pop the bubble!

one day he’s sitting the park, slacking off and  chewing bubblegum, when china girl leans in close, pokes his cheek and, and asks what he’s eating.

“bubblegum,” he replies. he’s too relaxed to pick a fight right now.

“bubblegum,” she echoes curiously. “what’s that?”

he turns to her, blowing out a bubble and watching the way her eyes widen as it grows larger and larger. there’s a look of delight in her eyes that’s immediately replaced with shock and anguish when the bubble pops, leaving a sticky pink mess to cover up the smile on his lips. 

“why did you do that?!” she yells.

he gathers the gum back into his mouth and chews. “because you’re supposed to.”

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anonymous asked:

When do you think Connie started to develop feelings for Steven? Like, we already knew Steven had a crush on her, but when do you think Connie began to feel the same way?

Well, i think at first, connie didn’t really “like” steven. like, she talked to him and stuff but she didnt seem genuinely interested when they were in the bubble together. But when steven noticed how scared she was underwater (the part where she was crying, saying she hasnt even made a friend) and he took a genuine interest and cared about her. He was very comforting giving her bracelet back and explaining how he got it. And that was made connie feel more relaxed, that steven actually liked her and wanted to be friends. Thats how the bubble popped, because they both felt safe in eachother’s company. 

Infact, i think the hand holds,hugging and dancing are what comforted connie the most. The fact that steven was being intimate with her on some level, knowing that he actually likes, and possibly loves her made her feel the same way towards him.

When they started hanging out together (like when they went to rose’s cave thing and the movies) connie was fascinated with stevens life and destiny, and she wanted to be a part of it, she just wasnt confident enough to feel like she belongs with him. Connie starts getting a crush on steven when he includes her more often in his life, and she likes him for his cute personality and he showed  her an incredible life outside of the little she knew. When steven and connie first fused, they began to understand eachother more personally and the episodes after that proved they had a true (and adorable) chemistry. Leading connie to want to protect him and fight by his side every day, because she loves him, she wants to show him how much he means to her and how much her life has changed because of him. Because of steven, connie is stronger,more confident,independent, and able to take control in a troublesome situation, and she doesnt want that to amount to nothing.  

I’m not sure if this makes much sense but this is how i see their relationship from connie’s perspective. 


i re-watched this video like ten times

you can use this gif for anything tbh

when you mutter something under your breath around your parents and they ask “what did you say?”: 

when you hear someone say your name in another conversation: 

when you’re in the middle of an argument and the typing bubble pops up: 

when you swear you’d go to bed at a decent hour and see that it’s 3:18 a.m: 


“hey what are you reading?”


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