed this in between finishing the 4th Adventure Time original graphic novel and the next episode of Bee & Puppycat, so I’ve got plenty more to show you guys in the near future and I’m psyched!

P.P.S. The space-y background is a reference to issue #1 of Bravest Warriors, which I colored/was the first interior comics job actually I actually ever had!


Cammy art dump part 2! 

Cammy is such a fun character to draw. I’m very happy with how her SFV outfit came out. Who knew a couple of belts and straps can make such a huge difference.

The bottom half of this post are images of my Ultra Cammy design for Pop Culture Shock Collectibles.
Sculpted By: Jon Reilly, Justin McMillan, Hector Arce
Painted By: Mike Najera
Art Director: Edwin Huang & Jerry Macaluso

You can pre order the statue here. It’ll come with a signed limited art print from me as well! Pre order while you still can!

Tazio Secchiaroli

In Paris, Revisiting the ‘Aesthetic Shock’ of Antonioni

“Antonioni Was Here,” announces a Julian Schnabel painting at the entrance of the exhibition “Antonioni: Aux Origines du Pop,” which runs tomorrow through July 19th at La Cinématheque Française. Indeed, the iconic filmmaker left an indelible mark.

See more here


Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is taking pre-orders on an exclusive 1:4 sclae statue of the werewolf from Joe Dante’s The Howling, based on Rob Bottin’s design. It’s stands 26" high and comes with two heads (open and closed mouths).

Limited to 300 pieces, the statue is due out in October 2017. It costs $474.99, but if you pre-pay in full now, you’ll receive a 15% discount and only have to pay $403.74.

This marks the company’s second statue of an iconic werewolf, following last year’s take on An American Werewolf in London.


The massive 1:3 Ryu statue goes up for pre orders today(Mon April 18th) at 3PM PST. These 29″ statues are beautifully sculpted by the peeps at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. I had the opportunity to help with the design and layout process.

Head over to www.popcultureshocktoys.com today to get on the pre order list!
These are site exclusive and only 350 of ‘em will be available