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A mysterious clickbait article link pops up on your screen. When clicked it opens up a portal which you are sucked through. What’s on the other side will shock you.

More speculation on the “life changing event”- The only ones I can imagine leaving are Danny or Charlie. Like a few people said, I’m pretty sure Danny’s contract is shorter than the others, and if it is for the 2 more seasons, I’m not sure how FXX would react but RCG would probably let him out early if he wanted. Even so, he could probably buy out anyway. I know he loves the show, but has been busy with other stuff and outright said he would not do past the 14th season. (also, I feel like he said something about leaving the US if trump won, and he seems to be passionate enough about issues to follow through). Of course coming from the same reasoning for his leaving as everyone, and his diagnosis in “Being Frank”
Charlie may just miss s13- like he goes to jail for stalking the waitress, or portraying a lawyer, or the whole gang gets busted for something but he’s the only one who can’t get out of the repercussions. Charlie (Day) is really building a film career and will be busy filming Pacific Rim 2 soon, I think out of the country for it too. He also talked about being more interested in writing (specifically for Dennis) and may not be super invested in Charlie Kelly at the moment. They will film, generally, April-June, so that is something to consider for theories. He may just have a few scenes as they go visit him.
I’m 99.9% positive that Kaitlin isn’t leaving, she’s outright said she isn’t and I highly doubt it was a lie to throw people off. (she also had several positive things to say about 2 jobs, and and how Sunny doesn’t take up too much time) Something, I really don’t know what, tells me Rob and Glenn are definitely sticking around.
The one thing that really struck me, and I know is reading too much into it, is how the phrasing was change the lives of the “cast” instead of gang or characters. My first instinct was it may affect the on set dynamic.

@charliewerk I saw your post about thinking one of the gang was leaving and was gonna just do a quick, short reply but got kind of carried away, so here we are :) Honestly though, I really don’t think anyone is leaving

some things were meant to be
take my hand, take my whole life too
‘cause I can’t help falling in love with you

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Neal - i know ur not on the christmas gift list, but i wanted to send you something so you'd have a gift - so here's all the hair of your dad's floof. he cut it all off. now it's urs to take care of. it also died before it's time and i miss it almost as much as i miss you

…. Thanks?

Good to know I’m slightly more missed than my dad’s hair.


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Hello there! I was wondering if you could help me with finding some pop up pages?

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I mean don't get me Wrong I understand that this is bad on his part being in the NBA, but anons on here are all making assumptions he got caught and he's not sick he's getting suspended and they're worse than TMZ on this page with false accusations and just bullshit. If you google klays name some of the shit posted on here the link pops up so this page isn't the place to be spreading rumors that most likely aren't true. I'm mad he was with the nasty hoe but she's the ass here not him

This is very true


Supergirl Season One Deleted Scenes - Part One