sexierstronger asked:

I get cravings every night after dinner for sugar/chocolate/etc... how often do you get cravings? also what can I do to beat them/reduce them? thank you x

Hi! I get cravings fairly regularly (I’m human) and here’s how I tackle them.

When I crave something sweet (like candy), I normally make myself a fruit smoothie, fruit salad, or have some plain frozen fruit. Nature’s candy ☺️ and it usually does the trick. I also will sometimes have granola/cereal or “slightly sweet” boom chicka pop popcorn.

When I crave something crunchy and salty, I typically choose one or two of the following snacks:
- boom chicka pop
- pickles
- pop chips
- homemade kale chips
- homemade baked sweet potato fries

When I crave chocolate, I have dark chocolate OR a small handful of frozen dark chocolate chips. I also like cocoa dusted almonds, dark chocolate peanut butter, chocolate protein shakes, dark chocolate covered banana slices, or chocolate frozen yogurt.

Those are just a few of my go to’s. I also ALWAYS drink a big glass of lemon water or sparking lemon water when I get cravings, because it helps fill me up. If I REALLY want something, I give into the craving. If you don’t give in and are too strict, it usually leads to binging later on. So, when I crave pizza for example I’ll typically make a homemade one so I know what’s in it OR I’ll go to a pizza place and get a slice with my boyfriend. It’s totally fine to enjoy the things you crave every once in a while. Hope this helps!! ❤️


“Advertisements about food aren't about food anymore. Instead of focusing on how savory and delightful snacks ought to be, ads promote the guilt, shame, and constant vigilance that accompany food consumption in 21st century America.”

The above quote nicely summarizes how I feel about these ads for Pop Chips featuring Katy Perry. Read the full article here.