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Out of the Frying Pan (21/?)

Killian sighed, rolling his eyes, but he put his hand over hers and squeezed lightly and she didn’t move – that seemed like a good sign. “What did Regina mean?” he asked.

“About defining the relationship or about you threatening to not witness for her character?”

“The second one. We’ll talk about the other one in a second.”

Emma raised her eyebrows – pulling her hand away and that probably shouldn’t have made his stomach heave the way it did. “That so?”

“Answer the question, Swan.”

AN: Hi, yes, hey, hello there. You’re all delightful and your response to this story is the best and I cannot thank you enough. There is more fluff here. I am that kid from Despicable Me, basically. @laurnorder is every good adjective rolled up into one and tied up with a bow and then possibly with a rainbow just constantly hanging over her for good measure. 

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Dear Jamie,

There’s an old saying, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. And while you already have made it, I think this was thoroughly proven at your pop up show at Union Square. While you were trying to talk in-between songs, pedestrians were talking too loudly, or possibly mimicking you, and some teenage New York girls who were fans screamed SHUT UP! on the top of their lungs to the pedestrians so we could all hear you. You know you’ve made it when New Yorkers are screaming at locals to shut up because they feel what you have to say is more important than anything.

It was an incredible performance. And while it was drizzling, and while the taxis were speeding along too loud, and while it was growing steadily darker, none of that mattered as I listened in awe as you sang, ‘Venice,’ my favorite song. Watching you play, it was a surreal moment where my heart was beating so fast, I was shaking, and people let me step ahead because I must have looked like a lunatic, a crazy fan who knew all the lyrics because your lyrics help me through all the blue days and always cheer me up.

It was epic seeing you in New York City…come back again whenever you want complete strangers yelling on your behalf just so you know how much your music and acting means to all of us.

XXX Meira