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8 til Late
Felt Bodega
Lucy Sparrow

Little West 12th Street

All felt bodega created by Lucy Sparrow at the Standard Hotel. This is an amazing exhibit of 9,000 hand made and hand painted items that mimic a traditional off-brand bodega. So much fun and so accessible. Prices range from $25 to $85 per hand made item. So many iconic brand items, that it makes you’re head spin. Check it out through June 30, 2017 at the Standard Hotel.

James March: Overprotective

You’ve been living with James for almost a year now and he’s given you everything you could ask for and more. The best gift that he’s given you is his undying love and loyalty.

But lately you’ve been going a little insane. Although you don’t mind having a few drinks at the Blue Parrot Lounge with your friends, you felt like you needed a night out in the city. Being around new scenery is something that’ll make you oh so happy. But your boyfriend James will never allow it. It comforts him knowing that you’re safe and sound under his very own roof. Whenever you wanted to do a little shopping during the day or wanted to have lunch with your girlfriends, he had no issue with that because in his eyes, daytime in Los Angeles is a lot safer than at night.

You told yourself that today is going to be the day that you stand up and convince your sweetheart, James to let you out. Your girlfriends had their fingers crossed for you, even Liz and Sally do. 

After searching around the hotel for James, you finally found him on Floor 7. You didn’t need a key for the door because it was already wide open. Of course, your boyfriend was playing 1920′s Jazz music. He despised modern day music. But, you do love how old fashioned James is. Especially since you can’t find a lot of men nowadays like that.

James was sitting on the couch, polishing his cane when you found him. “Ah dearest!” He greeted you with a smile, revealing his dimples.

You slowly started getting nervous, knowing you’ll have to ask him the one question that he despises. “Hi James.”

“Come. Sit on my lap.” He patted a hand on his thigh.

“Actually, I didn’t come here to sit. I came here to ask you something.” You started slowly pacing around the room, trying not to make it look noticeable, but you couldn’t help it.

Luckily, James was too focused on polishing his beloved cane that he didn’t notice. “Anything. If it’s money that you need, you know darling, you have the code to my vault.” 

“Yes I know, but it isn’t that. I was kind of hoping, you know-” You paused. “-if you would allow me to go out tonight with my friends?”

James’s mood went from cheerful to displeased. He set his cane to rest against the couch, then walked over to pour himself a drink. He dramatically sighed and you swallowed from nervousness.

You know when James gives you the silent treatment, it’s not a good sign. So you kept your mouth shut, awaiting to hear words form from his mouth. 

“Darling, we have discussed this before. Have we not?” James said while still keeping his back towards you, after finally turning around to face you slowly.

“Y-yes we have. Like I get it, you can’t be there to watch me, but-” You responded, then James cuts you off.

“Indeed. And to your misfortune, my answer is still no.” James objected.

“But that’s not fair. I’m still young. I’m not even 30 yet. I feel like a caged animal.” You whined, standing up to cross your arms in front of you in disagreement.

“Ah yes. And a caged animal that is more than alive and well. Am I correct?” James asked.

No. No is the word you hated hearing the most. You rolled your eyes at James then attempted to storm out of the room, but James catches your wrist. 

“And to where do you think you’re off to?” James asks while tightening his grip on your small wrist.

“Leaving you forever if you don’t let go of me.” You spat, trying to shake off his hand around your wrist, but James’s strength doesn’t allow it. 

James clenched his jaw to help prevent himself from going off on you because of your sudden attitude. “Sit.” He demanded, eyeing you, then eyeing the couch for you to sit on.

“Why?” You scoffed.

“Dearest. Do as I say or else your shopping trips will be no more.”

“Fine.” You said, then James releases his grip from your wrist and you sat on the couch, crossing one leg over the other, eager to hear what he has to say.

“I will allow you this night with your companions.”

Your eyes lit up from excitement and you stood up. This was a first. “What?! Really?!”

“Under these conditions.” James demanded, pointing a finger in the air. 

“Okay?” You narrowed your eyes at James.

“You musn’t be out past 1:00″

“Ugh, 2:00.” You suggested, hoping he would agree. But unfortunately, he didn’t.

“1:30″ James said and you mouthed ‘fine’. “And someone will be present to watch over you.”

“Okay seriously? Who?” You asked, putting your hands on your hips.

“My darling friend, John Lowe.” James smiled at you.

“Great. So John is going to babysit my friends and I.” You didn’t agree to having John watch over you and your friends. But, it’s better than James not allowing you go out at all. So you just let it be, hoping that overtime, James can see that you are able to take care of yourself. Which is when pigs fly.

(Hours Later…)

As much as you wished James could go out with you, you were so excited for tonight. Thankfully, John wasn’t dreading tonight like you thought he would. He told you that he’s looking forward to having a drink or two. Having a designated driver also wouldn’t be necessary because majority of the bars are walking distance.

Once John was out of the shower and in his robe, James, being the ghost that he is, popped up in his hotel room. I guess their friendship is so close that James even does John’s hair.

“John, be sure to keep a close eye on my beloved Y/N.” James stated.

“Of course. You know I will.” John said.

“And if anything is out of line. I insist you bring her back to me.” The concern in James’s voice wasn’t hard to ignore. John nodded his head at James. 

After James was finished on his hair, he left the room to let John change. 

Once you were finished getting ready, you made sure to say goodbye to your lover. You especially made sure to thank him for letting you out tonight by giving him a passionate kiss.

You headed to the lobby only to see that John isn’t in sight, so you assumed he wasn’t ready yet. 

Seeing that Iris is at the front desk, you decided to stand and chat with her while you wait for John.

Minutes later he arrives from the elevator looking a tad bit overdressed. You assumed it was James’s doing.

“Ready to go?” John said once he reached the front desk.

You grabbed your clutch from the counter, holding it down at your side. “Yes, officer.”

“Hey hey. It’s not my fault that your boyfriend is so paranoid and overprotective of you.” John chuckled.

“I know. Well lets make a fun night out of it.” You shrugged. 

Just as the two of you were making your way to walk out. You see James by the railings at the Blue Parrot Lounge watching you with a drink in his hand. “I love you!” You shouted to James, then blew him a kiss. With drink in hand, he bent out that arm to you with a smile. 

Just Radiation, He Claims

“You’re sick again,” Mako grumbled as he shoved the unlocked door open.

His head hovering over the toilet, Jamison spat,

“Radiation,” Jamison’s back twitched and he lurched forward as he retched.

“…you claim.” Mako cringed at the splattering sound the vomit made as it hit the water.

“I’ll be fine for the job tomorrow,” with one hand still gripping the toilet seat, Jamison reached back and gave a thumbs up.

“You better be telling the truth this time,”

“When have I ever lied to ye?” Jamison spit in the toilet and readjusted his weight on his leg.

“Nearly every time you’ve gotten ill and not wanted to admit it to it,” said Mako. “You had me convinced that you normally ran warmer for a few months.”

“It sounds reasonable, though, don’t it?” said Jamison. “Some people run low, so why not. And you’ve gotten feverish from radiation, too. It happens. We can still get by just fine.”

“I don’t want to have to clean up after you if you’re not fine and we’d have better luck on another day,”

Jamison waited a few seconds before replying, letting his stomach settle.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that, mate.” Jamison’s stomach flipped again, and he leaned forward into the toilet, allowing some vocality into his vomit.

“Fine,” Mako left the bathroom. “I won’t hang around watching if you really don’t need anything.”

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So today I had a POT date….from hell. I can’t even right now. So I met a couple of guys on different platforms recently the other ones I don’t want to jinx it so I’m just going to start with this fuckery. So it all started when I was waiting outside at The Capital Grille. When he mentioned lets go there I was like oh okay. So we finally meet each other outside the place and literally as soon as we are walking in and I ask how is his day he says “it’s okay”. I ask why just okay. He replies oh I just quit my job…..it feels so good right now. Lord Jesus, I almost high tailed my ass out of there, but I was like nah stay for the free meal and maybe things will turn around.

So we get there and he’s blantly rude to the host when she asks for his last name so the server can call him by it and he says “you don’t need a last name” so she’s like okay…and takes down his first name then seats us or at least tried to he was very demanding about the seating choice they had picked out for us. So after finally getting settled into our new table. I happen to glance at his phone that he sat down in his booth….ya’ll I’m not making this up when I say that was was like one of those $20 android phones you can get from walmart, I was done. I knew right then this isn’t going to get any better. So we chat about life and different restaurants and etc and the whole time he keeps staring at me I’m like why does this nigga keep staring. So he orders his food and he ordered some type of fancy burger rare, smh. I order the lobster roll with malt salt vinegar chips. I asked how come rare and he says “ I like the taste of blood” then stared at me in that way that made me think he’s earned his “red wings” Boy Scout badge, lmfao.

Then he mentions a fun game he likes to play with hotels called hotel roulette and I’m all excited like okay what’s that. He says it’s where he types in a code on hotline and whatever hotel pops up he stays there. As he was mentioning the many hotels he’s stayed in that I must say are quite nice he starts talking down about comfort inn because it doesn’t have room service. I thank him for the meal as things start winding down and he told me he’ll walk me to my car. Ya’ll as soon as he walked me to my car he hugged me and said he had fun and he hopes we can see each other again soon then handed me $25 dollars. That’s not even half my phone bill…..I just can’t. Then after the whole ordeal texted you’re very sexy. When I said thanks he replied “ Would love to see you next week. Maybe a little fun time too.” I’m internally screaming…I need a drink, a smoke, I need Jesus right now ya’ll. I put his name as salt so it wouldn’t show his number.

Spit the Dark

They spent the next week travelling around Japan, from Tokyo to Kyoto, then Hokkaido, and Osaka, jumping from place to place with Loki’s teleporting. Somehow, they end up in Kyoto again. Then Tony decides on a whim that they should go to Venice.

It doesn’t really bode well for him, or them, really. They have plenty of fun in the first couple of days with the parties at night, wearing masks and pretending to be strangers.

All in good fun, until Thor decides to pop up in their hotel.