pop that pretty question right now baby

Okay but to further reiterate my point that every Marina and The Diamonds song is about Secret Sadsack Living Legend Victor Nikiforov prior to coaching Yuri and his character development over the course of the series:

How To Be A Heartbreaker

Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek
But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat
Rule number four, gotta be looking pure
Kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more-more

This is how to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like a little danger
We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player
Singing I lo-lo-love you

Girls, we do, whatever it will take
Cause girls don’t want, we don’t want our hearts to break
In two, so it’s better to be fake
Can’t risk losing in love again babe.


Would you do anything for me?
Buy a big diamond ring for me?
Would you get down on your knees for me?
Pop that pretty question right now, baby
Beauty queen on a silver screen
Living life like I’m in a dream
I know I’ve got a big ego
I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though

(Ooh) And I’m sad to the core, core, core
(Yeah) Every day is a chore, chore, chore
(Wow) When you give, I want more, more, more
I wanna be adored

‘Cause I’m a primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can’t help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise and fall
You say that I’m kinda difficult
But it’s always someone else’s fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave

Primadonna girl fill the void up with Celluloid
Take a picture, I’m with the boys
Get what I want 'cause I ask for it
Not because I’m really that deserving of it
Living life like I’m in a play
In the lime light I want to stay
I know I’ve got a big ego
I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though

Bubblegum Bitch

Queentex, latex, I’m your wonder maid
Life gave me some lemons so I made some lemonade
Soda pop, soda pop, baby, here I come,
Straight to number one.

Oh, dear diary, I met a boy.
He made my dull heart
Light up with joy.
Oh, dear diary, we fell apart.
Welcome to the life of
Electra heart.

And most importantly, Fear and Loathing

I’ve lived a lot of different lives
Been different people many times
I live my life in bitterness
And fill my heart with emptiness

And now I see, I see it for the first time,
There is no crime in being kind
Not everyone is out to screw you over.
Maybe, oh just maybe they just wanna get to know ya.

Got different people inside my head
I wonder which one that they like best
I’m done with tryin’ to have it all
And endin’ up with not much at all.

And now the time is here,
Baby you don’t have to live your life in fear
And the sky is clear, is clear of fear
Of fear

I wanna be completely weightless
I wanna touch the edge of greatness
Don’t wanna be completely faithless
Completely faithless.

And when the time comes along
And the lights run out,
I know where I will belong
When they blow me out.

Don’t wanna live in fear and loathing
I wanna feel like I am floating
Instead of constantly exploding
In fear and loathing.

Marina and the Diamonds Starters
  • “I don’t wanna feel blue any more.”
  • “I feel like I’m the worst so I always act like I’m the best.”
  • “I’ve been saving all my summers for you.”
  • “All I ever wanted was the world.”
  • “Question good and question bad.”
  • “Good things come to those who wait, but I ain’t in a patient phase.”
  • “Pop that pretty question right now baby.”
  • “Don’t do love, don’t do friends.”
  • “Nothing is provocative any more.”
  • “I don’t know why but I can’t forget it.”
  • “Got you wrapped around my finger, babe.”
  • “If I fail, I’ll fall apart.”
  • “Question what the TV tells you.”
  • “Give me one more night, one last goodbye.”
  • “No, I don’t love you. No, I don’t care.”
  • “I want the world to go away.”
  • “Baby I am plump and ripe, I’m pinker than shepherds delight.”
  • “I’m only after success.”
  • “Would you get down on your knees for me?”
  • “This ain’t my first time at the rodeo.”
  • “You ain’t got me sussed, yeah, you ain’t even close.”
  • “I just wanna be held when I’m scared.”
  • “Don’t you give me a reason that it’s not the right season.”
  • “I said goodbye when I shouldn’t have said it.”