pop up store

Halloween 2016


Ruki: #nilduenilun_tokyo #thegazette #ruki #now #popupstore

I went to see the POP UP STORE at Laforet for a little bit ☮ 
actually I was planning to go tomorrow on the final day but since we’re crazy busy with rehearsals and all sorts of other things, I just left a message! ✒️
to everyone who happened to be there, sorry I couldn’t say anything but hey 🙏💦 while I was there I saw many people check out the items which I’m really grateful for, and even though it was just a 10 day POP UP STORE I’m really glad we did it 😌

everyone, thank you so much for coming! 🔥
tomorrow’s the last day of the POP UP so to everyone who hasn’t been yet, make sure to check it out!
The message reads:
one more day of the POP UP !! 
I stopped by today! 

thanks for the many people who came !!