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i don't think that she should've said that they're basically shit but i partly agree with them not really giving a fuck about fans in the long run. they just want to pursue their career and we don't really make a difference whether we're here or not. they still have 90859968 other fans

the thing is though when I see people being like ‘they don’t care about fans’ and getting asked to explain themselves their reasoning is like

things that the band can’t help

like they can’t just do pop up acoustics everywhere and meet people after every show and do unlimited m&gs anymore, those are things of the past not necessarily bc of choices 5sos made but bc they are just too big now for those to be possible

as ive said before and will continue saying they were wonderful when I met them last summer and Ashton was wonderful when I met him this spring (and I don’t begrudge the others for not coming out, they were exhausted and half the band was sick and we had been told already that they weren’t planning on stopping)

this is probably much too long but basically they’re doing the best you can expect from them as they’re adapting to the gigantic rise they’re on right now, it’s not that they don’t care about fans it’s that they don’t have the same ways of showing it and that gets people bitter

Crowding Fans


They swarmed around you as you try to make you’re way in to the venue Luke was current having sound check in. They had all been lined up, waiting to get in the doors of the place, but as soon as you arrived, late as it was, one fan recognized you, and one became five, and five became twenty, and it all got out of hand quickly. And it should bother you, it really should, seeing as it bothers all the other boy’s girlfriends, but not you. You really didn’t care. If they wanted to scream and push and ask strange questions, let them. You just wanted to make your way inside so you could see Luke and maybe catch the last part of sound check. The crowd wasn’t even that big, due to a large majority of the fans not wanting too lose their place in line, but there was a good hundred fans or so surround the door you were trying to get to. One girl in particular tucked gently on your hand, capturing your attention. “Can I have a picture, please?” You looked at her confused, why would she ever want a picture with you. You check your phone which was in the other hand quickly. You were meant to be at the venue over two hours ago, but you slept in by accident, what would a few more minutes really hurt. Shrugging, you gave her a small smile, nodding. She whipped out a camera as you leaned over as best you could in the crowd, looking in the camera. A few more fans stopped you, asking for a picture or for your signature, it was all really weird. When you finally made it inside, security waving you through, the boys had just finished their last song of sound check, and you quietly made your way down to the row of seats the other girls were sitting. “Damn girl, where the hell have you been? Luke almost had a freaking complex earlier when you didn’t show.” Michael girlfriend spook from the seat farthest from yours. “I slept through my alarm, and the second, and third. I just woke up about an hour ago. I would have been here a half hour ago but the fans crowded outside the door, and a bunch stopped me for pictures and what not.” You shrugged, and Calum’s girlfriends jaw dropped. “Shouldn’t you be more shaken up or something?” She asked, before Michael’s girl piped in again, “Yeah, they can get pretty rowdy.” You just shrugged, before Luke came up behind you, hugging you. “Now now, where the hell have you been?” He asked, kissing you.


They seemed to show up out of no where, it was crazy. You and one of your close friends sat in the grass a few feet from the band, as they set up in the middle of a random park for a pop up acoustic show. Ashton had tweeted a mere five minutes ago, and now, tens, if not hundreds of fans now milled around, waiting for them to start. Calum looked over at you worried, knowing that sometimes they made you overwhelmed. But you had come for a reason, and you had a friend, you just wanted them to get on with the show that way this could all be over, and you could go grab a bite to eat after. Luke asked the crowd, which had grown even more, to quite down, as Michael started to strum the strings of his guitar, making sure it was in tune. Luke tuned his too, before Ashton started to play, and Calum started off singing. It wasn’t long before fans started pressing forward, slowly inching towards the boys, and you felt anxiety creeping over you, claustrophobia washing over you. But you held steady, your friends arm looped through yours giving you some sense of security. The set was soon over, the boys packing up their guitars, and some fans dissipated, while others milled around, asking the boys for pictures and autographs and random questions. You and your friend waited on the side line, chatting about everything and anything, when Calum nodded over at you, signaling that they were leaving. You made you way over, and when you were with in arms reach, he threw an arm around your shoulders and pulled you in. “How bad was it?” You shrugged, assuring him that it wasn’t too bad, before leading him off to the Starbucks you saw on the way over, desperately wanted coffee and to be away from the crowds of fans still lingering behind.


They swarmed around your car. You and Michael had just pulled into the parking lot of a music festival, one that you had been looking forward to for month, and both of you had retweeted things about it, so it was no surprise when you pulled up to find hoards of girls waiting for your appearance. “Jeez, there’s so many, if you want, I’m sure I can call head of security and see if they can get down here ASAP.” He spoke into your ear, keeping you close in the crowd, not wanting to lose you. You shook your head in response. There was no way they could ever get here anytime soon, with all the traffic getting to the venue. Plus there was no use, what would be the point. You shook you head. “Let’s just brave the crowd, once were inside the gates I’m sure we can just get lost in the crowd, and if not what’s a few autographs here and there, yeah?” He looked at you a little skeptically, but shrugged in the end, agreeing. “Okay, but wait till I come open your door to get out, I don’t wanna lose you in this, understand?” He gave you a pointed look, knowing that you weren’t partial to listening to what others tell you to do. You nodded, and watched as he took a deep breath, almost like he was prepping himself, before he pushed to car door open quickly, and closed just as fast, rushing around the hood to get to your door. He opened it swiftly, ushering you in front of him, before wrapping and arm around you, all while still smiling at fans, waving at some. None of the fans asked for him to stop for pictures really, just a few here and there, and the trip through the crowd was relatively quick. “See,” you said turning to Michael, “no security needed.” You whispered, turning back to meet his eyes. He laughed, leaning down to peck your lips quickly, something that had fans in the distance screaming about.


You peaked outside the church window, just barely pushing the curtain an inch to the right, curious about how big the crowd had grown, which turned out to be quite big. You couldn’t believe it, you knew they were devoted, but this, this was crossing the line. Turning around, you sighed, watching Ashton pace back and forth, muttering curses under his breath. You walked up to him, and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Babe, no one knew this was gunna happen. How they found out where it was being held, no one knows, but this is not your fault, so please stop blaming yourself, this is supposed to be a happy day.” Your said softly, not wanting to make him more frustrated than he already was. He turned to you, and you could literally see the disappointment in his eyes. “How is it not my fault that hundreds of my fans crashed my parents vow renewal ceremony. For gods sake my mom is probably down stairs freaking out. This isn’t how it was supposed to go but I had to go and ruin it and-” he started to go off on yet another rant before you cut him off. “Just stop Ashton, seriously, if you keep blaming yourself you’re never going to get over it. You’ll always be beating your self up over the fact that you ruined your parents special day. Why don’t you just go down stairs and talk to your mom, I’m sure she’d want to talk. Don’t shut us all out just cause you think you’ve ruined today.” You had been trying to convince him to go see his mom or dad ever since the first few fans arrived outside the church, but he refused, and just kept pacing around, blaming himself. He looked at you, and unbuttoned his suit jacket, loosened his tie, and sat down on a bench, before dropping his head to his hands. “I just don’t get how they could have found us. I mean yeah, I tweeted about it happening today, but no one ever said what church it was being held at. And out of the hundreds of churches around, they just happen to find us.” He groaned at the end, rubbing his eyes in frustration. “Just go see your family, okay, there’s still an hour or so before the ceremony is supposed to happen, just go talk to them please, I’ll wait out here and if more of them come I’ll call the cops and see if we can get someone out here to clear them out, okay?” He raised his head and looked at you for a minute before he nodded and got up, walking over to you and placing a kiss in your hair, then walking off to to see his mom.

I’m not really sure what this is I had an awesome idea for one if the boys and the rest I just pulled out of no where so sorry if this is complete and udder crap