pop up art gallery

Cat Love.

Primo Pitino.

Valencia St @ Erie Alley in San Francisco, Ca

Mural at @parlorsf - a pop up gallery on the 200 block of Valencia St in the San Francisco Mission District. 

By Primo Pitino a DJ and into painting and drawing cats. He painted another mural several years ago a few blocks away that is no longer up. 

Done for opening of Parlor SF that is selling art and furnishings by local artists like Todd Hanson and Ronald Chase artist and founder/director of Art and Film for high-school students. Todd is on Tumblr.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by The Art of Wonder at New York Comic Con. The pop-up gallery featured select pieces of fan art created by real Wonder Woman fans and original pieces of art by Christina Angelina, Katherine Brannock, Celeste Byers and Aaron Farley

Iconic pieces of art from Wonder Woman’s 75 year legacy were also on display from DC Comics artists such as Jim Lee, Cliff Chiang, Nicola Scott and George Perez. 

Keep creating your original pieces and share with The Art of Wonder - submit your piece today!

Photos by @laurajunekirsch

Dark Bloom

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Description: You, a lost girl trying to find comfort in your life.Him,A successful CEO who is praised for his talent at a young age.While you try to find a silent place at life where you can rest, you never expect this person to surprise you.

Sehun X Reader

You took a deep breath and stared at the stairs.It was tiring.Life was tiring.It wasn’t long ago you realised you had to deal with all the bad incidents when you grow.Because they were a part of you.They were the ones who made you.

You looked at the stairs one more time before heading to the 9th floor.You didn’t like elevators.It made you remember the past that has been chasing you.You entered your apartment and left the keys into the bowl.It was quiet.Probably because it was 3 am.You worked 2 more shifts tonight.You had to if you wanted to live a decent life.It wasn’t that you wanted to live in luxurious apartments with 30 floors and fancy doors.You didn’t mind that much unless there was food and a bed.

You remembered you had a exam tomorrow.Well,it was too late and you didn’t want to study.You left body fly for a brief moment until it met the mattress.It was getting darker and sirens were getting louder.

It was 11 am.You left the exam waiting on the line for some coffee.It was a rainy day.Your favourite.It was a bit chilly when you left the campus and headed to work.

“Hey!” said someone from the crowd getting closer to you.

“Hey Y/N!” said a girl with a pretty smile and a flower dress.You knew her.I mean you knew her right?You certainly remembered her face from somewhere and if she knows your name, it means that you spend more than 6 days with her.This was your rule.6 days.You never trusted people.They always hurst you,left you behind and made you cry.There was no use in trusting someone.

“Hey” you said looking up to her,not smiling.

“Hey,I don’t know if you remember me but we were in the art course together last year.” Right! The art course you attended last year so that you could improve just a little more, so that you could get closer to your dream just a bit closer.”I just wanted to say hi actually.”she said trying to control her breath.Taking his ginger curls away from his shoulders and placing them at her back.”Uhm.I’m going to find a cafe to sit and chill for a while and well,i have some friends to meet so would you like to come with me?” she said with a bright smile which made you feel nauseous.

You stopped looking at her and waited until you had a clear answer.You didn’t have anything to do and you had no classes today except the one on 6 pm which no one cared about so why not?

“Yea” you said stopping and looking at her with a blank expression.”I’ll come” which only made her more smiley.

You had been sitting in a small chair for the last 2 hours with a boy called sam who was trying to find a topic to talk.You met everyone but you had no idea about their names.You always skipped that part.

“What about movies?Pulp Fiction or……The Great Gatsby?” he said with a smile on his face.He was trying, not that you cared or appreciated it.

“None.I didn’t see those movies” you said with a frowning expression.You were bored and he wasn’t helping.

“Well…Then maybe we could talk about-” he said until you stopped him with a swift action, taking your bag, phone and jacket.

“I’m off” you said, starting to head towards the entrance.”Tell the girl I died in Peace” you said with a smirk only leaving a boy called whatever with a open  mouth and a raised hand.

You were sick of people sometimes.They would try to be nice at first but the only thing they did was leave at the end.There was no use on that.

It started raining and you knew where you were going.

You sat on the floor while taking one of the books you knew had the information you were looking for.You turned the pages one by one until you felt a heavy gaze on you.You looked around but there was no one around.You turned the pages a bit more in awe.You were interested in many art books that told you about their history.It was like the picture was alive and wanting for you to learn about it.

A notification popped up on your phone.

“Planetarium Art Gallery,Open all night,6 km away”

You had been waiting for this gallery to open for 3 months.It was surrounded by many artists from Europe as well as Middle East.It was a thrilling one.Soon,you found yourself walking to the gallery.You were dressed casual.By casual, you were using a oversized sweater as a dress and wearing boats and a leather jacket.It was enough to get you in.You didn’t know what kind of people would be in the gallery, you just wanted to go and see.

There was bodyguard in front of the big entrance surrounded by people with  fancy clothes and expensive cars.So this kind of gallery it was.There were no cameras nor people asking questions.Just man and woman in fancy dresses and voice of the bodyguard letting people go in which meant that these people weren’t celebrities.

When it was your turn, you showed the invitation from the gallery owner which made the bodyguard looks at you suspiciously.The gallery owner was a rich man who knew your school and your works so he wanted to support you and send you to see many pieces so that your understanding of globe would improve.Or just….whatever you called.

When you got in,There were many lightbulbs hanging down the ceiling which made the entrance look like a cave.The pieces were separated according to their hometowns.Some Europe,some Middle East and some were from Africa.

You hurriedly went to see the ones form Europe to see the special one but instead, there was a note saying “This piece was unsuitable to bring as the owner of this gallery thought it was too valuable”

You just looked at the note blankly.What was that supposed to mean? You had been chasing that piece for months and now you lost the track of it again.All you could do was to look at other pieces.

After you were done with all of the pieces and listening to their history,your mind was still on that missing piece.You went to check, just to see.You started to run down the gallery, people staring at you with a confused expression.

Tears started to form in the corners of your eyes.It had to be here.How couldn’t they bring it here?You waited for so long to see it.It was the only thing you wanted to see before leaving the gallery.

When you arrived in front of the missing piece,It still wasn’t there.The note from earlier was still hanging on the wall, probably leaving a mark.

You took the note, looking blankly at it.You wanted to rip it into million pieces,burn it and make the owner eat it for his last dinner but who were you kidding? Maybe you would never be able to see the piece.

You left the note to where it was and started at the wall until you heard footsteps coming closer to you.Closer,closer and stopped.You didn’t turn your head nor look at the person standing next to you.

“What a shame” a deep voice said.

You looked at his shoes.LV.He was rich for sure.You could also tell he was rich from his pants.

“Well,I guess we’ll have to see the piece on another gallery” he said stopping and just staring at the wall like you.

You turned around to see the person complaining about the piece.Who was standing next to you made you shock more than you would ever imagine.


There you go! School is getting closer so is the repackage album.Get rich people!

On Tuesday [edit: today!] I begin my 7 day residency at Art Fix in a sleazy Soho alley. 27 Peter Street was a licensed sex shop for decades and now it’s a gallery and arts space and they’ve invited me to exhibit and work here for a week. Drop in and say hello if you’re in the area 2pm-5pm from the 14th-20th April, I’ll be making new work and showing prints. X


This July, artists Starchild Stela, Laurence Philomène and Ambivalently Yours are hosting a summer-camp inspired pop-up gallery, shop and workshop series in Montreal and you’re all invited! If you can’t make it, please send us your best camp letters, secrets, stories and drawings as postcard art, to be exhibited during the event.

Submissions must be unframed and postcard sized (approximately 6” x 4”), and should be sent to the following address:

CP 50024 BP Jarry
Montreal, QC H2P 0A1


For more info contact:


Day 2 of my first solo exhibit has been a huge success. I am so blessed to have this incredible experience that was made possible by the Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education at Ryerson University and Sexual Assault: The Roadshow (a travelling pop up art gallery). Having survivors share their truths with me for the Lost Words exhibit, an ongoing project that I facilitated, has been such an honour. We are open tomorrow and Friday as well from 11AM to 3PM on Gould and Victoria Street on the Ryerson University Campus.

It’s almost time. In the pop culture art gallery pile-up, sometimes it’s hard to find something that’s never been done before, especially as we enter our 14th year. So, join us for the first ever official Rick & Morty tribute art show on January 13th to kick off 2017. Don’t miss it.

(Art by Dan Mumford)


Antwerp was known for the diamond trade and for its great art history. Today, Antwerp’s streets are an eclectic mix of old and new, filled with design shops, art galleries, cafés and independent businesses popping up everywhere in the city.