pop up west


colinodonoghue1: Check out my good friend Malcolm’s pop up! @bloodlinedesign 2083 west 4th Ave, Vancouver #bloodlinedesign #hooksjewelry [x]

bloodlinedesign: Thanks @colinodonoghue1 for dropping in to the Pop Up! Great to see you. One of the good guys for sure. #colinodonoghue #bloodlinedesign #hooksjewelry #onceuponatime [x

Bonus :

Hook skull necklace - bloodlinedesign: The real Hook. The real goods. Great character. Great actor.  #captainhook #colinodonoghue #onceuponatime [x]

Emma & Hook wedding rings - bloodlinedesign: These are them. The rings that bind Hook and Emma. Watch the musical episode tonight and see the Bloodline rings! [x] [x]

bloodlinedesign: Captain Hooks thumb ring. [x]