tiny-gay-munchkin  asked:

Alaina,???,15,Girl, Gray-ace, ???, single like a pringle, Supernatural and self-insert fanfic as well as Richard Speight jr+Rob Benedict, ???, Is hella awesome!

First name: CORRECT

Nickname: (Sweety-pop, Squeak-Toy, Lainy-bell, Lana, Daddy)



Sexual Orientation: CORRECT

Nationality: (American, ancestors came from England/Scotland/Ireland/Germany ect.) 

Relationship status: CORRECT


Dislikes: (People who hate on other people for liking characters, people who hate on people that like problematic characters, the color yellow, myself, ignorance, bullies, people who don’t like Cas)

Random fact: People tell me this one’s correct…

Altogether - 6 or 7 points!


First image: “Pop-Up Pirate”, a classic child’s game of luck and chance made by Tomy.  Enduring the years, there’s many many variants on this game.

Second image: The Yatterman variant: “ドロンボー危機一発“, (translated via Google translate as either “Dorombo Boss” or “Dorombo Dangerous Departure”.  If you have a better or more accurate translation, please feel free to assist!

Third through fifth images: The 2008 Yatterman series showing just how far it will go To Sell Toys.

kim-jong-hill  asked:

Rick and Morty is gearing up to be THE cutting edge animation show. Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, all those are awesome, but y'all are the current frontrunners in "pumping the gas" so to speak. How does it feel to be able to be a part of that?

Get ready for a ramble. 3…2…1…Let’s go!

Season One:

From the start of production, we all knew Rick and Morty would be a great show. We always looked forward to the animatic screenings after the storyboards were completed. I really felt the show was something exceptional after screening the Love Potion #9 episode. It was funny as hell but it went deeper. I had never worked on such a well-written show.

There was a lot of exploration and sandbox craziness that season and we had a blast working on it. Being an Adult Swim show, it didn’t really have a big budget but the crew put their all into their work because we enjoyed the show so much. We knew the show would be popular but it took off even bigger than we expected.

Season Two:

Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon and the rest of the writing crew set the bar high with Season 1 and we had to top it with the Season 2. There was still a lot of messing around but also some second guessing in the aim of perfection. In my opinion, Season 2 topped Season 1. The crew got the feel of what the show is and should be. Established great storylines.

So now R&M had fans creating amazing fan art, cosplay, cover songs, youtube theories, crochet Meeseeks, Rick bongs and acid tabs, etc. Officially the show had a big t-shirt line through Zen Monkey Studios and some simple video games:  Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure and then Jerry’s game was being made. They did the intro to The Simpsons! Yeah it was getting big.

Season Three:

We seemed to have a bigger budget, hired more top-talent writers and artists, and moved to a newer building that didn’t have a stinky bathroom. A R&M comic line started through Oni Press. Pocket Mortys was released. We had Loot Crate merch. Funko Pop vinyls. Plush Toys. I even saw Jerry socks at Hot Topic. I’ve seen people on the street with R&M shirts walking around wherever. I think the R&M Comic con panels had people sleeping in line waiting to get in. There is the constant question being asked, “When does Season 3 come out?”

Some people are even intimidated by the show’s popularity. It’s more than a show to us. I think I read Dan Harmon say something like that about R&M and Community. The people on these shows really feel that what they’re working on is important. It’s not just a show. And I love it. We all do—and what a great crew we have. Working on Rick and Morty has been a fucking blast! We wish the show would go on for a hundred years (dot com). I don’t know if I can say this but we got a bit of Season 3 animation back from Bardel and it is soooooo good! They’re doing such amazing work up there. It’s worth the wait.

End of ramble,

-Mark Maxey-

Funko Pops Series 2

My Funko Pops have all come in for the Series 2 collection: Lapis, Peridot, Connie, Rose Quartz, and two designs of Lion.

Here they are out of their boxes in a group. Comfy, guys?

Now let’s take a detailed look. First up: Connie Maheswaran.

Connie looks great! She wears her training outfit, complete with the bandages from the wounds she got sword fighting in “Sworn to the Sword.” Her nose and hair look appropriately Connie-ish, but the figure is unsteady. She does not easily stand on her own. (Lean her against Steven, maybe? I lean my unsteady Pearl against Garnet.)

Next up: Lapis Lazuli.

Wow! Brilliant colors, lovely sculpting on the dress, tiny smile, and the translucent wings are incredible! Plus they help her balance. ;)

Next: Peridot.

Our favorite little clod is adorable. She is sans limb enhancers, painted with her signature catlike mouth, posed with her little fists clenched, and has that really sweet transparent visor!

Next: Rose Quartz.

Oh, Rose, you are lovely. She has the same nose sculpt as Steven, pretty rosy lips, eyelashes I don’t recall being part of her usual design, and a glorious head of complex curly hair. I wish she had a thicker build. Her arms are not even as thick as the Steven or Amethyst figures, and I would have loved to see her whole body as sturdy and big as she is in the show. The typical Funko design does not account for this choice–they made Amethyst and Steven thicker, so why not the 8-foot XXL Gem Greg fell in love with?

Next: The Lions.

If you didn’t know, there are two Lions because one is typical vinyl and one is “flocked”: He’s fuzzy all over! Flocked Lion is a Hot Topic exclusive. Lion has his heart shaped nose and white glowy eyes. He’s obviously quite sturdy on his feet. He has no visible mouth. The tail is cute, though you can’t see it in my picture. 

I am excited to welcome these guys into my SU Funko Pop family!


So, I haven’t been posting consistently for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been ripping and tearing through the hordes of hell in Bethesda’s new DOOM game, oh and what a fucking game it is!! There are few experiences as emotionally exhilarating as when you are violently blasting through fucking droves of demons while the game serenades you with glorious heavy metal. If you haven’t, please play it!

Recently, I beat the game, and I bought a cute DoomGuy POP Vinyl to add to the toy collection. Please enjoy some of the best doom game tidbits I found on Tumblr. Some of it’s pretty funny!