Three days from the opening at the amazing Corey Helford Gallery! On view Saturday is the group exhibition, “Sensory Overload”! I am so excited to be a part of this inspiring show!

Below is my second teaser section of my piece, “Sweet Damnation”, which was made specifically for this group exhibition.

Show information:
“Sensory Overload”
Jan. 21st - Feb. 18th
Gallery 2

For more information and purchase inquiries, please contact sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com

Easy Co. as a trivia team
  • Luz: isn't actually listening to the question and constantly talking over the announcer and requesting songs on the jukebox
  • Toye: perpetually telling Luz to shut up, he's trying to listen to the question. doesn't really speak up to answer unless he's 100% certain because he doesn't want to look dumb.
  • Nixon: knows all the pretentious history and geography things from going to fancy schools
  • Winters: good at reasoning out answers when the team is floundering
  • Webster: obviously the literature guy on the team
  • Liebgott: pretends to know more about literature than Webster and always suggests changing Web's answers before they turn them in
  • Roe: human anatomy, biology, science boy extraordinaire
  • Guarnere: sports man
  • Babe: knows entirely too much about pop culture
  • Lipton: is the one who always says "good answer!" as if they're on Family Feud, even when they get it wrong
  • Sobel: the guy on the other team who is persnickety about the rules and is constantly asking the announcer to clarify questions

concept of concepts.