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Halloween 2016


Monster Pop! Volume Two is on Kickstarter!

if you love monster girls, romcoms, shoujo anime and stories about LGBTQIA youth, please check it out!


sasha’s flower illustration. his flower is a green zinnia. zinnias can symbolize lasting affection, pure goodness, and thoughts of a friend; green traditionally symbolizes renewal, growth, hope, health, and youth so green zinnias symbolize one’s thoughts about friendship and its growth, hope for the blooming of future friendships, and healthy affection.

i drew this for the second MP! Kickstarter!

The Beatles never broke up (and Lennon and Harrison are still alive) in Nocturne’s home reality, per New Excalibur #4, 2006, by Chris Claremont, Steven Cummings and Rick Ketcham. Now, how she managed to hold on to her “D-Pod” through the first 60-odd issues of Exiles without our having seen it before is a good question.